1. Welcome to the Teen Titans Forum Roleplay

    The Teen Titans universe takes place in a near, familiar future. Technology is advanced. Robotics, energy weapons, and even super soldiers are commonplace, though government and culture are very much the same. Fashion trends and the daily lives of the youth are much the same as they are now.

    Superheroes and supervillains come and go with the flow of time. For some time there were more going than coming. Supervillains appeared less frequently and problems in big cities became more domestic. Superheroes weren't needed to be called upon for common robberies and murders. It remained this way for just shy of two decades.

    Now, like the rising of the tides, it seems crimes committed by supers are on the rise again. The big cities of the US and other countries around the world are becoming dangerous again. The city police are unprepared and the government doesn't want to involve the military, as to avoid making an international scene. Once again the city councils call upon the Teen Titans to assemble a team, to find the remaining supers in hiding or young ones developing their powers and ask for their aid. Some young supers answer the call. Others turn to villainy...
    Titans West. In the lively Jump City the Titans are virtually disbanded. The first Titans: Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wondergirl, Speedy, and others, and the much romanticized team of Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven have long since cycled out in place of new Titans over the years. Some went on to serve in larger leagues and fight greater battles, while some disappeared back to their homes, where ever they may be. In any case, in the past two decades of quiet preceding the beginning of our RP, the Titans' ranks have thinned to almost zero simply out of lack of need.

    At the moment only one girl remains living in the iconic Titan Tower, and seemly only as a placeholder, a vigil watching the city. The city knows her as "Queen Mab." She is rarely seen, however, and some almost consider her a myth. The Titans themselves are hardly remembered, and some mistakenly even refer to the tower as the "Tower of the Queen." Now the city council has made public broadcasts humbly requesting that aspiring Titans go to the tower to form a new team and take on the rising threats to Jump City.


    Teen Titans RP Sign-up

    Character Name:
    Affiliation: Teens Titans West, form a team of villains, or N/A
    Alignment: Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic — Good/Neutral/Evil

    Physical Appearance:

    The more detail you put into your powers means we know YOU know your limitations, and you will be more likely to be approved without hesitation. Creativity and not recycling cliché powers is likewise encouraged though not enforced.

    If applicable. Could be actual substances that negate your powers or just effective counter measures to your fighting style



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    [b]Alignment:[/b] Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic  and  Good/Neutral/Evil
    [b]Physical Appearance:[/b]
  2. Character Name: Leonard Kelly aka Mecha
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Affiliation: Powertrip
    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Physical Appearance: Jackson stands at Six foot tall. He weighs around 150 pounds. He's got shaggy dark red hair. His skin is pale and covered in freckles.

    Powers: Superhuman Genius who builds Mecha suits to combat crime.
    Enhanced Durability: His armor is very durable, capable of withstanding tremendous amounts of punishment. It can withstand high caliber bullets.
    Superhuman Strength: He is capable of lifting up to25 tons when wearing his armor and can achieve higher levels of strength when powered by a sufficiently more powerful source.
    Superhuman Speed: Even when not traveling for extended distances, the armor enables the wearer to move and react at very high speeds.
    Flight: The armor can typically reach speeds in excess of Mach 3.
    Power Cells: The armor is powered by a combination of solar converters, electrical batteries and an on-board generator that uses beta particle absorption as a fuel source. Not to mention the arc reactor that also powers the suit.
    Self-Contained Life-Support System & Environmental Protection: The armor can be completely sealed for operations in vacuum or underwater, providing its own life support, and is shielded against radiation, biological, chemical, corrosive, kinetic, and electrical attacks as well.
    Onboard Computer: The armor has an internal onboard computer operating system that aids Jack in providing strategies, background information on opponents, surroundings, the status of the suit, and prevents a lock on from targeting systems.
    Sensor Array: Known sensors include radar/lidar, night vision, and physiological/medical scanners that allow Jack to take and monitor the vitals of other people, including heart and brain scans.

    MS-02 - Burning
    This is the mid-range, multi-purpose main suit.
    Beam Saber
    Rubber Bullet Vulcan Gun (.22) Caliber
    Smart Missles with changeable warheads (Normal, Tranq, Tear Gas, Armor Piercing) (40)
    Repulsor Blasts, 2 Hand, 1 Chest under armor
    Anti-Missle Flares
    Built in taser
    Burning Finger - concentrates a large amount of energy into the hands turning it orange and unleashes the energy onto an opponent, usually destroying crucial parts.
    The wings can open up for maximum maneuverability at the expense of cutting speed down to Mach 1.
    The armor stands about 7 foot tall. It weighs close to 500 lbs. It is a titanium alloy.
    Effective range of 500 Miles


    MS-0X - Unicorn
    Melee Prototype
    Weapons - 2 Beam Sabers
    1 Taser (20 ft Range)
    .22 Caliber Rubber Bullet Cannon
    The ZERO system decreases the pilot's reaction times as there is no need for traditional visual interfaces. Furthermore, thanks to the advanced computations performed by the computer, due to this direct brain interface, as the human brain cannot process the raw data, the system will cause the pilot to vividly "hallucinate" the possible paths that the pilot can take; as the pilot tries to figure out what is going on, the system can overload the brain with too many statistics and estimated values, causing temporary insanity.


    ZERO mode

    MS-03 - Deathscythe
    This is the Stealth Operations Suit
    Beam Scythe - Through curving the angle at which the beam is produced, this weapon produces a scythe like blade.
    Buster Shield - A defensive armament mounted of the left arm that hides a beam generating device capable of generating a beam saber. Can be shot out and propelled toward enemy suits through thrusters mounted on the shield.
    Hyper Jammer ECM Suite
    Jamming devices located above the shoulders. Produce highly interfering electronic waves that jam enemy sensors. However, it does not affect Deathscythe itself.
    Also is made out of a carbon-graphite composite material that is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminium; perhaps most crucially, it also absorbs a significant amount of radar energy.

    MS-04 Tallgeese
    This suit is designed for Deep Space incursions with superior speed.
    Beam Saber
    For close combat, the Tallgeese features two beam sabers, which, when not used, are stored in the shield of the suit.
    Mega Beam Cannon
    The strongest weapon of the Tallgeese III is its mega beam cannon. It has two modes; a compact configuration, which functions like a beam rifle, and barrel extended, which forms a powerful beam cannon. The beam cannon mode is among the most powerful mobile suit beam cannons.
    Shield w/Retractable Heat Rod
    Like the previous two models, the Tallgeese III mounts a shield on the left arm's shoulder joint for defensive purposes. Unlike its predecessors, however, the shield also mounts a retractable heat rod/whip.
    Can reach Mach 6 but is significantly less maneuverable in the atmosphere, but once in the vacuum it increases drastically.

    MS-05 - Wing
    Long Range Specialty

    Zero NeoBird

    Max Speed - Mach 10
    Cockpit - 3 Seats
    10 passengers with tactical display table
    8 Pods that can house suits, motorcycles.
    Suit up platform
    Trans-atmospheric flight abilities
    Arc-reactor power enough power to enter low orbit, about Watchtower level.

    Weaknesses: Emps, Heavy fire power. When outside the suit, he's as vulnerable as any 16 year old. Takes 2 minutes to suit up and de-suit. He is powerless defensively against magic or telepaths.


    Personality: Quiet, intelligent, well-spoken

    History: Born to Billionaire DeForest Kelly, technology tycoon. His parents were killed in a plane crash when he was 12. He graduated from MIT at the age of 14. With his vast intellect and boredom, he began tinkering in robotics. Eventually he was able to create a prototype mech suit at age of 15. Being a huge anime fan, he designed his first full fledged suit after the Burning Gundam.
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  3. Character Name: Charles ‘Chuck’ Jones aka Bioshock
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Affiliation: Metal Militia
    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Physical Appearance: Dark Brown wavy hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. Has 175 pounds mostly muscle from his powers which looks pretty good for a 5'11" kid. Wears black sweatpants and sneakers as well as a douchey loose gym tanktop to allow room for armor and extensions of his body.

