1. As we approach the end of the 15 year run of Naruto, the manga that served initially as the eponymous inspiration for TAL's parent website "NarutoMania", I thought I'd make this little thread in observance of its conclusion.

    Purely for the sake of avoiding a long drawn out, overly sentimental lamentation on all my fond recollections and/or aneurysm inducing disappointments, I'll make this as succinct as I can.

    I joined Narutomania in the spring of 2006, and like most it was due in large part to the meteoric popularity of the manga. It was an ubiquitous presence throughout the incalculable numbers of Anime themed message boards online, that were of exclusively western/English speaking origin. By 2007 I was appointed as Co-Moderator(before inheriting the job in earnest) of the naruto section on NM, that as far as I could tell appeared to be primarily inhabited by semi sentient vegetables with names, avatars, and relatively functional appendages they attempted to type with, but was ostensibly stuck perpetually on capslock and "In b4 close rolfcopters!" autonomic replies.

    Over the years, the manga underwent a steady decline in quality but that's just par for the course. All in all I, like most people stuck with it, and still managed to derive a certain level of satisfaction regardless of the fact that it had become a mere shadow of its former self.

    I think over the years, we as manga readers and devourers of all things Japanese anime, fell into the trap of allowing ourselves to become too invested into something that was intended simply and unequivocally to entertain. Shounen especially, is a genre that should never be taken too seriously, nor is it generally speaking chock full of profound allegory and deep insight(and when it is, its about a cliché as Donald trump hair jokes).

    So I'll end it with this: I enjoyed this manga.
    The End.

    P.S Just as a heads up, if you're not going to say at the very least One thing you liked about "Naruto", don't bother posting. You can mention just one little thing, and then proceed to bash its brains in until your fingers fall off, I honestly wouldn't care.

    In this thread democracy is forfeit, post like a moron and I'll delete it with fascist zeal and a smile on my face.
    Don't like that mandate?
  2. But...
    What if this happens?
  3. Don't get your hopes up.

    Saying "I'm going to continue the story by writing about naruto as a father" or "It might be interesting to write another story with naruto as a father" are two entirely different statements with differing levels of suggestion. The latter implies merely the possibility, the former connotes an actual intention.

    Could he do it? Sure, I hope he does.
    Will he? We don't know.
    All we do know, is this incarnation of the naruto story is actually coming to an end.
  4. I would kinda like that...it would make a lot of sense for HIM to do it, because of his son growing up and all that..which also means it may suffer from the same problem "shippuden" did, too much lovely BS.

    However it would also be a good chance for him to change the tone a little,I dont think he would,but he surely could ( after all Naruto's jesus ways would not be the main focus anymore)

    The scale would likely have to tone down to fit skill lvls,any threat that would be wayy to big to handle,Naruto would get in the way...which would be cool on ocassion...but not always. (Im assuming by this that the story would focus on the son or daughter...Naruten if you will)

    what could also happen is have Naruten go all "Goten", by that I mean, you keep the high lvl,make it even higher, but make it so that kids magically have godlike powers...which granted..could happen (as a hyuuga+uzumaki/sage/kyuub mix could be quite something)

    I dont think he will do it tho...but it may be a certain lvl of pressure from the company for him to do it...Naruto is a very fat cow,which many would relish the chance to dry out.

    and I heard that the new movie is part of a new project....so it would make sense,lets just hope that if it exists..this GT is less..well,GT like.

    now onto the thread itself:

    It's been quite some time...
    it is even a little odd to think that by tomorrow I may have a lot less reason to come over here and all,it has become quite a habit.

    I do remember back in NM,which makes me realize how long it has been...sure,it is not what I expected,perhaps like others,I have grown in a way the manga did not....but even with all the crap and gayness ( in a gay sense,not in the sense that it is homosexual)
    I would often hope for something awesome and something on the horizon that would maybe surprise me.

    I do hope the ending is fitting...at the same time, I'm not sure I was hoping for an ending...(even tho the fights were being dragged in a very bad way)...maybe it is a little like an old relatioship that has gone stray,it may be wiser for it to end before it loses all its magic...so we can only hope it ends ok.even tho we all may think it could have been better.

    (I do miss however back in NM when we had fake spoilers...I kinda liked it.)

    If Kishi decides to keep up with a new series,I'll likely still be around....
    if not,I can at least hope that with the fall of Naruto...something awesome will rise on its place.(This would've been a good time to publish my own manga lol )

    and oh..I do hope to see Naruto as kage,even if for a panel or two...
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  5. God it has been a long time. I remember joining Narutomania way back in 2006. I must have been around 14 at that time. That was when I started reading the manga. It was the Hidan and Kakuzu arc if i recall correctly. Before that i was exclusive to the anime and was hopelessly following the fillers that aired between part 1 and 2. I was oblivious to the fact that they were fillers. When i realized that it had been a waste of my time i started on the manga.

