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    Mabel opened her eyes. She was lying in her bed in a corner room of the iconic Titan's Tower standing in the bay off the shore of a bustling Jump City. Without a yawn or a grumble she sat up and swung her legs to the floor. She slid her feet into her slippers and strode out into the commons area of the Tower. Glancing out the huge windows of the Tower over the perfectly serene cityscape, she made her way to the kitchen area, from which the smell of cookies was wafting through the room.

    "Still five minutes left…" she mused to herself, tapping the time on the oven.

    She had put the batch of cookies in only 20 minutes ago before taking her nap.

    "Welp, may as well check up on the city."

    She hopped over the back of a couch far too big for one person and motioned at a TV far too big for even 20. The screen lit up with several video feeds of the city at a distance and a few different maps with blips of color speckling the landscape. Mabel was very diligent in watching the city. So little happened these days, but still she monitored it as often as she could. She had stared at the same screen only half an hour ago while mixing the batter for her unhealthy afternoon snack.

    The oven chimed, and Mabel rolled off the couch to tend to it. As she did the TV switched to a local news network. Mabel smirked, hearing the announcement being made.

    "It's good that they're playing this so often. I haven't had word of any new Titans since they started."

    The man on the TV said…


    "Calling all Supers!"

    A boy on the street swung a foot out and halted walking at hearing this. He turned his head first to the electronics store within which the new broadcast was being played on a stack of TVs, then shuffled over to it and pressed his hands and face to the window.

    "We know you brave young supers are out there. Jump City needs your help! Today is your chance to prove your worth and do your part to serve and protect the peace of our fine city. If you think you have what it takes to be a hero, head to Titans Tower to be evaluated. This message sponsored by the JC City Council"


    Jun's eyes narrowed.

    "What an joke."

    He looked at his hands clasped to the glass and frowned. He stepped back with a hum and put his hands behind his head.

    "Why would a super ever want to be tied down to one city? Let alone working the city. What could they possibly offer in return for our services. Or perhaps they think we'll do it out of the goodness of our hearts."

    He started walking away.

    "Please, there's a reason that tower's been empty for so long."

    A cheery passerby on the sidewalk caught his last words and connected it to the message on the TVs.

    "Oh not so young man. The Tower is where Queen Mab resides. She watches us every day. It's because of her mystical ways that we haven't fallen into chaos already."


    Mabel sneezed and spilled her Mountain Dew all over the front of her shirt. She cursed and tried scrubbing at it with a napkin.

    "Oh well, it's about time I did my laundry anyway."

    She took a step toward and slipped on a bit of the soda on the floor, knocking her pan of cooling cookies off the counter ontop of her as she fell.



    "Oh hush, honey. Your full of superstition. If anyone lives there they certainly haven't done anything for us in the past years." said the stranger's partner as they moved away from Jun.

    Jun shrugged and walked off in his own direction.

    30 seconds later the front of the electronics store burst loudly into a shower of fire and glass.
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  2. Finally!! After months of traveling Noah had arrived at Jump City. According to his latest information the Lyle family had been particularly active in this place recently. With his duffle bag slung over his right shoulder and his left hand in his pocket the boy made his way down the street passing by various store windows. The buildings were humongous!! He had been traveling for a while now but the buildings in Jump City were bigger then those of the places he had visited before. It was why every so often Noah seemed to stop to marvel at the sight. The young man was completely unaware of the attention he was drawing tough. Nope. As he continued walking many people turned to look at the youth whose cape fluttered as the wind blew by. Why.... On earth was this guy bare-chested?

    "What a weirdo....."

    "Don't talk to him..."

    People whispered as they stepped aside while Noah passed by. The cape loving youngster didn't notice though. Instead he swung his snapped the wrist of his right hand whipping his duffle bag out in front of him and rummaging trough it with his left hand. His fingers found what they were looking for when they curled around his flak and pulled it out. He swung his bag back over his shoulder before he started walking again flicking open his flask with his thumb and bringing it up to his lips. Aaah protein shakes, how he loved them!!

