1. Brenley was so taken aback by the actions of the Titans. They truly were just a bunch of teens, weren't they?

    The girl stood away from the group as they interacted, feeling sort of alien to the matter as they clowned around. She felt awkward as Mabel blew up on Noah for painting her face up like a cat.

    "I think it's quite cute!"

    She spoke up to Mabel with a large smile on her face, hoping to lighten up the mood. She walked over and stuck her hand out for a greeting.

    "I'm Brenley! Vanguard brought me here to meet you because well, I sort of have a gift!"

    Brenley honestly had no idea how to explain her power, other than a "gift". Although, it wasn't exactly her gift... since it was given to her... It was technically her gift though right? Should she call it a gift? Well, it was confusing her more or less at this point.

    "I have abilities and powers!"

    That'll clear the air.
  2. Noah laughed his trademark bouldering laughter when Mabel pounced over and stole Stitches from the young mans grasp. He understood her excitement, Stitches was their friend, their pal, their compadre and it was amazing seeing him again!! With his hands on his hips Noah observed Mabel and Stitches with tremendous amusement simply because of the way Mabel looked. He loved pulling pranks on Mabel, it was one of the hobbies he had developed and when Mabel was asleep.... Well.... Hilarity ensued. When Mabel spoke and finished her sentence with "Nyah" Noah basically lost it. The boy burst out in laugher clutching his belly as he turned away to avoid looking at Mabel any longer.

    "Ahahahahahahahaha!! She said it!! She said "Nyah!!" man!! Did you hear that Brenbro? Bro? Stitchman?!? Anyone?!? Holy hell!! I can't believe it worked this perfectly!!"

    No!! No Noah!! No!! He had to get it all together!! Mabel would suspect him if he so blatantly laughed about it!! As he straightened his posture and turned around Mabel did just that. The girl raised her finger to point at the previously laughing teenager. Noah in turn raised his hands defensively but blinked surprised at the same moment as Mabel when she to noticed it. Was that.....?


    An actual tail.

    There was no helping Noah anymore.


    Falling to his knees and firmly planting his hands onto the floor Noah trembled, hiccuped, cried and laughed at the same time. Mabel was so freaking funny!! Despite the girl having vaulted onto him and biting down in his ear Noah simply couldn't help it anymore. He couldn't prevent himself from breaking down. Tears rolled down his cheek while he shook his head laughing. Amazing...!!

    "Y-Yeah M-M-Mabel!! It's t-t-t-t-t-totally c-cute!! Ahahahahah!! A tail!! Stitch didya see that tail?!? Oh man!!"

    He loved it when his plans worked better then he anticipated. Most of them actually never did.. Like. They actually made the situation worse. Allot worse. Like... Catastrophically worse.... Ugh.... His plans sucked didn't they? He was gifted but not in the tactical department. As hard as he broke down, as swift as he became depressed. Suddenly there was no laughter, just a darkness shading the teenager now curled up on the floor with Mabel still assaulting him.

    "My plans... Ugh.... Threw a desk.... Tank exploded.... Baby went zoom..... I was just trying to help..... I suck.... Yeah.... Gifts.... Powers.... Animal stuff.... Like a tail.... Ha..... Hahaha..... HahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHA"

    And he was happy again.


    "Silgo is the pain in the ass scarab that's attached to my body, that's Silgo"

    "Silence Kamau. I am Silgo. The Silver Scarab. I was send to earth by the Reach. I have been here for millions of years and only recently awoke attached to this primitive meat"

    "You can just refer to me as Kamau you know..."

    Man seriously.... Silgo was an asshole sometimes. When Blackshadow pointed out that this... Xiv was it? Was most likely an alien Kamau slowly turned to look at his partner and raised his hands while quirking an eyebrow as if saying "Ya think?". It was pretty clear this was an alien from the way it looked!! Or actually.... No not so clear. It could be a pudding mutant he figured....

    "Anyway so... Yes. I'm Kama- Wait!! Don't freaking tell someone my name Silgo!!"

    "I doubt this information will be worth anything without your last name, Kamau"

    "Psch.... Your a real pain in the rear man......"