    Confession time: i have only read part 2 of the manga. I looked through the comparison of the anime part 1 and manga part 1 and felt satisfied that the anime was a good enough adaptation and i could just start where they left off. And maybe that is why I dont see a huge decline in the quality of the manga. Of course there were the ups and downs, but in general this manga felt like a well thought out story that i enjoyed immensely. Well at least till the final arc with the whole Kaguya situation. This is just my opinion and please dont be compelled to make a comment regarding it.

    Over the past 8 years I've been thoroughly invested in the characters in that special way that only fans can. Before the death of Jiraiya I didnt know that a shounen manga could bring me close to tears. And I cannot express the overwhelming emotions of joy i felt when Naruto finally used a rasengan to shut Kabuto up. That was a badass display of indomitable will.

    It is sad to see this manga end. It has been a huge part in my life as it was my first introduction to the world of anime and manga. So yeah, i'm gonna miss it.
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  6. DAMN, 15 YEARS....I for one can't believe it's been so long. My memory is starting to get hazy and lately I have been asking myself was Naruto ever good? He should have just ended at the Valley of the End. Everything else that happened thereafter was sort of "WHELM".

    If he made another Manga or Anime about Naruto being a father... as an adult. I'm not too sure if I'll watch it. I mean I watch/read depending whatever it is, he's forced/chooses to make. I'll only watch it if the plot is a meaningful story.
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  7. I guess I'm part of a minority when I say this but I'm glad to see it go. I was a huge fan of Naruto as a 12 year old kid but now ten years later I wish it had ended around the time I was a huge fan of it. Sure we can all say "it brought us together" or whatever but that doesn't change the fact that this series was a complete let down for me especially considering the fact that I had such high hopes for it at a younger age. I will not miss this series in the slightest, but hey that's just my two cents.
    Oh right I'm supposed to say one positive thing before I finish this post. I can admit this, the last 200 or so chapters were funny as shit to me, so thanks for the laughs kishimoto, no matter how much I bash your series you have left your mark in the world of fiction for all time and that's an accomplishment. There I think that was fair, goodbye Naruto, I will not miss you.:fresh
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  8. My real gripe with naruto was that in part 1 he is perceived as a genius of hardwork like Lee and even convinces neji their destiny isn't created at birth.

    But we learn he has a monster chakra put in him at birth

    He's the 4th hokage's son

    He's a descendant of the sage of the sixth paths

    And a reincarnation of the sages sons

    It all seems a bit predestined to me after all that inspirational talk about hard work
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  9. Predestined to be a beast yes definitley, but when you look at Sasuke who was literally born with the ability to copy everybodies moves you realize that Naruto bust his ass to get where he is. Also take into consideration that Kyuubi wasn't helpful to him until much later in the series. He had all that Chakra but it was the most vicious of double edged swords. He access it he could get swallowed up and killed. Plus we have seen Naruto struggle with basic concepts.

    Also the destined path is sort of negated by the his ignorance of this destiny yet running head long into it for reasons that had nothing to do with his father. Which I think is part of the charm.

    Kishi did a good job of making a consistent underdog out of the most powerful being on the planet.
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  10. They both busted their ass to get good at using abilities given to them i dont think either had it easy

    But the weapons at their disposal, the resources at their disposal, and the things they inherited at birth are what made the difference
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  11. I haven't posted in a while but I have been keeping up with the forums and reading the many opinions and I have to say, that I will miss the weekly forum talk most. I too, was part of the forums back in the NM-era; started out on the sidelines then too and got more into it around end 2006 into 2007. Thinking back to the vehement arguments made for the "big questions" like "Who is the leader of Akatsuki" and "Minato can't be Naruto's father, it'd be too obvious!"...man, it's crazy to think how everything has actually turned out now that we are mere steps from the finish line.

    I will say that sometimes, that despite the sheer number of years this story has been around, I used to look at it in its whole form and the plot itself didn't feel very "long." It's hard to describe but it's something like, when I took note of the landmark events that moved the overall story forward, I sometimes asked myself, "how much has actually happened?" and maybe, to an extent, I still feel that way because in all the focusing on Sasuke's redemption, it felt like the progression of other characters, which was so well incorporated in the earlier years, fell so hard to into the backdrop. Spontaneous resurfacing of individual story lines and focus on individuals coming across like randomized detours on "the roadtrip to save Sasuke." However, I do feel now, that enough connective details finally were incorporated, and done regularly enough during the war arc and on, that the whole picture of the people that make up the world of Naruto doesn't seem quite so fragmented and incomplete anymore. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm happy to feel a sense of full closure, even if I'm sad we won't be discussing chapters anymore.

    It's just too bad we don't get to bask in at least a little return to peaceful form with team 7 before it all ends. (I know the movie will be post-manga ending so that's some consolation but it's kind of like how we only get one "longest day of the year" and then the days immediately start to shrink again. Can't we get more time to enjoy reaching the victory pinnacle?)

    My only other wish is that somehow, Jiraiya would have been able to see everything Naruto has accomplished and come to understand about the world since he first imparted his life's mission to Naruto in part 1. Damn he would have been proud.

    I still plan on hanging around the forums for sure, and I hope maybe at least some of us might find a story that we can all mutually come to love again because it's just cool to see so much passion for a story in so many people.