    "This place is freak'n huge.... I should make a map"

    Before he got lost..... Again.... It had happened multiple times already, this week that was. Noah's lack of directional sense was astonishing. What was even more astonishing was the fact that he made his own maps and he made them insanely accurate. As he rounded the corner the young man passed a couple talking to a younger man overhearing them mention something about a tower and a Queen. Places like that still existed huh?

    I never knew Jump City was still ruled by a King or Queen. Well, you learn something new every day huh?

    The thought ran trough his mind before he realized something. A Tower probably meant a great vantage point. The young man turned around to the couple who had previously engaged the other young man. He lowered the bag to the ground as he spoke up.

    "S'cuse me, I've got a question, where can I find this Tower you were talking about?"

    The moment he finished talking the store window a few stores away exploded blasting glass and fire into the street. The young man turned around making sure to shield the two he was standing in front with his body to prevent them from being hit by and stray glass or flames. Holy crap!! What just happened? He forgot all about his bag as he rushed to the scene, the hell?!?
  3. Chuck was munching on cereal with his sister while his mom was getting to go to work. The TV channel switched from regular programming to a 'breaking news announcement', only for it to be switched by the annual self-promotion of the Teen Titans. His sister ignored it and continued texting her friends. Chuck actually stopped and folded his hands grinning, amused at the call for heroes. It seemed like the moment it was found possible to gain super powers, the demand was always there. It was too bad it was being so commercialized. Superheroes should be protective guardians not any side-street bozo with a mutation.

    Chuck didn't even realize the irony of his own thought process. It was time to call his boys up for a fun weekend with his own super powers. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out his galaxy mini-pc phone and dialed the private number. Mecha wasn't picking up. He probably was too busy in the nerdzone to call. Oh well. He then called up Chad.

    "Hey man I'm heading over to the HQ now. Got a feelin it'll be a good day. See you there'

    With that he grabbed his skateboard and rolled off. His sister called behind him.

    "Hey! Aren't you ever going to stay home on the weekends for once?!"

    Chuck turned around and snorted.

    "Yeah sure, like you do..."

    He tried to get out of the house as quick as possible because he knew his sister liked to nag him and if she followed or gained too much interest in why he went out so much, she would be clever enough to follow him. Maybe he should arrange a fake girlfriend as an alibi...

    He took off down the street, using his power to increase his leg strength to rival Usain Bolt mixed with the endurance of a pro marathon runner. No one in their high-tech world of self pleasure and convenience would notice these strangeties on the road. After a few turns he was skating on the highway towards the south sector of Atlanta, destination Kelly Tech Tower. The horizon of the ten million plus city gleamed a beautiful yellow as the sun rose past its metal spires.

    Traffic was slow and heavy as usual but he could reach speeds on his skateboard to handle even the faster days. His friend Chad used his own powers on his skateboard as well though a bit differently. Just as he thought about him he saw Chad in front of him gliding on his own skateboard.

  4. Chad woke up late as he usually did on Saturdays and got dressed. Seeing his dad in his usual position, the couch Chad greeted his father. His father who strangely enough was relatively calm after Chad's "incident". Though Chad had tried to hide the fact he had fallen into the waste from his family, however his friends ruined that for him when they came over to the house inquiring about his health. With that his family eventually found out about the whole thing. the news eventually reached his parents ears when Chad was watching TV with his old man who would always turn on the news around this time. Instead of the usual depressing stuff Chad was shocked to see a promo for the Teen Titans.
    "What the hell? They recruit people via TV now? Shit must be tough!" Chad said while laughing loudly
    "Watch your mouth boy! Just because you can survive a bucket of waste you think you're tough do ya!?"
    Chad's father wrapped his arm around chads neck and started to bully him somewhat "Say yer sorry boy!"
    Chad's mother walked down the stairs shaking her head "Why do you two have to be so loud in the morning, a woman needs her rest you know?"