    "Silence meat. Now... It has been a long time since I spoke to something from outside of this atmosphere. I am delighted to know I am not the only one on this primitive rock"
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  3. "Don't worry. If someone calls you Captain Crayon, besides me, I'll smack them! And I don't think you can even do evil."

    He reassured the taller teenager whilst still hanging around his neck, feeling strangely comfortable half-sitting on Noah's lap. Wait. Stop! He wasn't a child! He was older then Noah!! It was moments like these that made the citizens of Jump City wonder whether he should really be called to be a Teen Titan. 'Kid Titan', they called him. 'Stitches is so cute, like a scary teddy bear', they said. Damn them. He'd show them. He wasn't cute or a kid!

    "No! YOU SIT ON MY LAP DAMN - huh?" His random outburst was interrupted by Mabel suddenly stealing him away from Noah.

    Even though he was surprised, he immediately embraced her back. He wanted to say something but could only stammer when Mabel rubbed her cheek against him and acted in a very feline manner. He didn't regain his composure even when the hug was over, still sputtering nonsense and holding his palm against his cheek.

    When he returned to reality, he saw Mabel pouncing on Noah and... she had a tail? He was ready to laugh at the strange scene, but managed to hold it in when he spotted Brenley out of the corner of his eyes. That's right! They had company. This was it! It was his time to prove that he was an adult to a person who didn't know him. Regaining his composure, he walked up to Mabel and Noah as Brenley introduced herself, giving the two of them a stern glare.

    "Mabel, there's company. Stop being silly just because you're a cat", he let out snicker as he said that but forced himself to continue, "and get it together. You too, Noah." Turning his attention to Brenley, he introduced himself properly this time. "Hi, I'm Stitches. Member of the Titans alongside these two... characters. So I assume your power is... to become a bird? That's cool."

    Yes! He had done it! So mature! He knew he had it in him. Being an adult sure was easy. He could keep this up forever if he had to. He would shed the pupa of youth and evolve into a fully grown Stitches! That or...

    "... I want to sit on Noah..." He complained with a pout, annoyed that Mabel had taken his place. His hug with Mabel had been interrupted too. No fair! He grabbed Mabel's tail to make up for it, figuring that since Noah drawn the markers on Mabel's face, the tail was a combination of Noah's antics and Mabel's powers - their child. It was as if he was holding both of them at the same time!
  4. Mabel's anger only grew as she found nothing she was doing even hurt Noah. She tried putting Noah in a headlock. Her ranting mixed with Noah's laughter filled the Tower with noise.

    "Quit laughing! This is super embarrassing! How will anyone take me seriously when I look like an anime character?! I don't do comic relief! I'll teach you to mess with me while I'm asleep..."

    Eyes ablaze, she continued jabbing Noah in the ribs no to effect. She eventually looked up in response to Stitches and finally noticed Brenley.


"Oh. Hi."

    She stepped up off Noah, leaving him a heap on the floor. Mabel dusted herself off a bit, like Stitches trying to regain some composure. So embarrassing, to be found both looking like a catgirl and wrestling with Noah upon first acquaintance. She scratched her head awkwardly, finding fluffy ears peeking out from her violet-auburn hair where they’d previously been flattened back in anger. 

    ”Ah… heheh. I’m Queen Mab. Or Mabel.” she said protruding a hand in greeting. ”I’m in charge here.”


    ”Noah has a pretty good knack for making friends, huh? Any friend of his is a friend of the Titans. Welcome!"

    "Also uh... This isn't normal.” She added while pawing her ears. "!'m uh... I'm not a catgirl."

    Her tail swayed nervously behind her, likely being an enticing target for Stitches. She gave a start when he grabbed it, going stiff as a board. She turned around in a flash to rescue her tail, streams of tears running down her pitiful face. She batted at Stitches arm, gingerly trying to recover her tail from his grasp.

    So embarrassing...


    XIV stood still, holding the same smile for an abnormally long time. It was fun just listening to words. She was learning so much!

    She pointed to Kamau’s head.


    Then she pointed to his chest, meaning the suit.


    And to Blackshadow.


    And finally back to herself.

    ”XIV. Gnooah call me XIV.”


    Time for the best conversation ever!

    ”I… come from… outside. Millyons uv years” XIV said, pointing up into the sky and charading her meaning as she spoke.

