1. Probably just searched the house. And yes, they are. Barry's speed is pretty insane now though.
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  2. My biggest takeaway from this episode is that Wally has become totally useless. And also Flash doesn't need that much tech in his suit. Just the HUD with GPS should be enough.
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  3. I don't want to constantly be the perv on here about Iris but cotdamn she looked good in that blue dress.

    This ep was the biggest mess up in power scales. How in the world can Barry break out of the star labs cell with ease in ep 1 but get trapped in his new suit LOL! At least make the meta struggle to keep him in.

    That therapy session was good acting. Really relatable just having a gf bottle shit inside and then explode on you. Barry was so damn shocked lol.

    Oh I was not feeling Wally's new hair style at all, it's like he lost his swag and I'll just leave it at that.
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  4. Ralph Dibny makes his debut. Now I'm a bigger fan of Plastic Man compared to the Elongated Man but this was a good episode.
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  5. Ugh, this last episode.
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  6. Agreed. It was a terrible episode.
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  7. It couldn't have been a good episode if they didn't mention The female Doctor, The male gaze, and #feminism. Also who the fuck says "#" ANYTHING!? No one fucking talks like that!
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  8. That really was a bad episode, I'm all for strong female characters, but the Aarowverse females are just cringey. The only good thing was drunk Barry announcing he's the flash.
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  9. I can't stand villains escaping Barry from minor distractions when he can literally comb the city in moments
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  10. Have watched one ep this new season. Tempted to watch more over those other disasters except Gotham.. so so good still and that Fox mutant show.
  11. I haven't watched Flash for a while. I've been pretty disappointed.
  12. Last episode was girl power and this episode was about a legitimate SJW. Ralph is currently the best part of the season.

    No one should ever be able to run away from Barry. If they can fly, teleport or incapacitate Barry in some way then okay. But simply run out the room? No. Darby was right, Barry could have stopped the armor and still had time to catch Black Bison.
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  13. thank u sir. More reason to continue not watching.
  14. That episode was far from perfect, but I did like the ending. Usually Barry gets his ass kicked when he first faces the big bad. It was nice to see him lose in a strategic way.
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  15. So it turns out, the actor for Kid Flash is leaving the Arrowverse. Seems kinda odd to just not have Wally West in this world anymore. Although...perfect time to introduce another Earth Wally West that is the redhead version.
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  16. Why is he leaving?
  17. Pretty good first episode
  18. Evidently, 'time daggers' aren't what those things are at the end of the episode.
  19. Barry never learns does he? Why the fuck is he letting Nora stay here and corrupt the timeline?
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  20. Barry don't wanna die. A feeling any of us can vouch for

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