    Compared to the other two currently going at it Chad's mother came off as a saint
    "Chad your little brother is trying to sleep you know? Have a little common decency."
    "Yeah boy! Common decency!" Chad's father yelled this while grinding his knuckles into Chad's head
    Though such a moment would usually annoy Chad, Chad was happy to know that even after that freak accident things in his household went back to normal after a week or two.
    Chad miraculously released himself from his fathers grip "Mom you're horrible! Letting this crusty old man beat up on his child!"
    "I don't need a pussified son who can't fend for himself after all, if you are to meet your end here it just means you were going to be a social degenerate who would get no where in life."
    "Yeah yeah perfect dark humor mom, anyway I'm outta here! I've gotta meet up with the guys today!" Chad yelled as he burst out the door grabbing his skateboard

    Chad loved sunny days, not for any corny reason of course, but for whatever reason his powers worked the best on those kinds of days, he used this opportunity to use his absorption abilities to give him a little bit of a boost to speed up, he and his good friend Chuck had come up with the idea.
    Speak of the devil! Chad had seen Chuck just down the street skating as he was
    "Chuck you son of a bitch! Is that you!?"
  5. "Yeah bruh. Dude TV sucks bad nowadays. Are they making a superhero game show or something? That commercial didn't sound very serious. We should still go-"

    Chuck paused to skate around a few turning trucks. Traffic was getting annoyingly thick. It was time to test his power's current limits.

    "Hey man, forget this pollution I'm taking a shortcut. Watch this watch this... Race you there!"

    Chuck kept his momentum going them jumped off the high bridge that was leading into the hub of the southern sector. It was a 200 foot drop so he kept his speed going at 50 miles per hour. For a normal human, even if they could pull this off their adrenaline would be freaking out. That was actually the key to pulling off stunts, control of the mind. He gained air and unfolded a pair of gliding wings from his back, did a few tricks, and then glided down hitting the street now at 70 mph, bobbing and weaving through traffic. He wondered if he would leave Chad in the dust or if Chad would figure something out as well.

    He arrived at Kelly Tower, a district of its own with parks and open space, owned by one of his new but close friends. He payed a visit to the omelette bar and then took a secret, iris scan entrance into the lab.

    "Hey Leo! What's on the agenda?"
  6. "Damn it man you know my powers aren't that convenient for racing and shit!"
    Chad took a few seconds to absorb some energy out of the area so he could give himself a boost to catch up with Chad who conveniently could fly. Chad then shot some beems towards the ground on accident not really paying attention flying in the air with his skate board

    "OH SHIT WHAT AM I EVEN DOING RIGHT NOW!?....Hey I could pull off some sweet tricks right now....WHAT AM I THINKING"
    Chad eventually lost momentum and began falling head first screaming
    he absorbed enough energy to withstand the impact because this was gonna hurt otherwise

    Chad crashed into the ground right next to his friend Chuck who had landed a lot more gracefully than he had with his skateboard not too far behind and falling on his head. "ow.... d-did I win?" Chad too said too embarrassed to even look up. He had messed around with his powers before but this was too much even for him.
    He got up dusting himself off and grabbing his board
    "Leo man you better have something cool going on today! I almost died to come here!" Chad yelled being a bit irritated that he let Chuck talk him into doing what he just did.
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  7. Daft Punk was blasting in the lab as Chad and Chuck entered. "Sir, Chad and Chuck are here." The Zero System said into his earpiece. The flash of arc welding could be seen by Chad and Chuck as they entered his manufacturing lab. On the work table, Leonard was busy building a new suit. The suit was 90% complete but Mecha still had to build the power system. The titanium, unpainted suit was in 20 pieces on the table. "Zero. Begin the paint scheme and test it to make sure it can't handle deep sea pressure and deep space. How long until completion?" The AI system known as Zero spoke back, "It will be two days. The simulations on everything are as projected."