    Teen Chuck: http://tinypic.com/r/2a00o6c/5

    "Adult" Chuck transformation: http://tinypic.com/r/22l502/5


    Bio-energy manipulation: The user can control life on a cellular level, including but not limited to, genetic alterations and physical distortion and/or augmentations of biological functions. They can cause cells to augment to induce advanced or declined biological healing, induce diseases like cancer, induce appearance alteration, manipulate pheromones, and even increase physiological maturity.

    Range of his ability:

    Immune System: He is able to manipulate his immune system to such a degree that he can heal and alter his cells to regenerate and stay alive from fatal damage. As long as there are cells still alive, his soul remains anchored to the world and he can regenerate his body back to normal form. He has to avoid extreme temperatures, however, as this would ensure the destruction of cellular life. He can also manipulate his cells to shock the immune systems of others and can heal or make them more susceptible to anxiety, stress, sickness, and weaken their bodies overall.

    Human Alteration: Bioshock can change his appearance, height, and musculature to match any male human that he has knowledge of. It takes several hours of focus to use this ability. Has access to peak human senses, strength, and health. He can also alter his mental functions and capacities to investigate crimes, or turn the tide in fighting.

    Chuck also received a green and black armor that is inspired from the saiyan Bardock. It protects him from gunfire and heavy blows to a certain extent. http://tinypic.com/r/20p94ba/5

    He uses a motorbike for transportation, but his most important piece of equipment is the scouter with a copy of Zero, Leo's computer, installed on it. He can use this for detective work, battle interface, communications, and navigation.

    He also owns a skateboard, bicycle, and roller blades.

    1) If someone collects his blood or a sufficient DNA, with the right tinkering and an injection they can gain temporary powers similar to his own.

    2) Prolonged energy blasts or extreme temperatures.

    3) Asphyxiation

    4) Digging too deep into human potential can give him strange mutations that are random and often harmful

    5) Limited Stamina due to caloric consumption

    6) Too much blood drained over time and kept out of his body will drain his power and eventually kill him.

    7) Magic obviously

    8) His regeneration time is prolonged in correlation to the amount of damage done. If he gets hit by something that would kill or KO, he will be unable to fight for an hour and a half.

    Personality: A thrill seeker who's a bit lazy. He loves his power unlike some others where they are disadvantaged by it. He also is overconfident and lets things go until the last minute, often caught up in his own daydreams. The flip side to this is he often comes up with good ideas in theory, even though he needs the proper motivation to actually work on them.

    History: Charles was born into a family filled with secrets mostly from his father’s side. His father was an archaeologist and part time explorer who had recently found various ruins off the coast of Alaska. He finally stumbled across the legendary fountain of youth. Although it was the climax of his adventurous life it was also his downfall. A great battle between him and his rivals almost took his life. He blew up the fountain of youth in fear of people one day using it for evil and sent the only remaining sample to his son, intentionally writing it off as a light hearted joke so Charles would never suspect it. Charles, however, decided to drink it anyway. Charles lives with his mom in the suburbs of Atlanta and since the sample arrived his father has yet to show up. Charles learned of his powers after dodging an oncoming speeding truck and saving his pet dog from disease with only a touch. He also has been testing it on various trees in the neighborhood.
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  4. ((Can't seem to get rid of the double spoiler tag, here's my character, give me a heads up if something needs changing))

    Character Name: Noah Lyle
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Affiliation: -
    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Physical Appearance:

    Noah has short black (dyed) hair, brown eyes and a skin of tanned complexion. He has multiple scars running diagonally over his torso. He is well toned but not overly muscular. He wears black wristbands and a reddish brown cape. The cape has a hood which he is generally seen wearing when he isn't fighting. Noah never seems to wear a shirt for some reason. He wears brown pants and the left thigh of his pants is bandaged while the right has several tears in it. He generally doesn't seem to wear shoes and instead has bandaged his feet only revealing the toes. He's 5'9" tall and weighs 148 Lbs.


    I've added a picture. The only difference is the colour of his hair.



    The X-Type drug has granted Noah various super human abilities. It has changed his genetic structure completely and increased his physical aspects tremendously.

    Superhuman Strength

    Super Strength or Enhanced Strength is the ability to lift and/or press volumes of mass far in excess to that normally possible for a human being functioning in Earth gravity. This term is also attributed to non-human characters when describing their superior strength. Currently Noah has been able to lift up to 50 ton although his level of strength fluctuates with his state of mind.

    Superhuman Durability

    Noah is capable of withstanding high degrees of physical harm. A knife or bullets won't inflict any damage on him. Exceptionally powerful rockets and explosions tend to deal less damage but still hit quite hard and he is very susceptible to magic or energy based attacks.

    Super Leaping

    An application of Super Human strength. Using his exceptional physical power Noah can leap great distances from a standing position.

    Superhuman Speed

    Noah has a heightened level of speed. His speed, reflexes and agility higher then average although he still pales in comparison to true speedsters.


    Noah is susceptible to magic and energy based attacks. His lack of fighting experience with or against other meta-humans, aliens and such often makes him unprepared and his own over confidence in his abilities can sometimes be his downfall.


    Noah is a strange individual. He can be incredibly childish one moment and serious and determined the next moment. Noah loves to crack jokes no matter what the situation and always seems to do things in his own pace. Having lived a sheltered life he is often excited about things most other people find normal such as going out to dinner in a group.

    Noah is very kind and easy going when he's not fighting. He loves to listen to music and hang around with friends more then anything else. He has some incredibly strange quirks such as a fear of shirts and an absolute need to consume protein shakes almost all the time.

    Noah loves fighting and often gets caught up in them. He strives to get stronger and sees every fight as a new way to do so. He feels guilty for the death of his siblings and Matthew and as a result never seems to give up no matter what the state of his body is.

    He is rough around the edges, most people find him troublesome to deal with due to his aloof nature and tendency to do things his way. However, he isn't above listening to orders if they benefit the situation and knows to value another persons abilities.


    Noah's birth parents are unknown even to himself. The only thing he does know is that he was born in Chicago. Shortly after his birth he was dropped of at the Hope Foundation orphanage, a small orphanage in the slums of Chicago. The Hope Foundation was one of the worlds most famous humanitarian organizations providing assistance to orphaned children around the world. Although it seemed like a noble cause the organization wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Many of the orphans taken in by the Hope Foundation disappeared without explanation, the records of their existence wiped out. Many of the caretakers in the orphanage also mistreated the children but despite countless of incidents and investigations this was never publicly brought to light.

    As a young child Noah learned that in order to survive you need to be stronger then anyone else. He watched as the older and stronger kids took anything they wanted from those younger and weaker. Noah was no exception and the young boy was often subjected to bullying. One night after a particular vicious session of bullying the young Noah returned to his room and locked himself in crawling under his blankets and turned on the TV. By pure coincidence he saw a video article about some of the worlds most powerful heroes and he became fascinated with the concept of those more powerful then others using their abilities to defend those who could not themselves. The now 7 year old Noah decided he to wanted to become someone who could protect those who couldn't themselves.

    Without any form of training the 7 year old consistently stood up to the bullies no matter how viciously he was picked on or beaten up when doing so. In time he began growing stronger due to the countless fights he got in. Many of the younger and older orphans began looking up to Noah who became a hero figure in the orphanage. In time the bullying stopped all together and the orphans banded together with Noah as their leader creating a much safer and more pleasant environment for the children of the orphanage.

    At the age of 10 the orphanage was visited by Jason Lyle, the oldest son of the powerful and influential Lyle family and the main beneficiary of the Hope Foundation orphanage. By now the young Noah, the self proclaimed protector of the innocent had become a somewhat problematic individual for the staff of the orphanage as more often then not he stood up against them as well in order to make the live for many of the other orphans easier. Although a problem child Noah's escapades had apparently made quite the impression on Jason Lyle who offered Noah to join his family. The 10 year old refused the invitation stating that he could not leave his brothers and sisters behind while he himself lives a life of luxury and told Jason that if he wanted Noah to come live with the Lyle family that he would have to bring everyone from the orphanage along. Much to Noah's surprise the man agreed to his terms and together with his younger brother Sam, younger sister Annie, older sister Lyn and two older brothers Kirt and Oliviér, Noah moved from the orphanage to the Lyle household.

