1. I'm not complaining about the CG because it was a lot to do on a TV budget. All those gorillas, entire 3d environments on that weekly tv show budget. That was an expensive episode.
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  2. Same here. It looked a lot better then the crap we see in supergirl. Do any of you fast forward as well when the bullshit emo crap between walli and then girl come up.

    Also so so so many plotholes in this week's episode. I know these shows can't really be taken seriously but damn there were so many plotholes. I'm just gonna name the one I was bothered with the most and it's the fact that Barry got tranquilized by the same blowdarts the rest of the team got hit with and he was out cold just as long as the others. Where did that insane high recovery go to? Or that only counts when he's out drinking. TF
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  3. The cgi was terrible and the fight could of been way better. When Barry got tripped by the shockwave I facepalmed cause I thought he was going to do something cool. SHIELD is were it's at with these comic tv shows.
  4. I feel like tbis show has no character development everyone's as annoying and dumb as season 1
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  5. After some thought, perhaps the cells negating Barry's and Cisco's powers had something to do with it.

    On another note, something I liked about the episode was the return of Gypsy. Perhaps this time Cisco will get to learn the ability to counter the Speedforce from her.
  6. I know why Grodd really ain't happy. Don't none of those Gorillas have any nuts or anything. Give it enough years and they will die out.
  7. New speedster alert!!! Earth 19 speedster makes an appearance. And it could just be a coincidence but he has white lightning same as Savitar.
  8. His lightning was purple. Also, Earth-19's Flash is called Accelerated Man

    Also, Earth-19 kinda sucks. Think about what she said. Basically if you stumble on Earth-19 and you're from another Earth you can be killed because you broke the rules of an Earth you didn't even know about.
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  9. Poor Wally. Also is it just me or does Savitar seem kinda slow compared to before?
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  10. Yeah, Savitar didn't seem as overwhelmingly fast as in his previous appearances. He could just be holding back because he wants to make Barry suffer first. He did say he wasn't going to kill Barry yet so he could kill Iris in front of him.

    Wally getting sucked into the speedforce was a surprise but Barry got trapped there too. Even the piece of the suit getting left behind was similar. So, hopefully they should be able to get Wally out in a similar way and Wally could be even faster just like Barry was.

    Also, I'm curious who Savitar is. For a moment, with all the talk about how only he could bring out his own greatness, how Barry and everyone had a hand in making him what he is, and yet how he made himself, I actually started to think Savitar was going to end up being evil future Wally with Savitar creating himself by turning present Wally evil. Probably not going to be the case, but the thought occurred to me. I'm now very curious who he really is.
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  11. Interesting thought. I had a different speedster in mind though. Savitar kept saying "I'm the future, Flash/Barry". I think its a clever little hint. I think Savitar is the future Barry. But I like your idea better.
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  12. Yeah, I'd heard that theory and it could be possible. Savitar did say he was there from the beginning and that he was always Barry's greatest enemy. Barry can be his own worst enemy and this would take it to a whole new level.

    I thought of Wally when Barry questioned where Savitar got his powers and Savitar said he created himself and we know how Wally got his speed. And Savitar talked about bringing out his greatness when earlier in the episode HR and the others were talking about bringing out Wally's greatness. It's still a possibility that Wally's time in the speedforce could drive him insane and turn him into Savitar.

    Another theory I hear a lot is that Savitar is an insane Eddie Thawn, returning after being sucked into the singularity. This could be similar to Cobalt Blue in the comics. The talisman Cobalt Blue used could have inspired the Philosopher's stone in the show. It could fit with Savitar's claim of being there from the beginning and the team having a hand in him being what he is. It could also fit with Barry taking everything from him and even him creating himself (shooting himself to stop Eobard and getting sucked in the singularity as a result).

    Any other plausible candidates I might have missed?
  13. Savitar very well could be future evil Barry or something like that. I think Savitar slowed down because he's actually a living breathing being again.
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  14. Everyone is taking him saying "I am the future Flash" too literally for me. I says he is the Future Flash, which as we all know, The Flash has had many aliases. So maybe he had taken up the mantle of the Flash in the future? So instead of being Barry, he is just a different iteration of the Flash from the future.
  15. All those crossed my mind as well from Wally or Barry being future Savitar or someone else entirely different. I thought maybe Barry got stronger because he was pissed as to why he was able to get a couple hits off Savitar but Savitar actually being physically in the living world again could have something to do with it to and he did slow down because of it. I think a couple things could happen Cisco uses the sample of the blade Barry cut off as a way to kill/defeat Savitar, Cisco lives up to his potential and unlocks all his powers becoming the GOAT and is able to hold Savitar long enough for Barry to stop him, or he's able to kill Savitar himself. Wally becomes one with the speedforce and is able to free himself becoming the GOAT and kills Savitar.
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  16. Barry needs to spend some quality time with/in the speedforce. He needs to learn how to be a better hero and person. Also kinda glad that Iris and Barry are on a break. Hopefully he uses this time to train like hell.
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  17. So is it time for Linda to come back?
  18. So, Jesse is leaving for Earth 3. She mentioned that Earth 3 is without a speedster to protect it with Jay trapped in the Speedforce, but wasn't she already leaving Earth 2 without a speedster when she decided to be with Wally? Didn't seem to be a concern then.

    Also, I'm somewhat confused over exactly how Barry used the device they were using to track him to beat Black Flash. It was made to track Barry's location so Cisco could pull him out yet it somehow caused Zolomon to explode?

    And according to the preview, the next episode is both a musical and a crossover with Sugergirl? WTF?
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  19. Yeah, that made no sense but it's probably for budget reasons. Too many speedsters is expensive. WTF does Jesse know about Earth-3?

    Gonna pass on next week's episode even though Grant Gustin's voice is angelic.
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  20. As far as I can tell the black flash was being controlled by the speedforce. Same as the time wraiths. And the speedforce wanted Barry to let go and fully commit to everything. So once he decided to remove the device he no longer had a safety line. It was a test and Barry passed it once he let go. At the heart of everything the speedforce is still trying to teach Barry.
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