    Leonard turned as robotic arms grabbed the individual pieces and pulled them under the table. He placed a set of welding goggles on the table as he turned to his friends. "I got something pretty damn cool. Zero, the display cases!"

    Two display cases came up from the floor. The lights came on in the display and showed Circuit's and Bioshock's costumes. They looked slightly different from what they were used to.

    "I upgraded your costumes. I reinforced the vital areas and both of you now have the Zero system linking to your headgear which will provide radio, gps, police scanner, and access to Zero's database." Leonard smiled. "What do you too think.
  8. Did things like these happen often in the city? Noah had hurried up inside of the store after pulling the door of it's hinges and throwing it into the street somewhat carelessly. He helped people but nobody ever said he was particularly good at it. His cape was pressed against his mouth to prevent himself from inhaling to much smoke. Although not yet fully blazing fires flickered into existence here and there. Noah's glance shifted from left to right. Personnel and customers were still inside of the store. He had to do something about the fire first.

    Now..... How to do that? Chuck the flaming things out in the street? Probably the only way to solve this right? His fingers curled around the display all the items had previously been on. Without much of a hassle he yanked it out of the ground and flipped it trough the shattered window throwing it in the middle of the street. The flickering flames slowly dying. He turned to the second stand with half exploded burning items and knelt down lifting it from the bottom. Despite the flames the young man didn't seem to bothered by the heat and just continued his actions.

    "And.... Bam!!"

    With a flick of both wrists and a sweep of both arms the large display was send soaring. Noah winced as it crashed in the middle of the street causing a driver to slam the brakes. Whoops..... Scratching the back of his head he slowly turned away playing it off as if he hadn't been the one to do that. While Noah took care of the fire the people inside the store had slowly started making their way out. When Noah was done he helped an older man outside before going back inside to see if there were still people inside.

    "What on earth could have caused this? Stuff doesn't just explode... Right...?"

    The young man mumbled to himself as he waved his hand around to clear the smoke while his other hand still held his cape pressed against his mouth and nose. If stuff didn't randomly explode though... What on earth could have caused this?

  9. Chuck grinned and laughed as he saw the comic inspired armor. He knew exactly which one was meant for who based on his passionate discussions over Dragonball Z. Bardock's armor with scouter was absolutely perfect for his kind of outfit. He also didn't need to hide his face due to his powers.

    "Dude. You have so much free time."

    He waited for Chad's reaction and then looked over to see what Leo was doing.

    "The Yarfreeze. Hey Leo... I've been thinking. Up til lately we've been just citizens with powers helping out when we can... but we aren't full fledged you know super heroes. With all of this new work you been doing lately are you thinking about being one...?"

    Chuck said this unsuredly, being a super hero gave him a bad taste in his mouth. All of the drama, personality change, and cheesy lines that came with the job made him hesitant. On top of that he and Chad's parents both expected a lot from them and eventually wanted them to graduate from school and get a job. With the lack of demand for super heroes it was practically freeloading.

    "I mean I saw this commercial for the Teen Titans and being a super hero just isn't the same anymore..."
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  10. Chad looked at leo, and then looked at Chuck and repeated this process for about 30 seconds. He was always a Kamen rider fan, but what he was seeing felt like the real deal, he had never worn the mask due to the fact that it would be way too embarrassing to explain but now he had the perfect reason to be one of his favorite heroes, or at the very least look like them. He could also tell the mask was the real deal

    "YOOOOOOO is that Kamen rider, like a legit mask!? Not the plastic crap you usually see at cons! Oh Leo I love you man!"