    It was unlike anything the sworn siblings had ever experienced. The mansion and surrounding grounds belonging to the Lyle household were humongous and the Lyle family itself was large consisting out of Emily and John Lyle, the family heads and mother and father of Jason, John Jr. Alison and Matthew Lyle.

    2 years passed and the children became full fledged members of the Lyle family growing especially close to the youngest son Matthew Lyle who was more like an older brother to them. Especially Noah was drawn to Matthew Lyle. Matthew often listened to Noah's dreams about becoming a strong hero people could rely on and Matthew told him about his own dreams of making the Lyle family a well respected family helping those in need all around the world.

    As was customary in the Lyle family the adopted orphans were home schooled and trained in various sports. Noah proved exceptionally talented at martial arts and especially boxing. Due to being home tutored Noah and his siblings weren't exactly aware of the world outside of the Lyle household grounds. Other then visiting the big city every once in a while the stories of the world were just pretty much that to them, stories. Although the rest all seemed content with this Noah himself remained curious to the outside world and he often snuck out on his own or with Matthew. To Noah these trips made him look at the world in an entirely different way. He learned many things about the world in his trips outside of the walls.

    At the age of 14 everything changed for Noah. With his trips to the city having become an almost nightly thing he had learned the ways of the street. using his talents for fighting the young boy had become a vigilante fighting small time crime in the streets. On one of these evenings Noah Lyle was patrolling the streets of the slums when he noticed a familiar car driving down the road. The car was one of the Lyle family cars. Surprised the boy decided to tail it until it reached the harbours. He watched on a safe distance as John and Jason Lyle exited the car and entered one of the warehouses owned by the family. Noah followed on a safe distance. Upon entering the Warehouse he witnessed the two men enter a secret passageway. Before the passageway in the floor could automatically close Noah slipped inside.

    What Noah witnessed was something he wished he had never seen. Test tubes filled with multiple children young and old decorated the hallways he ventured trough. Some of the children where children he knew from the orphanage before they had been adopted and left the orphanage. The horrified Noah remained hidden as he listened to a conversation John Lyle was having with one of the scientists. The man told his adoptive father that they would need stronger specimen to the final testing stage of the various X-Type drugs. John revealed that this was exactly the reason why they adopted and raised the orphans. Noah wasn't fully aware of what the X-Type drug did or meant but he knew one thing, he had to get to his brothers and sisters before anything happened to them.

    Unfortunately it was already to late. Before Noah could leave Jason Lyle revealed that they had already been brought in and were preparing to begin testing but that they couldn't find Noah as he wasn't inside his room. Upon hearing this Noah was overcome with a feeling of betrayal and uncontrollable anger. The enraged youngster revealed his presence by charging at John and Jason Lyle. Blinded by anger the boy ignored common sense and engaged the two older men in a fight he couldn't possibly win. It didn't take long before Noah was overwhelmed by John, Jason and some of their bodyguards. As he struggled and screamed one of the doctors injected him with a sedative knocking the teenager out.

    John and Jason Lyle ordered the scientists to begin testing the X-Type drugs. When Noah came to he was strapped to surgical table inside a room with his brothers and sisters just as the experiments were about to unfold. He witnessed the various X-Type drugs tested on his siblings. One after another they went trough hours of excruciating pain before dying. When Oliviér died only Noah as left. The teenager was trembling in anger and grief screaming at the top of his lungs. Frustrated by the failure of the X-Type drugs John ordered the leading scientist to give Noah a double dosage to make sure he suffered more then the rest.

    Upon being injected the teenager felt his entire body burn and although he was in tremendous pain he forced himself to remain conscious not wishing to give in to the experiment. Much to the surprise of the scientists present and the two Lyle family members after hours of excruciating pain Noah's vitals began dropping to regular levels again and as the pain subsided Noah finally gave in and passed out. When he woke up he wasn't sure where he was or how long it had been since the experiments. He found himself inside one of the large test tubes unable to move. Day in and out he witnessed scientists come in and out, he saw many of the Lyle family members accompany them.

    As Noah faded in and out of consciousness he wasn't sure how much time he spend inside the tube. One day he noticed a voice he hadn't heard in a long time. Upon opening his eyes he stared straight back into the eyes of Matthew Lyle. The man's fists pounded on the glass of the tube panicked. Noah simply watched as Matthew attempted to communicate with him but could only blink in response. The fearful man started pulling on the power cords of the machine and ultimately managed to break them causing the entire wing of the lab to power down. Almost instantly Noah felt the strength to his body return and as Matthew opened up the tube Noah fell out. Disorientated and dazed he was helped up on his feet by Matthew who explained that it had been half a year since he and his siblings suddenly disappeared. Matthew revealed that he became sceptical of his own families involvement when they avoided answering his questions.

    As Matthew revealed that as he investigated he learned that his family had kept him out of the loop on their various underworld activities such as human trafficking, money laundering, assassination and even human experimentation. Before he could reveal any more information Matthew heard voices. Looking around he noticed one of the shafts disposing liquid into the harbour water. The still weakened Noah could only watch and protest weakly as Matthew forced him into the shaft. Before letting go of the boy he told him he was sorry for everything his family had put him trough and that he had to get as far away as possible the moment he could. Noah realized to late that Matthew himself wasn't planning on coming and as Matthew let go he knew he would never see the man again. Noah doesn't clearly remember what happened next. He washed up on shore days later somehow having survived the entire ordeal.

    It didn't take him long to realize he had changed. The X-Type drug had granted him abilities beyond his wildest imagination. Weeks later he read in the papers that the corpse of Matthew Lyle had been found in the Chicago Harbours. Distraught Noah vowed to avenge the death of the man. He swore that as Noah Lyle he would destroy the family foundation and rebuild it in Matthew Lyle's image. He embarked on a journey to master his new powers and destroy the Hope Foundation and find out more about the Lyle family. During his journey he discovered the Lyle family was only a small player in a much larger organization. Ultimately one and a half year later his journey has brought him to Jump City.
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  5. Character Name: Chad Ross/Circuit
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Physical Appearance: Dark skinned teenager with a semi muscular build and about 6ft. He is Black hair and Brown eyes Chads iris’ in his eyes change colors based on the status of his power. Has somewhat of an Afro and big eyes. His made up costume has him in goggles and a scarf to mimic his favorite sentai hero, Kamen Rider.

    Powers: Energy absorption and redirection. Is able to absorb any energy so long as it does not overload his body . Chad must absorb some energy first before using it offensively. Chad is able to contain the energy for sometime but he must absorb something before being able to use it or he will be completely empty. Once mastered Chad is able to physically manifest what he absorbs without having to convert into beams and takes on characteristics of what he absorbs.

    1)If left in an area without electricity or energy Chad becomes incredibly vulnerable to attack and is unable to defend himself as he is only an average teenager without his powers. Unable to attack in anyway without absorbing energy first, without absorbing he is completely vulnerable
    2) In Chad's current state he is unable to recycle energy for long periods of time or else his body will shut down for an entire day.

    Personality: Somewhat of a jokester but tries to be serious when the situation calls for it. Chad loves his friends and family so much so to the point he sometimes has problems turning down requests from them. This is not to say he is without selfish tendencies as he loves spending time to himself when he feels overwhelmed.

    History:Chad had a normal life with loving friends and family and enjoyed his teenage life. However one night Chad and his friends decided to play around a chemical plant on their skate boards to see who was the best once and for all. However Chad getting too cocky fell into Chemical waste. Horrified at first Chad panicked. Eventually while still alive in the waste Chad refused to accept defeat from some “stupid waste”. He then began devouring the waste accepting it into his body eventually becoming one with it and blasting his way out of the waste with his new found gift. Chad snuck back into his house shocked at what he had just done, accepting that he had become something special he decided to learn to control whatever it was that possessed his now superhuman body. However his body was mysteriously unharmed at all by the waste. Most would be traumatized by gaining powers out of nowhere the way chad did. However Chad is infatuated with the gift he was given constantly practicing to surpass his limits as a human “Circuit”.
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  6. Character Name: Terrance
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    Alignment: Good/Evil

    Physical Appearance:
    Stand3ing at 6'6” the Ghost has quite a athletic build as he avidly trains his body to keep up with his line of work. He covers himself in S.W.A.T. gear complete with black pants, long sleeve shirt, gloves, boots, and a mask that covers his entire head. He is typically seen with a tactical bullet proof vest on, and is always armed with at least a taser, pepper spray, a handgun armed with rubber bullets, a pair of long knives, telescopic baton, and a assortment of non-lethal grenades.