    ”Wah-ching the city. Teaching language. ‘That’s a protein shake.’ ”

    ”Hnng… Errrth. rock…” she practiced the words to herself.

    This place had a lot of names. People had a lot of names too! Noah, Vanguard, Captain Underpants…

    ”I should maybe find some clothes. Clothes please.”
  5. Watching the being infront of him talk..or at the very least repeating their names to the best of it's ability so far only getting Silgo and Blackshadow's names wrong not that the man minded he didn't expect somebody from outer space to get things right on their first attempt, maybe with time and help it will learn how to say their names correctly.

    "XIV..."Blackshadow started to say before he listened to what else the being had to say, so he was right in assuming that it had came from beyond, and it was trying to learn their language..although what made him confused was what it said next..when it asked for some clothes

    "Hai?"the man said reverting back to his native language because of the surprise, before looking at Kamau wondering if he heard that as well
  6. Stitches was probably right about the fact that Noah was virtually incapable of doing evil. He was a muscle head and he could be angry but doing evil things for the sake of being evil wasn't something within Noah's capabilities. He had a good heart, a strong one that virtually never wavered from the righteous path he walked on. Still, evil or not, Noah couldn't help but laugh at Mabel's appearance. It was funny. He loved his jokes sometimes, they cracked him right up!!

    The youth was however slightly taken aback when Stitches suddenly burst out stating that someone was ought to sit on his lap. Instantly Noah's eyes squinted, his fingers rubbing his chin as he gazed from Stitches to Mabel. Yes. Yeees.... For some time now Noah had thought this but Stitches... That little guy probably had a crush on Mabel. It was nothing out of the ordinary he figured. When Noah was 12 he to had had a crush on an older girl. The problem here was that Mabel was all touchy feely with Stitches. It would stimulate the boy to much!!

    "Mabel!! Behave yourself around young Stitch, young lady!! Don't rub your cheek like a ca- Ahahahahaha!! Oh man my jokes the best!!"

    He slapped his knee causing some force to blow outwards and knock over various objects inside the room. He blinked falling quiet before slowly raising his hand again, indicating it was an accident and putting the chairs back where they stood.

    "Alright euhm.... Yeah. She can become a bird and Mabel is totally a catgirl. She has the power of the Purrmaster so you better watch out Bren. She'll chase you around the house like there's no tomorrow"

    He had to turn away and cup his hand over his mouth to refrain from laughing for a few seconds, his other hand rose up to indicate they had to wait for just a second before he returned to looking at the other three. His hand now reaching out to pluck Stitches of his feet and put him back on his neck since the guy had complained he wanted to sit on him.

    "Anyway, As Stitches and Mabel said, we are the Teen Titans!! Danny and Serena are.... Somewhere.... Do you have any idea where the rest actually is Mabel? I haven't seen those guys around"


    Woah there!! This.... Girl was it? He'd stick to girl for now. Was actually making sense to Kamau for a change!! The boy blinked inside his helmet as he listened to her carefully selected words. She still seemed to struggle but.... She was getting there!! His arms folded as he patiently waited for her to finish her sentences.

    "Woah wait. Seriously? Millions of years? That's a hell of a long journey!!"

    "I'm that old, Kamau"

    "........ Seriously...?"

    "...... Do you.... Ever pay attention?"

    "I zone in and out more or less.... Anyway..... Wait what? Protein shake? I don't think we have any... Do you Blackshadow?"

    Glancing over at his one and only friend Kamau awaited an answer but Blackshadow seemed to have a question of his own instead. Blinking Kamau turned back to Xiv. Clothes?

    "Erh.... I guess you need... Clothes yeah..... Erh... I've got some spare ones at home.... I could lend you some but their boy clothes"
  7. “Hii~!!” XIV said in response to Blackshadow and smiled brightly, thinking what he said what another greeting.

    XIV didn’t think specifying with more detail where exactly she came from would serve any purpose here. She was unfathomably old compared to earthlings, and the distance she traveled was equally unfathomable. Kamau seemed to get the gist though. More importantly, the second mind in that suit seemed more in tune with her longevity. Perhaps he could help her on her exploration of Earth.

    “Silgo is… alien?” XIV queried.

    “Who are you? Where come from?” she said, imperfectly mimicking something said to her a while ago.