    Chad dashed over to Chuck
    "C'mon man let's at least give this a try! It might be cool! If it sucks we can always just go back to being normal students right!?...Well not that you can call us normal now anyway but it's not like we have to be committed right away! Leo c'mon let us try them on already! I can't even contain myself anymore
    Chad was obviously the most excited in the room, or at the very least he was showing it more than anyone else. He had always been the most hyper out of his trio.
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  11. Leo had a swarmy grin on his freckled face as his fingers scratched his red haired scalp.
    "Well I've been considering this superhero gig too. But unlike you two I wasn't gifted with metapowers. So I had to build mine. Zero, prepare MS-02 for suiting up."

    Mecha removed his bathrobe to reveal a white skin tight body suit with glowing lines. He walked to a circular platform in the center of the room. As he kneeled in.a certain spot lines of energy glowed in the room. Clearly flavor overkill. Panels opened on the floor and robotic arms with pieces of armor began constructing the suit around Leonard. Each piece locked together, starting with the lower body and worked up. The chestpiece locked into place with a crisp hiss. The wings and propulsion system fit prefect on his back. The final piece was the helmet that merged around his cranium before closing over his face. Mecha stood up and the eyes lit up bright green.

    "Nice, eh? Burning Gundam always was my favorite design."
    He said in a mechanically disguised voice.
  12. Chad's assuring more enthusiastic words quickly overwhelmed the doubts and precautions in his mind. He was right, it was worth a shot, and honestly better than anything they were doing now. The decision was made. He then responded to Leo's new mecha.

    "Bro, that show's great! You look awesome. I wonder what it can do."

    His curiosity was answered as Mecha suited up.

    "Ohhh man we up all night to get lucky~"

    He ran over excitedly to his costume and put his hand in the hand shaped icon. Once identified he put on the light black and green armor that was clearly made to resemble Bardock's. He then put on the scouter.

    "How do you turn this thing on?"

    Finding the button he turned on the red scope. Everything was marked with various specifications and temperatures and identifiers. MS-02 was also tagged as well as his friend Chad as 'Circuit'. A computerized voice chimed in.

    "Greetings Master Jones, or should I say Bioshock. I am Zero, the central computer of Kelly Enterprises. I am here to assist you in any way possible as well as provide communications and navigation for your convenience."

    Bioshock jumped around a bit.


    The idea of going out and fighting crime in dangerous life threatening situations was starting to sound better and better.

    "Hmmm. I guess with my power I could try out a new look since superheroes are anonymous."

    Stretching he sat down and thought, then became a bit meditative as he focused on being stronger and different. Once he found the feeling he flexed with a surge of electricity and bones cracked and reassembled as well as tissue and organs. It was achey and painful as he never did this much but his excitement pushed him through it. A light green aura gathered around his body.

    When he was done he picked himself up now standing at 6 and a half feet 235 pounds of muscle.

    "Awww yeah! Let's get um!"

    He ran around the lab sprinting easily, looking like a pro bodybuilder had just figured out how to be healthy again, effortlessly jumping into easy mid-air flips. Suddenly, everything gave out, his stomach growled and he hit the floor face first exhausted.

    "Yeaaah I'm going to take some smaller steps first."

    Gathering his energy again he reprocessed and went into his athletic body, a more ripped version of his normal one based off of the great Bruce Lee himself. It was awesome being able to mimic the appearances of various male TV stars and celebrities at will. Brushing himself he still felt awesome, the low heart rate of the extreme conditioned body and the mature coordinated brain gave him a sense of peace. It was nowhere near as good as the original but it was strong enough to get the job done. Maybe one day he would master that level of skill... but until then he would respect the originals as Leo had told him until he was worthy. He didn't want to end up being a body junkie.

    "Chad get into yours!"
  13. Mabel raised an eyebrow as red signals began flaring up on the maps of Jump City. She tied a wide red bandana across her forehead as she studied the maps and video feeds for a moment. She was then immediately in the elevator headed down to the city.

    She had no one to impress there in the empty Tower, but her expression had gone stony and grave. She fished her arms through the sleeves of a brown leather jacket and pulled a pair of shades from its pocket. The dark glasses coming down over her stern expression completed the effect. Anyone on the streets wouldn't assume she was a super, rather than just some urban punk, but her face said she meant business.