    Intellectual genius - Highly educated, and is considered to be at a master level as a tactician and strategist. As well as being highly resourceful in many situations.

    Expert marksmanship - Trained in the use of all weapons and explosives to the point of never missing his intended target

    Expert fighter - Well trained in many forms of combat including many forms of armed and unarmed close range combat.

    Peak physical and mental conditioning - Trained his body to the peak level in strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, and high pain threshold

    The Ghost is a regular human with no special powers or heightened senses. He can be injured just as any normal person in his line of work can.

    Terrence has been described as being quite cunning. He is said to have a strong personality which made him a good leader in the positions that he has had throughout his life. He approaches situations with a calm, collected, and almost cold demeanor. Often choosing to act once the situation is in his favor. He has a disdain for any meta-humans good or bad.

    Terrance started out life normally. He was the son of normal parents, grew up in a normal community, went to a normal school, and dreamed of having more. And when he came of age, he joined the armed forces like a lot of the normal male students in his community did to travel out of the town.

    Terrance excelled in basic training, and showed enough promise to be sent to Annapolis. It is there that he showed even more potential. After graduating top of his class, he started SEAL training. Where he again excelled, and graduated at the top of his class. He spent several years with them before being honorably discharged from service. After his tour of duty was over, he moved out to San Francisco, got a job as a cop, and even started a family with his high school sweetheart.

    Everything was going well for him. He had a wife, a good job that his three children looked up to him about. Nothing could have been more perfect he often thought to himself. Or until one faithful day when his family was celebrating the birthday of his eldest son. It was then that the whole family, and friends were caught up in a super hero battle that had spilled out into the park. The battle was fiercely fought between both the good and bad guys. But this was no time to be gawking at the spectacle of the battle. So staying calm, he quickly tried to evacuate the area, but he was simply too late. The group of party goers was caught up in a explosion.

    The next thing Terrence knew, he was inside of a hospital room. It is here that his whole world started to crash around him. First with learning that his eldest son, and only daughter had died in he explosion, and that his loving wife had lost he legs. This then caused him to go in to a deep depression, and to question the need for these super powered individuals to run around. While in his depression, Terrence turned to alcohol to ease it, but all it did was make it worse. He began to draw more and more away from both his family, his friends, and his job. Until he finally lost them all. It was this that sent him over the edge. He began by attending anti-meta rallies and events as he saw them as the cause of all of his problems.

    It is at this point that he realized that if there was anything that could be done, it would have to be done by him. And he knew just what to do, he needed to become something else, be something else in order to show the regular people that they can keep the community safer than any meta could. And he didn't care if he had o become a bad guy in order to prove that you can keep the city safe without killing anybody.
  7. Character Name: Nikita "Nikki" Tesla aka "Dynamo"
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Physical Appearance:
    Standing at 5'5"and at 120lbs with brown eyes. She has golden brown, medium length, curly hair that is usually worn down, and held back on the sides with hairpins. Wears a pair of sunglasses when using his powers.
    It consisted of a slightly elongated sports bra to cover a bit more of her midriff, fitted capri pants, a pair of gloves, a mask, a pair of sneakers, and a hooded jacket. What made her feel even better about it was that it was all light, very breathable, came in black with yellow as the only other color, and there was more than one of each item. It even had some padded armor for her knees, thighs, chest, and elbows. The mask was quite something as well. With a opening, it covered the top half of her face, and a bit under the chin, and along the sides and back of her head. Allowing her to not worry about her hair as it, and leaving the lower part of her face were exposed. There were even what looked like sunglasses sown in for eye cover.

    I got lazy and didn't edit in the colors to match the back yellow part of the top for any part that wasn't black, change the white part of the shoes to black, editing in the glasses on the mask, or take off all of the logos.


    Electromagnetism - By harnessing his control of electricity and magnetism together, Nikki has gained the ability to magnetize and demagnetize objects
    Electromagnetic Fields - Ability to create force fields that can only block metal in a manner similar to kevlar and contain radiation
    Electromagnetic Levitation - Ability to levitate metal objects in the air, and is mainly used for transportation when on top of metallic objects that can support his weight
    Electromagnetic projectile launcher - Ability to super heat metallic objects by flowing electricity through them, then shoot great distances at incredible speeds of up to 2.5km/s
    Electrokinesis - Ability to project electricity around hands to stun opponents, shoot bolts of lightning, or creating blinding flares. As well as being able to absorb electricity from outside sources in order to charge up

    Cannot affect stone and earth. Can only burn or melt wood and plastic with prolonged electric discharge. Water shorts her out, causing him to be completely drained of her powers and fatigued. Requires a great deal of time and concentration to shoot medium sized objects with her launcher ability, and can only be used once a day while drawing power from a external source. At which point he is completely drained of her power and mentally fatigued. Excessive use of her power, and being low on power tends to leave her quite fatigued. Cannot manipulate the shape of metal. Making the flares drains her of quite a bit of power. She can only use his electrokinesis on it's own or with her electromagnetic levitation ability.

    Nikki has been described as a bit of a tomboy, who is unafraid to get into the thick of the action. She is a loner at fault, and tends to have trouble working with others. As she feels that she generally doesn't need help, nor trust anyone to help her. She tends to go overboard when it comes to using her power as she loves to show it off in a slightly sadistically ruthless way. Though not shown often, she does possess a short fuse on her anger.

    Born on the north Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, Nikki has seen plenty of violence by the time she became a teen. With an abusive father who repeatedly beat her mom. Until one day when her mom had had enough, and got a divorce from him. In the neighborhood that they moved to, her situation of growing up with a single mom wasn't too uncommon. Neither was her being mischievous at the age of 9. But all of that changed one night when she and a couple of friends decided to play around in an factory that was under construction. While there, she and her friends decided to shoot off a few rounds from a gun her friend had gotten when the cops showed up. Upon seeing them, they each decided to run off. Nikki ran into the darkness, and took refuge in a office. Unfortunately for her, the floors gave way under the stress of her running, and dropped him down onto a generator. She then groaned as she got up from a top the generator, doused in some strange smelling liquid. As she started climbing down, her hand slipped, turning on the generator and causing her to be electrocuted. This moment that should have killed him did something much better. It gave him the power to do whatever he wanted. And that is just what she did, while making a name for herself in Chicago in the process as a ruthlessly effective vigilante.
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  9. Character Name: Maybelline Glenn, Mabel to her friends, 'Queen Mab' or 'Mab, Queen of the Fae' is her hero name used by the city or enemies
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Location: Jump City
    Affiliation: Titans West
    Alignment: Lawful/Good

    Physical Appearance:
    Mabel is slightly short for her age at 5'4'' and of a fairly average build. She is feminine and curvy, not physically hardened as many other supers are. There are several various scars around her body from mishaps using her powers, the most notable being serious scarring around her shoulder joints.

    Her hair is of a violet/auburn color, shortish in the back and almost shoulder length on the sides. At her best she keeps her bangs swept to the side in a smooth blade, and the locks on the side of her head heavily curled. More often, however, she lets it stay messy, occasionally tying it back with a wide bandana.

    Her cute face is ruined by a consistently exhausted, bored, or stern expression. She has fair skin, with sparse freckles across her nose and cheekbones. Her eyes are violet.

    She likes formal dress wear and sports black dresses when at her best, though most often she dresses lazily. She bums around Titan Tower in loungewear; sweatpants, shorts, t shirts, and sweatshirts. When out in the city she dresses like any other urban youth her age and does her best to blend in with jackets, jeans, and shades.


