1. Here is my crazy plan to save Iris. First the team tries the memory thing once again but this time they succeed as they learned from the last debacle. Then Barry runs and creates a time remnant. Use the face transform tool from HR and take the appearance of Iris. Go to earth 2 and "hide". Let Savitar take you and kill you.
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  2. Well shit...... Im happy that scence finally came to a head so there wont be any dancing around in the finale. Also im really happy they touched on the fact that savvy knows how they plan to trap him and gave him a nice counter
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  3. What was her name? Jade? Jazz? Female Cisco. Why not call to her for help since SHE CAN FUCK WITH THE SPEEDFORCE???
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  4. [IMG]
  5. Yeah, I wonder why they didn't ask Gypsy for help since she can mess with the Speedforce.

    In any case, I'm glad they actually went through with killing Iris. Now we need to see whether it will stick or whether they'll find a way to bring her back. If they bring her back, it better not be with more time travel. Barry needs to learn his lesson about that. The best way out of this I can see would be Leroy's plan where they used HR's device to fake Iris' death.

    Also, I'm glad that Savitar didn't get trapped in the Speedforce again. He already went through that and it would've been stupid for him to fall for the same trick twice. I'm kind of surprised that it didn't occur to the team that Savitar might be prepared for their trap.

    Now that Cisco is fighting Caitlin, I hope he doesn't end up losing his hands. Cisco could still learn the ability to mess with the Speedforce which would help in defeating Savitar. Hopefully Barry remembers what happened in the future timeline and goes to help Cisco. Or at least I hope Barry had the good sense to tell Cisco what happened so he'd be better prepared for this fight.
  6. Because Gypsy is a bitch.
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  7. If all the tech team Flash has could they of just let Iris get stabbed and then with Flash's speed, instantly hook her up to an IV and put her in an induced coma? This was a decent episode I was expecting some sophisticated way they would of made the plan work blindsiding Savitar but oh well.

    It baffles me as to why Barry didn't see the importance of letting Cisco know he might lose both hands. If you or anyone else knows please let me know.
  8. Definitely a mixed episode for me. I'm not really happy about how they handled Savitar's defeat. But I liked the speedforce storm at the end. Well hopefully its as in the recent Flash comics. This could potentially give rise to a new breed of speedforce induced metas.
    Of course this could be the series version of Barry being lost in the speedforce and let Wally take the mantle. Hopefully we get more than a couple of episodes before he comes back.
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  9. Same. Mixed feelings about the episode. So this is this then the crisis that he disappeared in 2024? Except it happened in 2017. I think it also may be like the comics where people get speed force abilities because of the lightning.
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  10. I thought the 2024 disappearance was caused by the fight against Reverse Flash in every timeline. That is the fight in which Reverse Flash decides to go back in time to kill Barry's mother.
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  11. I think the article mentions that the sky lit up red. Which is what happened in this storm.
  12. Could be. But doesn't the 2024 fight with Reverse Flash still has to happen? After all the slightly younger Reverse Flash we last saw learning the identity of Barry and team Flash in season 2 has to still make the decision to kill Nora Allen and travel back in time to get captured by pre-flashpoint Barry and later released and create the post-flashpoint timeline. Long story short we have seen post time travel events. We still need to see the fight that leads to the time travel and that still looks to be happening in 2024.
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  13. Looks like Leroy's idea to save Iris using HR's device turned out correct afterall. It makes sense for HR to be the one to die. His character was a nice twist in having a new Wells but there's not much more that could be done with his character so giving him a heroic death was probably the best thing to do.

    As for the Speedforce storm, I don't think it's the same one in the article. The storm is caused by the prison being empty and in the other timeline Savitar was the one trapped in the prison. Plus the article mentioned it was during a fight with Reverse Flash so I think Leroy is probably right about this.

    Though for a moment, I had the thought that Barry could've created a time remnant to be trapped in the prison instead and that would lead to the creation of Savitar in a new stable time loop. Kind of glad that didn't happen, though it might have been an interesting twist.

    In any case, I wonder if this will just be temporary or if we're moving on to Wally as Flash? If Barry does return, I hope that it's for a while and that he just doesn't return at the beginning of the next season. Because that would really cheapen this ending.

    Also, I was kind of disappointed by how easily Black Flash was taken out. I know it's been established speedsters are vulnerable to cold, but it was never that easy to take out a speedster with cold powers and Black Flash was no ordinary speedster. Even Earth 2 Killer Frost was only able to stall Zoom in the episode she helped the team. And after everything Thawn went through in Legends to escape Black Flash, you're telling me Thawn could've just used someone with cold powers and this never occurred to him? In Legends, Thawn had to rewrite reality to deal with Black Flash.
  14. Black Flash is likely always reborn. He will be back.
  15. So, I can only try and predict that next villain will be Godspeed? I think I may actually like that storyline (One of my favourite new-ish storylines in Flash of recent). Speedforce storm gave tons of people Speedforce powers, Wally trains them to be Speedsters at an academy type deal, one gains the ability to siphon Speedforce, kills them all by taking their powers, they get Barry back at the very end of the season by trapping Godspeed in the Speedforce, and rescue Barry out.

    I would like that the most, as a season without Barry would show just how high the stakes actually were. I dont want another bullshit 2 episode flashpoint with little to no impact. I want him gone or doing something for a long ass time, to show that it actually mattered what he did.
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  16. Great finale to the Savitar arc. I wasn't sure where they were going, I think I held my eyebrow in the air for about 5 minutes when I thought they were going to do friendship end the war strategy. HR dying was awesome cause I wanted him gone for the longest time but I sadly got a bit use to him. Caitlin retains her powers but isn't a psycho bitch is probably the best surprising treat that we could of all wished for. I think Flash should think about how to recreate that Savitar suit cause a power boost would be good. I don't know why it turned red but that was actually brilliant vibing in the suit and vibing Savitar out, they have the same resonance frequency.
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  17. Im pretty sure one of you predicted way back in the early episode's, that barry would get trapped in the speedforce at the end of all this. I liked everything about this episode except that black flash part, i didnt have a problem with how they dealt with savitar. It was cool seeing barry faze into savvy's suit, and i really liked the scene with all the flashes running through the forest. I wonder if wally's gonna rock the red suit next season.
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  18. lol you just made me realize I didn't watch the whole episode!! I stopped at when Barry and Iris were sitting on the coach. I got distracted doing other things. Well that was even more unexpected. Why does there have to be someone always trapped in there, I don't quite get it? Throw a criminal in there latter.
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  19. Wait, when the fuck did they release Jay?
  20. Cisco rigged the speedforce bazooka to act as a key to the prison
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