    She pushed a cellphone to her ear as she entered an underground tramway that would steal her away into the heart of downtown. With a fierce voice she gave some instructions to the police squads who would be arriving at the scene before her. A few short minutes later she exited a parking structure into the city a block from the electronics store.

    Running, and then slowing to a casual stroll as she neared the scene, she arrived in time to see fiery pieces of the store being launched out into the street. The Jump City police had arrived too, and began directing traffic and ushering pedestrians away from the danger. A few of them approached the store, watching Noah warily with guns in hand. Mabel too had all her attention on Noah due to his strange appearance and actions in the store. Seeing him helping the old man out staggered both her and the police, though.


    A couple blocks away Jun was having a fit. Like a fussy child, he was smacking everything he passed by. Post boxes, street lights, garbage cans, bike racks, he slapped each of them as he passed, consciously leaving his explosive tags. He shoved his way past other pedestrians, fortunately not tagging them while he was at it. He went on grumbling and hissing at the city this way, boredom being the only excuse for his actions. When he couldn't find anything fun to do, Jun always resorted to violence.

    "The night life in this city is great, but during the day its a complete drag. All these yuppies in their suits and ties make me sick."

    Everywhere he went, violent explosions started going off, following him at a distance. His head perked up as he heard the police sirens far behind him. His natural reaction was a chuckle.

    "Looks like they're as bored as me if that storefront is really the most excitement they've had today. Still I don't feel like babysitting today. I'll have to give them the slip in case they catch on to me."

    With another chortle, he bounded through a crosswalk while the light was still red and into Jump City's central park.


    Mabel ground her teeth slightly as she watched the store being evacuated from a nearby alleyway. It sometimes really bothered her that her powers didn't allow her to get close to the action ever. It wasn't the excitement she was missing, she just worried more than she had to. Shrugging, she realized this wasn't a big deal anyway. She strode off, figuring she could follow the police reports to learn the cause of the explosion later. For now it seemed there was no further danger.

    She was proven wrong as a mailbox erupted a few yards ahead of her, followed by a fire hydrant several yards ahead of it. After a moment of shock, Mabel put the clues together and started sprinting in the direction of the trail of explosions.
  14. After successfully evacuating the store Noah turned around to look at the building. Had it been a natural occurrence? Sometimes it bothered him how sheltered he had lived. He wasn't exactly familiar with the every day happenings of a city. The time he had spend in a city had always been with a clear goal so he had never paid much mind to it. Folding his arms over one another he observed the surroundings. What was odd was the fact that it had seemed like a concentrated blast. A bombing maybe but on an electronics store? That seemed highly unlikely.

    "Excuse me young man... Thank you for ensuring everyone got out of the building safely"

    An older man spoke resting his hand on Noah's shoulder. The younger man blinked turning to look at the man who spoke before casting him a smile and raising his thumb. He didn't need any thanks for his actions but he wouldn't deny it felt good to get. Just as he was about to say something he noticed the surrounding police men. Wincing Noah raised his hands defensively. During many past experiences the cops had attempted to arrest him for what they called... Collateral damage...? He wasn't sure what it meant but... He didn't like it nor did he have anything to do with it!!

    "Euhm, I didn't do it!! I was just passing by when that window exploded and I just wanted to help out, that was all!! Wait.... Why am I scared?"

    Bullets didn't hurt him damn it!! Lowering his hands to his hips the young man's eyes flickered with a sense of pride, his legs slid apart slightly as he turned his body a few degrees so that the wind passing by picked up his cape causing it to dance behind him almost magically.

    "Well people, it was fun!! Please inform everyone that you were saved by euhm... Euhm...."