    In short, Mabel controls faerie-like motes of magical energy, but only while asleep. They can manifest in semi-physical forms or subtly effect the environment to her advantage.
    Mabel is followed by an aura of magical energy. When visible, it manifests in the form of a multitude of flickering, colored, orbs of bright light, each about the size of a golf ball. Many say they look like a swarm of faeries. This is where Mabel gets her hero name from, though it's unclear whether the faeries are indeed sentient on their own. They respond only to the activity in Mabel's mind; though, when conscious, Mabel actually has little to no control over their actions.

    The magic is only active when Mabel is asleep, or otherwise unconscious, and dreaming. The faeries have subtle, but very versatile magic abilities capable of altering the world to synchronize with Mabel's dreams. Meaning that, to a certain degree, whatever Mabel dreams of will manifest in real life. For example on the small scale she may dream at night of a waiter in a restaurant dropping a platter and later that day witness it coming true. The larger effects can be something like dreaming of having certain weather or a car crash happening, and it being fulfilled. However many things cannot be fulfilled. If she dreamt of snow falling in the summer it would likely not happen.

    Premonitions don't always have to abide by the usual laws of nature. Though it'd be difficult to make it snow in July, she can occasionally make unnatural things happen, such as materializing foreign creatures or materials in the city. She could perhaps make all the street lights at a certain intersection turn to styrofoam, or make a fence of bamboo shoot up over night in downtown.

    For a time Mabel thought she was having premonition dreams, but then realized that it was the other way around. It was her causing the changes. Still, after so many years, Mabel is convinced that some things she dreams of are out of her control. For example she's dreamt of people she's never met and encountered them later.

    Mabel has controlled her sleep schedule to minimize her time dreaming, and has also practiced lucid dreaming. To an extent, when she must dream, she has control over what happens. When in a lucid dream, she spends most of her concentration preventing catastrophes that her powers may otherwise cause.

    Her dreams don't always manifest over a long-term basis. She has had success dealing with problems in real-time through forced lucid dreaming. In an emergency she can induce a sort of hypnotized sleep state upon herself and use the magic to counter-act naturally occurring accidents or battle enemy supers.

    Many people dream of flying or having strange physical powers. Mabel is no different. Often when dreaming she takes on a floating, spectral form composed by the faeries which can physically fight with other supers. She can also control each faerie to attack with minute blows or cutting forces. While this happens, her true body remains limp and vulnerable.

    This kind of dream control only has effect within Mabel's immediate vicinity, contrary to her premonitions which can take place anywhere in the city. In this more immediate dream state she can utilize the faeries only within her eyesight, roughly. She used to think she had to train herself to sleep with her eyes partially open in order to fight, though more experimentation has shown that in the same way she sends sub-cognitive information to the faeries, they send sensory information back, so she can experience her dream from the point of view of her spectral projection for the time it is active.

    It's difficult to make strange things appear in the environment through lucid dreaming, as the mind is still bound by an understanding of a natural world. However, Mabel has materialized materials from nowhere on occasion. In the past she's made cages of asphalt rise from the street to capture criminals. In the future Mabel will begin to manifest these things more easily at will. As for now she is still painfully weak in comparison to the raw power of other supers. She has to spend most of her dream consciousness on manifesting her spectral form and protecting herself.

    Because Mabel often hides herself somewhere out of the way and safe when using her abilities, she can resolve many problems without ever even revealing herself. This is why many of the city folk don't even know her face, adding to her mystical image and the myth surrounding her.

    Mabel's ability has proven to have some use in healing. She can dream of wounds being healed or simply dream that they never happened and wake to find all damage reversed. It's difficult for her to perform this through lucid dreaming, but it has happened several times by her momentarily 'forgetting' the wounds while dreaming, and them being reversed.

    When expecting a battle, Mabel carries a few small syringes full of a carefully balanced tranquilizer that can help her complete the sleep state even while in a loud, public place in broad daylight. On more than one occasion she's also been sneaky enough to use these on criminals in order to stall them until police arrive.

    Mabel's powers are often destructive to the city, and much more so to herself. She has caused herself many serious injuries simply by dreaming of them and the faeries manifesting the wounds in real life, even if she is safe in her own bed. Simply the fact that she cannot control her powers while awake is a weakness. Her attempts to lucidly control her dreams often fail, and there can be serious consequences if she leaves herself asleep and at the mercy of whatever enemy or danger she is facing.

    Any power which attacks her mind could seriously manipulate her in her dream state. In theory, a psychic could high-jack her power and affect the world by forcing images into her dreams.

    Physically she is a completely normal 17 year old girl. Were someone to identify or locate her during one of her sleep states and she was unable to wake or protect herself she'd be completely at their mercy.

    The faeries are very weak. Mabel is rarely able to stop powerful physical attacks or dish them out. She relies on more convoluted uses of her dreams to swing battles in her favor. If someone can avoid being caught off guard by her unpredictable powers they should be able to easily force through her defenses.

    In a way, the most effective counter-measure against Mabel's faeries is intimidation. In time Mabel will unlock more control over the faeries and be able to exert more real, physical forces at will. However, what remains the same is that it's only as powerful as her will. In the same way that she can unintentionally cause herself harm by envisioning wounds in her dreams, if an enemy can convince Mabel that she will lose, as in bluff, Mabel's powers will make it so. The faeries will literally work against her in order to manifest her expectation that she'll lose. So bottom line is, if an enemy can scare Mabel or convince her that they are powerful enough to beat her, she will pretty much beat herself.

    Mabel was born to an English family, though brought to the US while an infant. She grew up in Massachusetts. When she discovered her powers she had some suspicions it had something to do with the circumstances or place of her birth, though had no leads on investigating it. She intends to travel back to Ireland and England to do more research some day. As for now all she can do is read Arthurian legend and Shakespeare, try to forget that it's all fiction, and consider that there may be some deep and ancient magics at work.

    Mabel's powers surfaced in her middle school years. When her preteen angst and stresses were beginning to set it, she began being affected by insomnia and severe night terrors. Her parents, teachers, and physicians gave her the normal advice and prescriptions to deal with it with little success. Many started calling her crazy or accusing her of just trying to get attention when she began claiming to have premonition dreams. She was rarely able to prove it to her friends, which drove them away. As the years went on and the manifestations of her power became more pronounced and dangerous she began realizing it was her dreams causing the accidents. She tested her theory how ever she could and became more convinced of it, though had no way to control it.

    About this same time she was coming of age and having frequent spats with her family over some of her personal life choices. As soon as was plausible for her to do so, she left home on her own after being thrown out by her parents. Without looking back, she went where any teen girl would go, the sunny coasts of California. Namely Jump City.

    There, she began a new life for herself, getting her own place and practicing strict sleeping habits to try to control her powers. She read up on lucid dreaming to see if that would offer any hope of keeping her power in check. It did.

    Mabel lives on what's called the Dymaxion sleep cycle. She only sleeps 2 hours per day in 4 30-minute naps spaced evenly throughout the day. Sleeping this way minimizes the possibility of dreaming. The downside is that she completely crashes if she misses a nap and messes it up. This can cause tons of trouble as she will pass out and dream for days on end, letting her powers wreak havoc on anything and everything around her.

    When she choses to sleep more, she practices lucid dreaming. It has been a very freeing experience for her to influence the world around her in safe ways.

    Of course there is always the possibility of accident. One night she slept on her arms wrong and dreamt they had been amputated. Her powers made it come true. After all the panic and heartbreak of the next day being rushed to the hospital, she simply dreamt a normal dream in which she had her arms and woke to find she was nearly completely back to health. There remain serious scars around her shoulders where the accident happened, but in every other way her arms are healthy and functional. Other various incidents like this have left signs of damage around her body.

    Through a chance encounter she met one of the last remaining active Titans in the city; one with psychic powers. They helped Mabel deal with her powers and in return Mabel was glad to tag along around the city and do what she could in keeping the city safe. Eventually Mabel was invited on as an honorary Titan, just as her mentor had to leave the force. Mabel, though her powers still weak, was appointed as a sort of watch for the city. She was able to monitor the city and respond to the small and sparse problems that arose, while being safe in the tower where she could be at peace and keep her magic in check.

    Now, as more supers are emerging, many with ill intentions, Mabel is realizing how unprepared she is to fight with really anyone else with superpowers. She was more than agreeable when the city council proposed a revival of the force and inviting new supers to join the Titans. Mabel now eagerly awaits a new team.