    Again, at least there's the movie for us to come together on; whether we end up loving, hating, laughing or crying about it.

    It's been a good run guys. Thanks for the fun. :)
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  12. Although I will agree that Part 2 was weaker than part 1 a lot of significant things happened. I actually grew to like Naruto but it took a really long time, it wasn't until after he beat Nagato and Itachi took a liking to him that I started to see some good in him. Jiraiya died in Part 2, Itachi died, Oro was defeated... Naruto developed his jutsu's. I've enjoyed reading the manga each week a piece at a time and I am going to miss it. It only took a minute or two to read and a little longer to occasionally browse the forum discussions for the following days but it was nice to have that... routine?

    There are other manga that I'll read but Naruto was probably the first that I felt I got into towards the beginning. I knew little to nothing about anime until I started to read Naruto. I had watched DBZ, Gundam Wing, Ninja Scroll, Akira... the usual stuff. I didn't know what Shonen was and certainly hadn't watched any anime as a sub before. It led to me reading Bleach and for a period I read and watched the two side-by-side. It's a bit sad that it's ended but it could have been much worse. The big war that we were promised was disappointing and drawn out but in the end we seem to be arriving at a place I'm happy with. It could just be that I'm settling for a big compromise because of how bad it got on occasions but it's all good. I also think it's worth mentioning how much the illustration has improved. I like the somewhat rough and scratchy initial issues but it is much more refined now and I enjoyed that.

    Now I'm back to waiting for the next issue of Berserk to come out... that is one series you don't have to worry about finishing. Muira will die before he draws the last pages :p
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  13. Exactly my thoughts, aside from the art thing. I liked his earlier work with rough and scratchy art. His artwork nowadays is way too clean and lacks character.
    Naruto was also my first introduction to reading manga online. I knew what manga was, but I never bothered reading it, cause it wasn't easily accessible at the time. I already was a big anime fan by then. Having watched 80's and 90's anime. The sub and scanlation scene blew up after that though and it's hugely because of Naruto. So I'm always thankful for that.

    As for the manga itself. Was a really big fan of part 1. Part 2 started out weak. Has it ups and downs, but mostly downs. Especially the big war was disappointing. Most characteres didn't get any development which was a big shame.
    I remember someone saying that everything changed when Kishi got a kid. I guess the change of style didn't work out to well for many fans.
    Stil a lot better than your average shonen though. I'm not gonna name titles, before bitches gonna cry and turn this into a war.
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  14. [IMG]

    Best character coming through
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  15. What got me involved is the scope of the world: societies, mannerisms of individuals, fighting techniques, politics. Because of chakra, 12-year-olds (some younger) are put into the dangerous shinobi world to hone their skills to defend their village. Something that would be totally controversial in the real world, considering children have been used in wars in impoverished countries. Yet, it's fascinating and realistic being portrayed in the Naruto world.

    I only started reading Naruto along with Bleach, about five years ago or so. I think I read 100 chapters in a day. That's how good the author got me hooked. I say he created a major success.
  16. i also appreciated the fact that these kids were being taught to fight for their lives, in the real world we might not be fighting against chakra monsters, or revenge crazed ninja, but i think every young person can understand what it feels like to fight for what they believe in, and not all of of us make it, and even those who gain the world sometimes lose themselves

    it's why i appreciated characters like obito and nagato despite them being a bit naive.

    Whether your someone whose never given up, or someone who was broken a long time ago, you get to come back, no one is too far gone.
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  17. I'm just glad I lived long enough to see it to the end, sad to see it end. All things come to an end, nothing last forever.
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  18. Time to be edgy (Yeah I'm drunk atm)

    "They pray for villains, when their heroes let them down"

  19. Yeah...I have been reading for 12 years. I was introduced to digital fansubs through Naruto (before that was all VHS). I am glad I stuck through this journey even though the story had a great list of issues as it's gone on. What is crazy is all the life changes that went on in my own personal life while I read this story. Finished high school, facebook was created, finished college, went to Japan twice before coming here to work in 2008, realizing that I have pretty much grown out of watching anime but am willing to still read manga. Reading manga as it happens is an interesting way to track your own personal life timeline, especially for someone around my age who witnessed the Japanese pop culture explosion as it occurred.
  20. ^^ Ditto to pretty much all of that. Manga for the most part supplanted itself as my main Japanophile fixation as the years went by.
    When you consider the overall state of anime at the moment, its not surprising many old schoolers of the 80's 90's boom would revert back to its proto-medium, one that seems to maintain its artistic integrity on a far greater level.
    I joined NM in 06, but I had been a reader since 04 back when scanlators like "Inane" were just getting into the game, and copyrighted manga was being so freely disseminated faster than chuck Norris's sperm at a whorehouse. Stepping back and looking at a decade of my life, everything i've gone though(the good, the bad, and the really ugly) and then making a juxtaposition with something like naruto that's been a part of my life through out that entire time(Give or take Golden days, and other holidays)...its really striking.
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