    Why couldn't he think of a cool nickname? His brows furrowed as he fell quiet while surrounded by citizens and members of the police force. This was absurd. Was it this hard to come up with a cool nickname? Maybe he was ought to have the public pitch some names? His finger rose up when he opened his mouth to speak but at the exact same moment an explosion occurred a few blocks away.

    "Oh come on!! Bag!! Come to me!!"

    Raising his hand he waited for a few seconds before realizing that his bag was an inanimate object. Somewhat embarrassedly he rushed over to his duffle bag and picked it up. Why on earth had he done that? Sometimes he got to caught up in his own head to think straight. Well no matter!! While some members of the police force called for him to stop moving the young man turned towards the direction of the explosion.

    "I would love to chat but I have business to attend to"

    With a swipe of his arm his cape fluttered around him like a cloak. His bag carrying hand raised his hood over his head to cover him completely before he bend trough his knees. With a thrust of his legs he rocketed upwards cracking the concrete where he took of. His body soared trough the sky before landing on a rooftop. Upon landing he rushed forward jumping from roof to roof. Time to find out what was causing all these explosions!!
  15. Nikki found herself being awoken early in the morning by her mother to get ready to go and catch the train.

    "Hurry up and get ready or else you'll miss the train." She yelled from the room across the hall. "And don't you dare go back to sleep."

    Nikki grumbled as she got out of bed, and headed to the bathroom to get ready. Thinking to herself about how she really wished she could do the last night over again.

    Earlier that night she had come home late from fighting it out with some bad guys only to be confronted by her mother. "Nikita, enough is enough. I've given you plenty of opportunities to change your ways, but you just don't seem to put forth any effort to do it. Her mother said from the front room of the house in a stern voice.

    "But I didn't do anything wrong this tim." Tried to argue.

    "You put a guy in the hospital in critical condition." She exclaimed.

    "He deserved it. Besides, I did save the vic." Nikki tried to retort back.

    "No, you scared the poor girl half to death with your display. And for that, it's time you got with some people who can help you move down the right path. Since I... I just cannot seem to get through to you." Her mother continued on in a concerned voice. "Nikki, I'm worried about you. That one day you're going to go too far. And you, the person you're trying to save, a innocent bystander, or the culprit is gonna get hurt in a way that is going to change your life in the worst way possible." She moved forward clasping her daughter's hands with hers. "Please, please go to Jump City, and join up with the other heroes that they were talking about on the news. I never ask much of you, but just this once, I'm asking you to do this for me. I just don't know what I'd do if I lost you." She somewhat whimpered out as she began to cry.

    Nikki saw how much it was hurting her mother. She saw the tears rolling down her cheeks. And if there was one thing Nikita didn't like was to see her mother cry. Not after what they had been through. "Alright mom. I'll go over there."

    "Thank you Nikki. You don't know how much this means to me."

    Thinking back, she really did wish she done it differently. But now, it is a new day. With that thought in mind, she ate breakfast, and finished getting ready to leave. Her mother dropped her off at the train station, and teary eyed waved goodbye to her daughter. "At least give it a couple months try." Her mother shouted as Nikki boarded the train.

    With that, Nikki found herself a seat near a window, and then stared out of it with a melancholic look filling her face. She let out a sigh, then closed her eyes as she put on some music for the train ride.
    Soon, she will be in Jump City to try to change her life around. She thought to herself.

    Upon arriving at the train station in Jump City, Nikki noticed what sounded like explosions off in the distance. Not really feeling like getting in the action for once, she instead walked over to a vending machine. Once there, she gave a quick glance around to make sure no one was looking, then used her power to get a bottle of water. After drinking that, she went to the taxi stand, and got into the first one to show up. "Take me to Titans Tower." She told the driver. Who then sped off to take her to her destination. Once at the tower, Nikki wound up finding herself bored. As there was no one around to answer the door no matter how much she knocked.