    Mabel is fairly normal, upbeat, 17 year old girl. She's had her dark moments dealing with her destructive powers and her rocky family life in the past, but nothing has ever completely crushed her. She's remained mentally and socially healthy despite the odds.

    At first she may come off as distant, stern, aloof, or pretentious. She doesn't uphold her appearance for anyone really, and because of her eccentric living habits she almost always appears exhausted. For this reason she can be hard to relate to initally, though she is willing to give anyone their fair chance and is rarely judgmental so there is potential for long-term friendships.

    She loves to laugh, though actually has a rather cold sense of humor and doesn't force out laughs. She's honest about most things, so when she laughs one can be sure it's genuine.

    Mabel is a fairly orderly person. Her habitual sleep schedule lends itself to this. She seems to pick a different mood every afternoon and stick to it. If she decides to rest it would be hard to coax her into action, though when she's in the mood to party there's no stopping her. She can be one of the most energetic people out on the town, as it's never really 'late' for her. She stays awake all night every night anyway.

    Mabel believes that everything will happen in its appointed time. Living with pseudo-premonition dreams has taught her this. She manages her time well, and doesn't let herself worry about things until they happen. For this reason she may not appear as gung-ho for justice the way other Titans may be, but she is kind-hearted through and though. She is a diligent Titan in monitoring the city and being where she's needed, and in all things tries to do right. While she may have some disdain for some sides of the society, Mabel has fallen in love with Jump City and would make any sacrifice in order to protect its state of peace.
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  10. Character Name: Jun Li-Davis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Affiliation: -
    Alignment: Neutral/Evil

    Physical Appearance:
    Jun has a svelte, toned body that makes him look taller. He stands about 5'9'' and weighs about 140lbs. He has a handsome face and a charming smile. It's easy for him to get the attention of the female gender. He has longish spiky black hair with silver highlights. He likes to keep up with the fashion trends of Japan, China, Korea, ect. Around Jump City he wears a fitted, designer black and blue-grey suit/cloak with a wide cape spreading from the waist. It fits said fashions but also doubles well as combat gear. His clothes are fire-retardant and he wears specialty gloves to protect him and not interfere with his ability. Everything is easy to move in, whether for dancing or fighting.


    He secretes a highly explosive chemical from the palms of his hands. He can face his hands towards enemies or obstacles and blow them out of the way with a directional blast like that of a shotgun or grenade.

    He can also 'tag' nearby objects by leaving a handprint and detonate at will it shortly after. He can use this to set traps for enemies or otherwise catch them off guard. For example if being chased he can lead a pursuer past a wall he's tagged and detonate it on command.

    He can control the qualities of the explosions as well. He can create concentrated concussion blasts, larger fiery blasts, blasts of almost all smoke, ect.

    These blasts can be used defensively. If he has quick enough reflexes he can deflect incoming projectiles by blasting them away. This doesn't work so well against energy blasts or bullets.

    He's had some training in acrobatics and martial arts. His fighting technique is based on an open fist defensive style with which he can block enemy blows while sneakily tagging their body parts for detonation. He is acrobatic enough to avoid many larger physical attacks and outmaneuver any normal human being, though he has no super speed or strength. He'd be useless against someone with such powers.

    His body is weak and vulnerable and his reflexes aren't far above normal. While having some acrobatic and martial arts skill, he can be outmaneuvered by many other supers.

    While he has good control over the nature and direction of the blasts, there is room for error. He can accidentally hurt himself with his powers.

    He is severely limited by range. There's nothing he can do to someone outside his blast radius unless he's lured them into a trap.

    Charming, friendly, and fun-loving. He's very outgoing and loves to have a good time. A perfect party animal. He's a guy you want to be drinking with on your Friday nights. He enjoys music and dancing. One of his favorite things to do in Jump City is attend concerts and raves. There, in addition to the scheduled entertainment, he gets to meet a lot of people and not be bothered by never meeting them again after exploiting them for his own fun.

    He doesn't have any close friends. The few friendships he has are superficial. He hasn't been in Jump City long, and is happy to make new friends night to night so he sees no need to try befriending anyone. Most of the people he meets he betrays by sunrise anyway.

    Besides that, he's aloof, careless, and unconcerned with anything outside himself. He doesn't care what others think of him, so long as he can enjoy himself, so he has no shame in running from fights with supers like the Titans. Many times he'll try to talk his way out of it, joking all the way. If that fails he usually has enough tricks to escape to the next party unscathed.

    Jun was born to an American mother and an Asian father. His father, Dr. Li, was a high ranking scientist involved with the darker side of The Hope Foundation. His studies were centered on naturally occurring combustible chemicals. He researched and bred rare species of plants that secrete volatile chemicals with explosive qualities. His work took him to many laboratories around Eastern Asia—Korea, China, Japan, ect— and Jun and his mother followed. For this reason Jun never learned the value of long-term relationships.

    While Jun was still very young he got into his father's laboratory where a very reactive synthesized formula of the explosive chemicals was left unattended. The curious Jun managed to spill it over his hands before he was found by his father. Some of the chemical detonated, causing Jun extreme pain but not completely mangling his hands. Rather than being worried for his heath, Jun's father was more interested in Jun's body's reaction to the chemical. He began running tests in the next weeks during Jun's recovery.

    The mostly organic chemical seemed to be assimilated by the nerves, skin, and sweat glands on Jun's palms. Long after the incident, traces of the chemical were found on Jun's hands. Closer inspection showed that his body was beginning to naturally produce the chemical from the affected pores. This drove Dr. Li into a frenzy. Jun's mother feared for his safety and put Jun on a plane to the West coast of the US one night, without Dr. Li's knowledge. Jun hasn't been in contact with his parents since.

    Jun grew up with some distant relatives on his mother's side. As his body grew, he began to have greater control over the chemical secretions from his hands. He was naturally skilled at other things too. He joined gymnast and martial arts clubs to improve his body all around. Once day it simply dawned on him that his powers were reaching metahuman levels. He felt too good for any of his schooling or responsibilities and simply left home. He hardly considered it home anyway. Since then he's wandered the US growing his abilities and enjoying life, unfortunately at the expense of others.
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  12. Character Name: Tobin McGuyver "Blackshadow"



    Affiliation:n/a yet

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Physical Appearance:Tobin is a 6ft slightly muscular kid with a tidy beard, who wears dojo robe while underneath he wears a green t-shirt and red and orange trousers which looks like flames, while he wears trainers, as for his hair it's short and spikey and his eyes are blue and his spikey hair is brown although he wears a facemask which covers his face and forehead leaving his eyes exposed never taking it off because of trust issues but once he gets to know people better he would take the mask off.

    Powers:Tobin has been training in hand to hand techniques such as nin-jutsu and Tobin was also trained in ken-jutsu unfortunaly he had struggled with both hand to hand and ken-jutsu so he tends to mix up his fighting styles so it was abit unpredictable one minute he might be aiming for the leg only to change to aim for a different part of the body.
    Tobin's katana looked just like a ordinary katana it has a black sheath with a black hilt with red intertwined with the black, but the blade itself is red and it's DNA locked to Tobin so nobody else can use it even if they took it away from him, and once Tobin is stronger the blade can cut through the strongest material..however it requires intense concentration and focus but Tobin uses his katana as a last resort or if he's faced with a enemy where using his katana might be useful.
    As for his gagets he's got bommerangs, smoke and tranqulizer bombs, tracking and hacking devices, and a miniturised bo staff which he then extend to be used for a fight and then retract when he's done with it

    Weaknesses: his inexperience in fighting in a team, and that his personality can change at almost any time even during a fight meaning he could be..."distracted" during the fight

    Personality:Tobin is a calm person..but he is at times rather odd and random so it might be fair to say that has two personalities, he had a strange fear of cooking for some most likely daft reason but most likely he had caused a small accident while cooking, on top of all that he doesn't really trust people right off the bat so from the outset he would be seen to be rather distant or even cold when he talking to somebody he doesn't know or trust, but given time he'll show his true self to the person.

