1. My experience is probably a bit different as I found the anime first (back when I still watched often). I don't remember where I was in the anime, but I distinctly recall starting the manga to find out what happens next. I think it was somewhere in or just after the rescue Sasuke arc in part 1, I'm pretty sure it was before the filler and after the chuunin exam. The fights and chakra got me into it, the politics kept me in it. I always felt Kishimoto's story flowed well - events usually lead to logical next steps, it didn't feel too ad hoc.

    While Sasori and Deidara's part of the Akatsuki arc dragged a bit, I especially liked it once Pain started fighting. Between the death of Jiraiya and the destruction of Konoha I felt like the manga was finally breaking it's mold and coming into it's own. Unfortunately Pain then resurrected everyone and ever since the manga has felt hollow to me. I felt a glimmer of hope at the council, hoping that the kages were going to make grand plans and all stab each other in the back only to see them unite (despite Danzou's best efforts).

    The whole Kaguya / Sage of the 6 paths and his sons thing just felt messy and seemed like it came from nowhere. Akatsuki felt logical - there are going to be super strong ninjas who don't want to play by the rules. Why not make their own agency? A ninja war between countries felt like the next step to me only to be sidestepped for a common foe... who became a good guy to defeat a new common foe that seemed to come from nowhere and was so strong the two main characters had to be gifted temporary powers just to beat her. My heart just wasn't in it, and hadn't been for a while.

    The Naruto anime is also a bit unique to me, as I think it's what eventually turned me off anime almost entirely. I still appreciate some series (especially shorter ones) and movies, but for the most part the obvious dragging and stalling in Shippuden culimated for me when Naruto fought Orochimaru and went 4-tails. It was so slow and terrible that I dropped it right there. I came back for the Pain fight, and the wonky art style just kept me away. Unfortunately the obvious slowdown techniques Naruto used started making me catch on to other stall type tactics in other anime - so my watching time dropped drastically. That said, I would love for nothing better than for Naruto to be released in a volume of movies - no filler, good art / animation.

    I will miss Naruto mostly for it being a longtime weekly staple, and will likely remember it more for the incredible feelings ranging from the sadness at Jiraiya's death, the oh shit is he actually doing this from Konoha's destruction, the disappointment from Pain's conclusion, and the potential I felt it had but never used. It was definitely better than a lot of other things I've read, especially considering it's genre.
  2. Hmmmm i actually started watching the anime back on cartoon network back in 97. It didn't take long to get caught up on the dubs, so then i started watchting the subs. Then next thing u know in about 2008 i started reading the manga as well as joining NM. Can't believe it's been 6 years

    I guess what i liked most about Naruto is the character depth and emotions. I also like the way the fights are, it's like a combination of martial arts and magic as well as the verstality of the characters and their jutsu's.

    Also...... i'm surprised Poncho didn't come in here gloating about him being the founder of the Tobito theory. I always thought he'd return someday bragging about how he knew all along lol.
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  3. Oh he came back in full gloating mode, until I pointed out via numerous quotes how he had been jumping on an off the bandwagon for years.
    And 97? I think you got your years mixed up, the manga didn't even being serialization in japan until 99, and the anime was a few years after that.
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  4. I'm only making this post to see if Cane, Haoh, Martzu, MD, Bob, Kro, Alex, Leroy, MC, San, DM, Arukas, Vic, Rai, Ice, VV Doom, cain, hudson, killa, cowboy, muy, xandor, the user formally known as raug, raoul,and many more would like it for the lack of boobies being posted in it. :troll

    Hey, remember when people used to be called Narutards? [IMG]
  5. My first contact with naruto was with anime around August 2003. The first few seasons were amazing. I still get goosegumps when seeing this intro:

    The only thing which irritated me was sasuke and sharingan but they were not really major part of the story at the time. Sasuke was even really fun to watch during Chuunin exam.
    Unfortunately, stuff which I adored: Lee, Gaara, Kyuubi, Hinata, Naruto were overshadowed by sharingan and Sasuke who became pivotal part of the storyline.

    I loved it once. before some of you even heard of the anime or manga (heh. still remember the outrage about Naruto getting dubbed) The story tough developed into direction I did not appreciate nor cared about. Hence why I dropped it first during filler saga and second after naruto's fight with orochimaru.
    Only to come back during the war with Pain cause I heard that Kakashi died (manga this time). Enjoyed it greatly and for brief time my love for the series was rekindled.
    I went back and read all the chapters between Naruto's fight with Orochimaru and then current chapter of Naruto about to fight Pain (i even bought Japanese shounen jump with that chapter when i was in Japan at the time)

    Unfortunately that was short lived. It had ups and bumps but the deciding moment came when Madara just kept spamming those attacks on Jibuus. The ridiculousness of his character and how boringly overpowered he was made me decide that it's pointless to read anymore.

    No point in reading something, not enjoying it and then coming to forums and whine about the chapter. Made an exception for the last two chapters tough. Naruto was part of my life for over 11 years even tough I took very long breaks few times before dropping it completely, hence why I had to voice my dislike for this series.

    Anyone looking back at it fondly, anyone who enjoyed reading it to the end... I wish I could have done the same, so no disrespect on my part by my dislike of the series.
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  6. I had somehow forgotten about the term narutards. Not sure how I managed that one.

    Implication: I am not pepperidge farms.
  7. Lol typo. I meant 07. That's wut happens when im playing D3 N typing on here at the same time lol.
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  8. I was summoned... my name was here...but I scratch my head as there's nothing useful...
  9. [IMG]
  10. Like I said - I was summoned here... not my fault this thread was dead...

    Anyways - Naruto Gaiden is over... so now it's TRULY OVER.
  11. Ice's curiosity summoned me here. Sorry ed I missed that post as well lol.
    One thing I learned about Naruto anime and manga...it's never over.

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  12. Had no idea Ed mentioned me too. Nice to see someone on this fucking forum remembers me every once in a while. Naruto Gaiden 2? NARUTO SUPER: REVIVAL OF M!?
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  14. ^^

    Ahhh well done, perfect for that new trailer to be posted here.
  15. Well, he doesnt let down,thats for sure...

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