    XIV moved closer to Kamau, hovering around him and inspecting his suit with great interest. With new vigor she explored the suit, interested in the technology and its implicated origins.
  8. "I'm not just a bird!"

    Brenley exclaimed. Stitches and Noah seemed to only think she could become a bird. But really, she could become, well, whatever she wanted within the realm of living.

    "Wait no, I'm not a bird at all! I can just 'be' a bird! And other things. Like kitties too!"

    Trying to capitalize on Mabel's appearance and Noah's fun with it.

    Then came the bomb drop. The Teen Titans. These were THE Teen Titans.

    Funny, she always pictured them as a more structured, professional team of superheroes, but... this could just be the inner workings. Then, she also didn't have much knowledge on these Titans, her only recollection of them being stories when she was younger.

    "So, what do you guys... do as Teen Titans?"
  9. (Four months, ehh. You'd think I would have written a whole book in that time... We'll just call it a break between seasons >_>)

    Stitches mouth widened into a wide smile when Mabel froze as a result of him catching her tail. She was so sensitive! Like a, well, like a cat. He knew he should let go of her tail, but seeing her strangely cartoon-like behavior was just so fascinating. He couldn't help but feel a little mischievous. Fortunately for Mabel's sense of embarrassment, Noah intervened and picked Stiches up. The tiny titan let go of her tail, cheekily mouthing 'sorry' to Mabel before settling on Noah's neck, a happy grin on his face.

    "Oh, a shapeshifter! That's cool. Every hero team needs a shapeshifter." He flashed her a thumbs up. "We do a lot of heroic things! It's not like this all the time... well, it sort of is, but we also do hero stuff!"

    Stitches opened his mouth to say more but stopped himself from embarrassing himself any further. He looked to both Mabel and Noah, urging them to take over and explain. Times like these, he was happy that he looked so young - it meant other people didn't expect him to be as well spoken as the rest of his team. It was a perfect excuse!
  10. ”I am not a catgirl, Noah!” Mabel objected fiercely. Her tail bristled along with the exclamation.

    ”Erm… what do we do?” Mabel repeated and her eyes lifted. She thought it had been rather well understood why they existed, but now when she tried to put it into words it didn’t come naturally.

    ”Well we watch over the city. We deal with supernatural problems that the JCPD may not be suited for. Huh, it has been a while since attacks by supers were common. I had been living here alone for several years until just recently when Noah and Stitches joined me.”

    ”There are others too! Two of our members have been absent for a bit.” Mabel turned to Noah. ”No, I haven’t heard from them in a while. I’m sure they’re just busy with that secret organization thingie Serena is in charge of.”

    ”My personal mission statement is to befriend any supers that need help. I myself would be a lot worse off if it hadn’t been for the last of the previous Titans welcoming me in and helping me get a handle on my powers. I want to offer that to others.”

    Mabel grinned.

    ”I’m not very good at fighting, but I feel like a lot of supers-gone-bad just need someone to understand them. We’re a bit of a ramshackle group,” she said, going to stand closer to Stitches and Noah, ”but hopefully well be able to step up to any dangers in the city.”

    ”Oh! Noah, tell me about that explodey guy you just put away. I saw some of it in my sleep…” she said, waving vaguely at her head, ”But give me the details!”
  11. What kind of sorcery was this? She could become anything she desired? A shape shifter as Stitches called it? This brought up a question, a serious one that Noah had to ask. While Stitches sat on his shoulders Noah's eyes squinted, his finger rose up as he opened his mouth with the utmost serious gaze he could muster. Of course, anyone who knew Noah knew this was a far from something worth paying attention to.

    "Can you change into an endless supply of protein shakes and would it be weird if I drank from you? I'm just putting it out there. I'm interested if you can"

    Oh but yeah. Teen Titans.

    "We are Titans of the most heroic kind!! Our mission is grand!! Protect Jump City from all evil doers and those who rampage around the city!! With... Evil intentions... I mean... Not me... I... I really try Mabs... I try not to destroy stuff but.... Ugh..... Vanguard my ass.... They should call me the Cannonbal Destructor.... Captain Catastrophe.... Underpants Hurricane... NO!! By the gods!! Now I'm even commenting on my underpants monikers!! That stupid robot guy!!"