    Tobin history is rather plain he was pretty average childhood even with his two personalities which he was diagosed with when he was nine years old, although he was seen by many as odd Tobin had a rather peaceful and uneventful life, when he was twelve he and his parents moved to japan, his father was a inventor, a good one at that so at their new home when he wasn't working he was in his workshop creating different things, one of which was a device which was attached to the arm, with a monitor on it, another was a katana which his father claimed could cut through the strongest material.

    During his stay in japan Tobin kept hearing stories and reading stories about heroes and so he wanted to become one himself, and so when he told his father his plan he laughed then to Tobin's suprise he agreed saying that he was going to get some of his friends to train his body and mind,but it wasn't going to be for some time, so Tobin did what he always did and used his laptop however instead of the normal things a person would use laptops for..Tobin was using his for how to put it..less than legal activities such as hacking and so far he hadn't been caught yet while also learning japanese as well.

    A few years later when he turned 18,his father one night came home complaining to his wife about distruptions at his workplace when Tobin mentioned something abut his workplace and how the bosses there were using his father's works and inventions for questionable motives and it was then that Tobin finally revealed to his family that during the breaks in his training he had been well hacking.

    However instead of a big argument the kid saw his father smile slightly but he could tell that something was wrong, and it was then that his father said that he had no idea about that, however despite the evidence there was little he could do since he's forced to do it, even if it meant his work was being used for questionable or even evil movies adding that he was being watched.

    And so it was then that sadly Tobin decided that inorder to save his family he would have to leave and come back when he was stronger and what was better way to do that was to go to jump city and train there...away from anybody who might want to harm Tobin if whoever his father was working for found out he had hacked into and got some valuable infomation, but before he left he took with him, the katana,the laptop and the device which his father noted now he found out his son had been hacking for some time was that he could use the device to hack into things and could also be used to grapple onto ledges and other things, then a utility belt to hold all of his gagets his father had created for him and because of his facination with ninjas,Tobin also took with him a black facemask.

    So under the pretense of a massive family argument Tobin then fled Japan and headed to Jump city where he would work to become stronger and then come back
  13. Don't really think I left out anything... or messed up at all. If anything is unclear, feel free to call me on it. LOL
    Character Name: Brenley "Morph" Gordon
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Affiliation: -
    Alignment: Neutral/Good
    Physical Appearance: Brenley has a light, cherry/brown hair color coming to her shoulders. Has a pale, nearly flawless complexion with bubbly blue eyes. She is very slim and dainty. Brenley is only 5'4, and 117 pounds. She generally likes to wear pink and white, or a mixture of the two colors, always keeping it nice and light. And they are usually always short dresses. She wears a yellow star pin in her hair.


    Organic Shapeshifting: Brenley can transform into any living organism she has prior knowledge of. This includes any animal, or even plants if need be. She can modify this ability slightly to take on the appearance of other people she knows. When transforming, depending on what she is wearing, it will influence what color patterns the animal she becomes will take on. The size of what she transforms into will always be to scale.

    Single Morph: Being able to transform certain parts of her body into the organic form she chooses, such as growing a monkeys tail, transforming her head into that of an elephant, arm into a tigers paw, ect. An advanced state lets her turn it into plants aswell, such as reaching vines.

    Mythological Shapeshifting: An upgrade to her animal capabilies, being able to take on the likeness and qualities that could be displayed by creatures of myth and legend, like a firebreathing dragon, chimera, centaur, ect.

    Organic Speech: While in the form of a creature, she can understand others of the same species, and speak their language, as well as retaining her ability to understand, but not speak English.

    Hand to Hand Combat: Brenley is not trained in any sort of combat at all. When in animal form, she bases her combat off of the animals instincts, mixed with her own mental capabilities. But she is not trained in real fighting against a common person, or meta-human alike.

    Transformation Time: At her current level, it takes a while for Brenley to actually undergo the transformation. So she must prepare her form before a battle or mission even starts, unless time is given to her. (This will eventually be improved and voided as a weakness)

    Transformation Limit: The more forms she takes in a short amount of time, the more she is physicall and mentally exhausted. As her stamina levels increase, this will take more and more to exhaust her, but at current level, she can't take much transforming in one day.

    Trusting Personality: Can be viewed as a mental weakness, though powerful trait as well. Brenley is a very trusting, and easy to convince girl. She believes in second chances. And third chances. And fourth. And generally, forgiveness.

    Personality: Brenley is a light hearted and bubbly girl, who generally believes in constant happiness. She is very rarely seen in a saddened, or even mildly angry state. Even in battle she will try her best to be kind, even going as far as letting the opponent recover before they continue, or get away if they are really hurt. Brenley is more of a follower than a leader, always looking to others for guidance. She is super forgiving, as outlined, liking to give another chance to anyone she deems deserves it, which she usually always thinks they do. There are a few lines that if someone crosses she won't forgive. Those lines are hurting innocents, murder in general, and people who don't like animals. Brenley is a vegitarian, as such she has usually BEEN most of the animals people eat. She cringes at the sight or thought of people eating meat. She likes to think of the vegitables they are eating as well, as she has had the oppurtunity to be them as well, but just counts them as a blessing from god to eat, and thanks them for their contribution to her body everytime she eats them. Although not prone to violence, at ALL, Brenley will use force if the situation calls for it, such as duty against criminals, considering their abilities to do more harm than good. But if the chance to offer repentance, she will always give them the choice.

    Brenley grew up a very normal girl, going to school, becoming a cheerleader in highschool, and keeping herself busy on the honor roll and volunteering at the local soup kitchen and animal shelter any chance she could.

    After graduating, she found she had no real direction, not really looking to make money for the good deeds she did, but not finding time for a job that wouldn't interfere with her volunteering.

    One day, she happen upon an advertisement for genetic testing. A lab in Jump City was looking for young people to undergo a few animal DNA splicing tests, the previous tests on primates always finding a 100% success rate. It offered 300$ and landed on a day Brenley didn't have anything to do.

    Upon driving down, she was given the information that the geneticists were looking to try and improve humans by adding animal traits into their DNA, to overall develop humaity for the better.

    Happily signing the concent forms and going into the lab, she seemed to be the last one, all other patients coming out negative. No changes to themselves had happened in the slightest. With hopes low, the geneticists decided, under Brenley's acceptance to the fact, to up the dosage of an agent that would alter her body to accent the DNA being introduced into her system.

    The doctors immediately began the testing, with nothing but negative results coming from every animal they tested. Soon enough, they gave up, paid her, and let Brenley be on her way.

    Months later, Brenley started experiencing night terrors, flashes of wild animal life in the dangerous environments they lived in, driving her to waking up in tears. She woke up one night, within half of a transformation fit of an animal she was dreaming of that night, a dog.

    In horrible pain of her body contorting and changing itself, the process reversed back, taking almost an hour of excrutiating pain, and confusion. She left to see the geneticists at the lab next day, but only found that they had closed up shop, with no traces of their lab to be found.

    With that, Brenley returned home, tired and hopeless. These nights continued, different animal mutations and transformations occuring when she was both awake and asleep, of the creatures she was thinking of, and dreaming of, eventually waking up in a fully morphed state, with no pain. It would take sleeping to revert back to her form.

    Soon enough, during waking up in a half transformed state, Brenley learned how to control the transformations, less and less time and pain did it take, and she could revert, while slowly, at will to her own human state.

    She started to practice it during the day time in her off time, or days off, living life in both her human state, and experimenting in her animal states, finding the animals she took the form of's instincts and manurisms took over, mixing with her human emotions and manurisms. She even tried transforming and roaming around as the animals, around ones of the same species, finding in that form, she could communicate with, and understand the animal she currently was, while at the same time, being able to understand, but NOT speak, in human tongue.

    Brenley eventually made the decision to move to Jump City, in pursuit of finding answers on what exactly happened to her and why.
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  15. Character Name: "Stitches" (No real name as of now)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Affiliation: -
    Alignment: Neutral

    Physical Appearance: He is a tanned boy with a small and frail body standing at a measly 4'9" feet, looking like a pre-teen rather than a 17-year-old. His body is covered in stitches and appears to predominantly sewn together. His eyes are unnatural in that they have no pupils, their sclera are black instead of the typical white, and he has big, bright green irises. His dark brown hair is somewhat long and falls down the sides of his face. He tends to wear a loose black shirt with black shorts despite the stitches. On the days where he feels especially self-conscious, however, he wears clothes that cover the entirety of his body. The feeling of dirt, of life, beneath his feet is soothing, so he rarely wears footwear.


