1. So Barry is done fucking with Time's pussy, now he is saying it is Good Ol' Lubey Anal Time.
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  2. I don't see a difference. Past, present, and future is relative. The future for one time traveler is the past for another. Changing the timeline is still changing the timeline.

    I'm fine with them trying to change the future as long as there are consequences. Otherwise the lessons of earlier in the season would've been pointless.
  3. So how does everyone like Wells' version of Cisco? With the ability to fuck with the speed force?

    *still watching the episode*

    -edit- Why the fuck is no one onto the fact that Gypsy fucked with speedforce? Or even tried to catch her real name?
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  4. Finally Wally is going to get faster than Barry. It was always going to be inevitable. Barry may have been the originator of the speedforce but he can't do half the stuff Wally can nor can he reach even close to Wally's speed.
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  5. Yeah, I was really looking forward to when that ability was finally discovered. I was pretty excited when she used it and I'm really looking forward to when Cisco finally learns. I was also surprised that no one in the episode seemed to comment on it. With all the plans to stop Savitar, you'd think they would place some focus on having Cisco try to learn that.
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  6. Yeah..especially, when ya know.. the one who can literally stop the speed force comes to them. Literally.
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  7. ^
    I didn't even pick up on that until I read the comments in here lol. I was thinking some long complicated way like have Cisco go into Wells hidden room. Vibe the future tech in the room and learn how to construct the tachion device to make Barry get faster. Then juice Barry with that speed boost a couple seasons ago along with the tachion device. Ya getting Wally to do the saving makes so much more sense. They constantly keep saying how fast he's gotten, his rate of acceleration in far exceeding Barry's. Having Cisco vibe Savaitar for a couple seconds should be more than enough time either Barry or Wally to react to save Iris.
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  8. So, am I the only one that thinks everyone on team Flash downplayed what Barry did? Like, they were all congrats to Wally and stuff for his improvement, but my fuck, Barry just went next level with his abilities. I legit had a huge ass smile on my face, because gaaat daaaamn that was cool
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  9. Indeed. This is the first time they showed that on TV. In comics he managed to phase an entire passenger plane while it was falling. It was damn impressive he phased the entire train. Wally will get there one day but he will need an extra push to surpass Barry. And it could come unfortunately at the cost of Barry's life.
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  10. I get that everyone wants to evolve and such, but a season dedicated to preventing giving what fans want? Death of Iris?
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  11. Agreed, while Wally will eventually surpass Barry, Barry phasing the train was definitely the highlight of the episode.

    It was also good to see Cisco work on his powers with vibing Flashpoint. Hopefully, he'll eventually learn the ability to disrupt the speed force, either from Gypsy or on his own. Though I'm still surprised the show hasn't brought it up yet even after Gypsy used it.
  12. geez give the rookie some praise will you. But ya I agree with you and the actions of Barry is what inspired Wally. I also liked what they did there having Barry say "Run Wally, Run" like how Barry's predecessor told him.

    Next week we get 3 speedsters teaming up it seems.
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  13. But Wally didn't go to Earth-2.
  14. He will go next week.
  15. No episode next week and the 4 that go according to the preview is Caitlin, Barry, Cisco and it looked like Julian.
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  16. Oh k thanks, I actually didn't get to see the preview yet. I guess they probably felt it was best to have 1 speedster on Earth.
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  17. Yeah, who knows what could happen while they're away on Earth 2, so it makes good sense to have someone stay on Earth 1 in case something else comes up.
  18. Well they walked right into it didn't they? The fight in the arena was good. Tom Cavanagh is working overtime. He is really underrated, to play HR, Harry and Grodd's mouthpiece.
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  19. Tom is not underrated trust me. The arena fight could have been better. The cgi was cringy at times and I would much rather see a dbz type tourney between baddies and good guys some day. Running in circles until you get hit with a aftershock was lame. He should be beyond having Vibe needing to coach him in his hear by now. You can teach kid flash but you have no idea wth to do on your own... right. That final vibration hit he did in the arena fight was a letdown. I thought he was going to vibrate his guts to mush but it was just some lame quick hit without any real power behind it.

    The best thing that happened this whole ep was when Grodd got knocked the hell out. Also they could give us some more Barry comedy during his fights..more confidence rather than distress and this bs.
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  20. That cgi got bad at some parts. Also lol at them having Julian do a Planet of the Apes joke.
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