1. In fear of going too terribly off topic I'll just continue this privately.
    But she's a Kawasaki Ninja 300, her name is Jesse, and I love her like my left nut.

    Moved north, had to get rid of her.. I miss her like a dead brother.

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  2. Njaah, little off topic doesn't hurt. I know that feeling. Had to sell my Suki Suki due moving last autumn. Still hurts. I sold my baby.
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  3. wow i cant believe its been that long....
  4. Omg nostalgia in our 20's!!!!!!

    Clearly none of you are doing this right.
  5. What happened to Azusa and Lokes?
  6. I do. But its obviously less and less. Having a one-year old is a lot of work, Jesus.
  7. You could've been a legend but you became a father, it's what you are today, it's what you are today
  8. If NM opened in 2004 and went offline in 2009, it means that TAL is surpassing NM in terms of longevity. I don't count the current version of NM that is up because it's dead entirely and just really a museum of sorts.

    The main difference between TAL and NM is that NM was a business, TAL has ALWAYS been about the users. I enjoyed NM in its time, it was bigger and more active, but it was also very cliquey. TAL is like a close group of friends that care about quality. I'd say, now, probably, I prefer TAL over NM. It's taken 5 years and not being here for long periods of time for me to realize that.

    Also as an update for anyone interested, I moved from Boston to Southern CA and took up surfing. A lot has changed. Also, I control Ravi's account I hope he comes back soon.
  9. Can't believe I've known you jerk offs for this long. Love you guys
  10. Hello there gaiz ;)
  11. asl?
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  12. 17/f/ca
  13. <================================================3
  14. Whats all this talk on NM opening in 2004? That cant be the ORIGINAL NM, that was years before '04 wasnt it?

    Fuck, I've been here too long. I never post anymore, havent for a few years... but narutomania/TAL will always be in my feels
  15. We're now old men at the barber shop.
  16. ^Fuck, it so true...
  17. shakira, shakira
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  19. Congrats
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