1. Anybody remember 4thseal, daitenshi, kigga, or sekasuke?

    He lurks on here every now and then.
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  2. 4thseal was awesome, Daitenshi was a scumbag, didn't think much of Kigga (though I barely knew him, so that could be why), and Sekasuke was my fucking boy. What a beast he was.

    I may miss Seshen the most, though.
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  3. I miss the newsletter, that really made NM feel like a true world unto itself. 4thseal and his editors did a fantastic job, I had the issue with my interview in it for the longest time saved on my computer, but the file was corrupted when I tried to transfer the PDF to my new computer a few years ago........alas it went the way of the polaroid.*Bagpipes playing*....................
  4. I was the last person to be interviewed for the newsletter which sucks

    We have lost quite a few people over the years. I'm not going to say that they're all missed but they were at one time or another key posters and fairly core to the forum. In no particular order:

    Lil Lub

    I feel old and a bit depressed/nostalgic now. K do you still have the NM cloud banner? That was the first time I registered on NM and stopped being a lurker.
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  5. Thank you guys for bringing in my nostalgia. I remember all those people! I definitely miss all those people who participated in those Sig Battles.
  6. I think I still have those newsletter files, if you want it I can look it up for you.
  7. He doesn't really want any of the ones that don't focus on me.
  8. ...somewhere around thereabouts

    is Itsu still around? orfieldy3000? or even freakzilla?
  9. dramatic when I'm drunk.. it's what I do in a gay, grab your sack kind of way. wait what?
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  10. I wonder what Nite's up to these days. I still have him on PSN
  11. Bloody fucking hell..
    I don't know what came over me but I suddenly decided to take a walk down memory lane. Wow.
    Well, good to know I'm remembered, though scumbag's a bit strong is it not?
  12. Pretending to be dead on an anime forum is worthy of the designation "scumbag", Dai.
  13. Well now, pretending is going a bit too far.
    I was quite ill at the time.

    I've seen Nite time to time on NM. What's left of it.
  14. I don't much have the desire or will to argue with you. We both know how that situation went down, but I don't particularly care if you want to claim otherwise. For however long you're back, enjoy your stay.
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  15. Good to see you around and hopefully feeling now better and being in better health.
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  16. Thank you love.
    I rather missed you.
  17. Awww.

    So what have you been up to during all this time?
  18. Who can say.
    My illness dominated most of my time. Got married and divorced. Bought a motorcycle as the result of a quarter life crisis (and almost dying).
    Keeping myself busy. You?
  19. Indeed you have kept yourself busy. Sorry to hear your marriage ended shortly. And now we're talking, motorcycle. What did you get? Whole story, man, just spill it out. And I do mean whole story. Me, same old thing, too much work makes me seriously a dull gal. So not that much have changed during past years.

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