1. If only life could be so simple to let things be.

  2. Hmmm...interesting theory that he's from the original timeline that we never saw. The show begins in the "2nd timeline" that Thawne created.
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  3. That would be a really interesting theory. I never thought of that. I'm now kind of hoping this would be the case. It would be a really interesting twist.
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  4. Savitar is definitely from a future timeline.
    When Barry created Flashpoint, it helped Savitar to escape from his prison - as he had said. Possibly started the events that will create him.

    The only reason I am watching this season is to see if Barry will make the ultimate sacrifice as Eddie to save Iris or if he will return in time to stop himself from creating Flashpoint.
  5. Of course he's from a future timeline. But he can still be from the timeline that we never saw. Like the future of the "original" timeline of the show that Thawne erased when he killed Barry's mom.
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  6. If Savitar is from the original timeline that doesn't make any sense why he would know every word spoken by current Barry. Because this current Barry is not from the original timeline. So unless as UNITZ theorized earlier maybe being connected to the speedforce allows you to retain or even get memories of timelines which you never belonged to.
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  7. Remember what show we're watching:



    Because...SPEED FORCE!
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  8. This season taught me not to try and over analyze everything, youll just discover plothole after plothole just enjoy the shitty effects and easter eggs
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  9. Damn, nigga you hate this show. I personally don't think the effects are shitty at all. They're pretty damn good considering it's a CW show and these shoes don't have the highest budgets. I mean just in this past episode the scene where Caitlin was clearly stealing Iceman's ice slide ability while Barry was chasing her was sick.
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  10. Lmao i dont hate it and i agree that KFrost scene was dope. I guess i havent forgiven grodds attack on central city yet
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  11. Again, good visual effects. That was a lot to do on a tv budget. Syfy has the worst visual effects and technically more money because it is a cable network.


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  12. THAT PROMO WAS SO DAMNED HYPE! I'm actually excited for an upcoming Flash episode again. Been a while
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  13. I really hate time travel. Your own future self comes from the future and kills your past self's girlfriend because that is what made you turn into your future self in the first place. So for Barry/Savitar this loop isn't done yet. He still needs to turn Barry/Flash into him. From what we have seen that happens some time after 2024. But Barry/Flash has already subverted his future self from becoming Savitar because he travelled to 2024 and fixed him. Now Savitar is aiming to turn Barry/Flash into Barry/Savitar much sooner in the timeline.
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  14. Despite my criticisms i really do enjoy this show, i just found season 3 to be really weak, so, I guess I'm picking out every little thing that bugs me. I definitely understand they're limited by budget so it wont look perfect. That was a badass trailer tho
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  15. What's with the BS of Savitar having same yellow lightning as normal Barry? Its his suit that does the cool white lightning. :mad:
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  16. So, Savitar was one of the time remnants that future Barry made? I never would've guessed but I guess it makes sense. Though I'm kind of disappointed that it's a remnant and not the actual future Barry. Feels like some of the meaning is lost, even if the remnant is also technically Barry. I wonder; did anyone guess that Savitar was a time remnant? I'd say Barry could just avoid this by not making time remnants, but as Savitar pointed out when Barry threatened to kill himself, time travel in this show is weird. On the other hand, Savitar was affected by Barry's memory loss. It's confusing.
  17. This episode was just fun to watch Barry was pretty funny. I don't really get how Wally lost his powers, but barry killing himself wouldnt erase savitar. Barry vs Savvy was pretty cool, the way he jumped back into his suit was badass.
  18. Wally telling Barry he's his brother was the best part of this episode.
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  19. Hello...

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  20. [IMG][IMG]

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