    "And your totally a Catgirl... But you pull it off.... Purrfectly... Ahaha.... AHAHAHAHA!!"

    Noah scrunched over laughing as he held his belly and shook while slowly shaking his head in an attempt to not throw Stitches completely off. His hand landed on his knees once more, the couch flipping over due to the shock wave. His gaze shifted sideways to Mabel before he slowly raised his finger to point at Brenley. Totally her fault. Not him.

    "Wasn't m- Hmm? Oh yeah!! Mabs is totally right. We help each other in developing our powers. I wasn't even able to open doors before I met these guys and look at me now!! I'm opening doors left and right!! I'm like a door master. They should call me Damian Door or something. I don't know. Wait what where we talking about? Oh yeah. Yeah. Learning to control powers. Like.... I'm strong"

    He picked up the table and made a motion as if to break it but realized what he was doing before going trough with it. Once again his gaze nervously shifted to Mabel before he lowered the table. If he bothered her even more she was going to blast that music of hers again.... God... That music....

    "A-Anyway.... Explodey Guy? Oh!! Yeah!! I did something like that!! Me and Xiv right Xi- Ah she isn't here? Where did she go? Is she a she? I don't know. Back to the subject at hand. Explodey Guy. No wait... Crimson Flamewell of Eviscerating Destruction!! What a brilliant moniker!! Stitches!! Write it down!! Now... After those... Erh... What did that guy call them? Screechy thingies!! With the lights!! When theirs problems!! Buzzards!! That's it. The buzzards went off so me and Xiv went to check it out. I tell you Mabel. I have the BEST drone, cyborg or android radar in the world because you wouldn't BELIEVE what I found!!"

    Actually... He... Kind of spilled the beans already didn't he?

    "A... Drone... Android or.... Cyborg.... But anyway!! He was all silver and he was like!! Help out or get out!! And I was all like!! Dude... Not cool... You don't even know Xiv!! But he didn't say anything about Xiv. I just assumed. And that was rude. So I apologized. Then boom!! The family was thankful I saved them but I wasn't done!! Oh no!! With the accuracy of a sniper I hurled part of a building at Crimson Flame.... Flame.... Euhm... What I previously said. I hurled it Mabs. It was majestic. I missed though. But I took out the building above him so I played it off as if I intended that. No worries. I looked super cool. People where like. Holy shit Vanguard. You - are - awesome. And I was like. Come on bro... Come on... Bump it out"

    He held his fist out for Mabel to bump.

    "Don't leave me hanging now!!"
  12. Blackshadow simply looked on as the alien..girl or something switched topics from clothes to Silgo just after saying her greeting to Blackshadow after mistaking his Japanese for another greetings but no matter the man looked at the kid, that was until he was distracted by the comment about if Blackshadow had protein shakes on him

    "Ah..no I don't have any with me.."he replied looking at the duo before rubbing the back of his head slightly before wondering to himself about what they should do..but first things first

    "I guess we should get her some clothes"Blackshadow spoke looking at her before shaking his head slightly it was unlikely that the plan was going to work but hey who knows..maybe they should let the teen tower know about the alien..lest a scared civilian calls the cops on the group because of the alien last thing they needed was a misunderstanding...though the alien doesn't look harmful or dangerous for now at least
  13. Brenley was enamoured by the commentary from the Titans. She looked back and forth with a whimsical look on her face as they spoke. Not a catgirl, a catgirl, Noah had a hundred names, it sure was an interesting dynamic!

    "I can only turn into living things!"

    The girl explained trying to convince Noah not to try and drink her. What a silly concept. What part of her would he even be drinking?

    She gazed dazedly at him thinking of each part of her which could be drinkable, stopping when her nose started to twitch and her eyes rolled back.

    Bad thought!

    Shaking her head, she looked to each of them. Not a fighter!? But she was Queen of the Titans! What a cool title. Titan. No, Queen of the Titans.

    "Can I? Can I join the Titans!?"

    Brenley didn't have full control over her powers, at least not to her knowledge. Some things she could transform into in a hurry, and some things took longer. If this was the full extent of her abilities, well cool. If she could train with these guys and push beyond... Imagine how proficient she could be.

    Also, she could be around Noah. Sweet.

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