    Powers: He can manipulate and project a special form of energy gathered from his own body. It is typically bright green with random black specks. This energy has taken the form of a green and black floating figure behind him, humanoid in shape and dressed in ragged robes hiding its body and face. It is from this 'spirit' that his energy is expelled. This figure is practically invisible to the naked eye, but can become visible when he is using too much energy or when he is resting. His senses are connected to its. It can pass through objects and scout for him, although it cannot go far from his body.

    His powers usually take the form of elongated arms from the figure behind, which have enough power to break down small walls and lift several tons. These arms have full power in a radious of around 6'5" (Roughly 2m), and they weaken when going further than that. In addition to their physichal power, these arms have a chilling and draining effect on living beings.

    His body is constantly shielded by a thin, almost invisible sheen of green energy, protecting him from any outside interference, be it harmful or just a gentle breeze. The shield is up at all times, and it is quite powerful, capable of shielding him from gunshots and small explosions. Furthermore, due to his body being composed mainly of energy, his regenerative qualities are vastly enhanced.

    A strange side-effect of his powers is that he passively influences plant life around him, draining them of energy until they wither and die. It's the reason he can survive in a forest or even a garden without food for prolonged periods of time.

    Weaknesses: His body should be torn apart, but it is held together by black stitches created and maintained by his powers. His internal organs are either missing or in pieces, but his powers have replaced the missing chunks. His body is constantly shielded by a sheen of green energy, and he is always accompanied by an ethereal, normally invisible figure. All of these effects constantly drain him, and it is why his body is still as frail and small as it is despite his age – his body lacks the energy to grow properly. As such, his physical attributes are similar to those of a sickly 11-year-old.

    He has no real experience in battle, and he can only fight for a short while due to his condition. If he uses too much energy, the stitches holding him together being to unravel, rendering him unable to use any powers for a while. He needs to consume food and beverages to recharge energy like a human. Using his powers too much without rest renders his mind unstable.

    Personality: He is quite the cheery character outwardly. He will laugh, smile and try to keep up the positive attitude. He is, of course, aware of how his looks and powers seperate him from normal humans, and this truth saddens him, but not enough for him to walk around moping.

    His mother was a former superhero, having retired to live a normal life with her husband. Initially overjoyed by the prospect of giving birth, his mother soon realized that something was wrong with her child using her powers. The child, no more than a few weeks old, had already taken the shape of a fetus and developed cognitive functions, speaking to her mentally. No more than 3 months after her pregnancy, she was overcome with fear due to what the child whispered to her, and she [MEMORIES BLOCKED]. She fell into a coma. His father called an ambulance when he found her, and when they finally got there to pick her up, her stomach had grown in size considerably. In the ambulance, she kept growing until [MEMORIES BLOCKED]. His infant body wrecked and almost torn apart, he absorbed the remaining life force of his father to create the black stitches that hold his body together. His powers, which were supposed to be grand and awe-inspiring, had been burned out saving his life twice and accelerating his growth.

    He was found a short while later and put into a [MEMORIES BLOCKED] that specialized in strange superhumans. He was insanely quick to speak and develop mentally, although his body lagged behind. He regularly claimed that he could remember the day of his birth, and that he would find a way to [MEMORIES BLOCKED]. Years later, after a myriad of [MEMORIES BLOCKED], he was sent to a couple to be studied in an outside environment. With no memories of his past besides nonsensical images and sounds, he became pleasant yet shy boy. At the age of 16, he remembered clips of his past and [MEMORIES BLOCKED] and was re-captured.

    He found himself wandering the streets sometime later, having no memory of what had happened. He just felt that he had to leave his foster parents, and that he should never call them. He was in Jump City 1 year later.
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  18. Here's the first NPC Character I'll play. The other two will come along somewhere this week Mysh.


    Character Name: Jason Lyle
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Affiliation: Hope Foundation, Lyle Family Head
    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Physical Appearance:

    Jason has kept white hair. It's relatively short and generally styled backwards to give him a more distinguished look. He has piercing blue eyes and appears to be well toned. He is generally always seen wearing a black tux. He stands at a nice 6'3" tall and weighs 192 Lbs.


    Jason has no real powers. He is counted as one of earths wealthiest and most intelligent people and in combination with his immense charismatic nature and darker side is what makes him so incredibly dangerous.


    He is a mere human. Other then his wealth, intelligence and charisma he doesn't have any super powers. He is incredibly skilled in hand to hand combat and for regular human standards would be at the peak of physical condition but compared to supers he is nothing special. Still, aside from his humanity Jason Lyle has no apparent weaknesses.


    Jason is an incredibly charismatic, hyper-intelligent and cunning individual. He believes himself to be a higher breed of humanity but never lets this fact show when interacting with the public or other people.

    He comes across as a novel gentleman polite and courteous in all situations who shows extreme devotion to bettering the world. This is all just a front trough. In reality he is a highly sadistic and power-hungry villain. He believes his purpose in life is to lead humanity to the next stage of evolution by any means necessary.


    Jason Lyle is the oldest son of the Lyle family. From a very early age it became clear that Jason Lyle was nothing short of a super genius. His father raised him in his image tailoring the young Jason into a man who would be capable of taking over the family business and Jason did exactly that. At the age of 9 it was Jason who founded the Hope Foundation together with a group of business associates. As the years passed Jason became a prominent spokesperson for the Hope Foundation and achieved notable political and public popularity.

    Despite his families shady business Jason has never had any run ins with the law simply because there are absolutely no traces that lead back to him. His real motives are as of yet a mystery to even the people closest to him.
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  20. ((Second NPC, will be posting up the third somewhere this weekend))


    Character Name: Drone 8 "Cyber"
    Gender: Male
    Age: 4
    Affiliation: Jason Lyle
    Alignment: Neutral

    Physical Appearance:

    Drone 8 looks exactly how you expect him to look. His entire body consists out of Nanite-Alloy. He is able to destruct and construct his body as he pleases often altering the shape and function of it according to the situation. The Alloy is in no way related to regular steel and thus not affected by things like magnetism.

    Drone 8 - Basic Form



    Drone 8's body consists out of Nanite Alloy. An alloy created by the Hope Foundation consisting out of -as it's name implies- Nanite. The Nanite grant Drone 8 a various string of abilities ranging from super human strength and durability to high speed hacking or programming but his biggest has got to be Cybernetic Nanite Reforming.

    Cybernetic Nanite Reforming - CNR System

    The CNR System is Drone 8's core system much like a humans brain. The CNR System is an ever calculating system that allows Drone 8 to alter his body according to the situation. He can construct weapons out of his arms, deconstruct his body to make fit trough smaller spaces, increase it's weight, mass, power, virtually anything. The CNR System is installed in each and every single one of the Nanites inside of Drone 8's body. The CNR System also allows Drone 8 to take on a human appearance if he so wishes.


    Due to his virtually limitless adaptability Drone 8 has very few weaknesses. As of current he is unable to control his own actions since he was programmed to obey Jason Lyle. This greatly limits his potential. The Nanites are however incredibly susceptible to cold and cease functioning until they are outside of the cold again.


    Although outwardly it doesn't seem like Drone 8 has any form of personality he has in fact developed a mindset of his own. This mindset has however been overwritten by Jason Lyle to force Drone 8 into doing his bidding.

    Drone 8 is a highly intellectual entity. He is analytic and calculating capable of performing impressive feats such as hacking even the most secure systems within a matter of seconds.

    Aside from being incredibly intellectual he is also highly sarcastic often pointing out flaws in persons personality or theories sarcastically.


    Drone 8 is -as his name implies- the 8th drone artificially created and programmed by the Hope Foundation. For 4 years after his birth he has gathered information from the worlds servers and formed into a vast databank of almost limitless information at Jason Lyle's disposal.

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