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    ok i've been thinking about this. Who else thinks this Yami crap being the top espada is a load of crap as well?
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    I do, i have a theory on this.

    Every espada has their own unique ability, the 4th was able to acheive a seond release, the 9th could report infomation to the rest of the espada, the 7th was the fastest. i beleive Yammys power is that he can charge and store energy. His tattoo is just used as a power metre to let others know his current power level. I.e. if he took enough energy to be as powerful as noitora then when released his tattoo would change to five. That hole the espada is 0-9 is just bragging on yammys part. I think that this is why we didnt see much of yammy during the hm arc as he was charging his powers to the maximum because ichigo took his arm off. Grimmjow lost his arm and was kicked from the espada, yammy only remained because Ull brought the arm back with them. Yammy also commented that he wasnt as strong as he use to be when his arm was being reattached when he smashed the arrancar, claiming that before he would of smashed the arrancar in half. so i think yammy is just fully charged and ready to go. theres no way he can be 0, its just to much for my espada fan mind to contain.
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    I doubt his tattoo would change to 5 but i think i can agree with storing energy. To be honest, i think he is just bsing everyone and trying to act all tough about it. Also, i think the "fastest Espada" was also bsing because the 6th Taichou took him down pretty easily and i think Ichigo is if not more so as fast as him and he had trouble keeping up with Uli.
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    about the 7th being the fastest was bs i think, i was just using it as an example of the different espada abilities.

    Hopefully, yammy will get pwned by one of the captains "Unohana hopefully" so that the rest of the peeps in HM can get a move on into FKT and help out the captains as they are getting into a slight spot of bother.
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    Hey guys, if you want, feel free to post a thread in the Bleach manga section about Yammy. You can do it here, but it'll be easier not to have to spoiler everything :)
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    Joinage plz~
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    unfortunately, no...

    ^see, now had we the ability to use controlers, stuff like this would not occur...
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    Yeah but it's a lot more fun to talk about the espada in here instead of having to make a thread for it. Just harder when people just watch the anime and not read lol
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    welcome lils <3
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    What do ya mean?

    Played it again and yea as much as I like Ulquierra, i prefer Grim as a better game character
  11. I'm pretty sure this needs to be posted, kind of a spoiler

  12. is that released? I'm so behind in bleach it's not even funny.
  13. Yeah, you can't really see it that well, but the latest chapter it showed the release form
  14. halibel, my fave espada.

    Bless her.
  15. Welcome Llian..i love you. lmao

    Also my favorite espada are...

  16. top two have to be Grimmjow and Halibel. Maybe after the next couple of releases that might change lol
  17. Grimm
    yeah, it figures the top two would be grimm and UQ...
  18. Man, Uli had 2 releases. His first was horrible but his second was HOT SHIT
  19. ULQ
  20. Halibel and Uliquiorra are my top Espada
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