    "Maybe I should have gone to see what all that commotion was earlier." She said under her breathe before continuing on. "At least then I wouldn't be so bored waiting around here." Feeling dejected about making the wrong decision again, Nikki decided to just sit back at the entrance, and listen to music to pass the time.
  16. Jun glanced behind him just once as he walked through the park. So far it seemed no one was tailing him. He spotted a hot dog stand and grinned. When in doubt, a snack in the park always made a day better. He went ahead and cut infront of a young boy who was shuffling up to the stand with a five dollar bill in his sweat palm and gave another wide grin, this time to the man running the stand.

    "... What kenna getcha?" said the man after pausing for a moment to glance at the younger boy.

    Jun leaned heavily on the stand in a nonchalant way, causing the man to jump and have to push back to keep it from overturning.

    "I'll have one with... oh I don't know." Jun said, gesturing with a hand. "Just go ahead and make it with the works. Extra relish."

    Then Jun stood back and maintained his beaming smile until the man was finished. Jun swiped the dog from his hand before he could finish "here you g—" and took a bite. He drummed his fingers on the cart, humming and chewing happily while the boy stood by watching him blankly. Jun shot him a wink. This kept up for a few moments until the man requested the few dollars for the dog. Jun took this as his cue to leave.

    He began striding off with a "Sorry can't hear you." and waved with a hand as he went.

    At that same moment the ketchup and mustard bottles standing at the front of the cart each burst in two small pops, spraying the man and the boy both with the tangy condiments. The man's surprise and confusion was all Jun needed to stride off unimpeded.


    Mabel ran, having to dodge the debris left behind by the explosions or momentarily stop to help panicked people. As she went she spotted Noah jumping along the rooftops. As this point she was confident in her guess that there are two supers present. She knew appearances were on the rise, but it was still surprising to see others with bizarre powers like hers. She reached the end of the trail and had no more obvious direction in which to follow the explosive super. Looking around the streets fervently, she realized she had lost sight of Noah too. Have no other leads, she kept on straight into the park.

    As she went her pocket chimed. Mabel took a moment to study her phone which doubled as her Titan communicator. It notified her that someone was present at Titans Tower. It didn't seem to be a malicious intruder, but someone was definitely at her front door and it wasn't the postman.

    "Sorry, whoever you are, but you chose a bad time..." she thought to herself. "Who could that be anyway? Another super? That'd be three in one day."

    Mabel looked up to see a strange scene. The hot dog man was wiping up the ketchup and mustard spills and boggling at the scorch marks on the metal cart. The young boy was still standing with his five dollars, waiting for a hot dog; only now he was peppered with red and yellow goop. He slowly looked to the five dollars, and then to the remains of the burst condiment bottles, and then off down the park's pathway at Jun walking away.

    "What happened here?" Mabel asked the boy kindly.

    The boy just pointed off at Jun. While the man seemed to have noticed nothing and already forgotten about Jun, the boy had cleverly drawn the connection between the explosion and what Jun had been doing with his hands a minute earlier.

    "Is that him?" Mabel thought, trying to follow the distant figure with her eyes as she dipped behind a shrubbery.


    Jun sat down on a park bench, still eating the hot dog. He crumpled the tin foil it was served in with one hand and eyed up a few ducks several yards away. Cupping the ball of foil in a hand, he pointing it toward them in an offering sort of way.


    A small spark shone from his hand and the firey ball of metal rocketed into the center of the ducks, scattering them with a flurry of wings and quacks and a wave of laughter from Jun.
  17. While Mabel had noticed Noah the young man hadn't noticed the girl that was present at every scene he to stopped to give a quick overlook. Noah was by no means a detective or even someone who had a keen sense of observation. To Noah this just seemed like the work of someone who was getting a little to bored for his own good. Multiple prank bombings? What if someone got hurt? The caped youth observed the people down bellow in the streets, his right hand having risen up to his hood to hold it in place as he stood atop the building overlooking the cross-walk leading into the park.

    "Who would do such a thing!! On... Purpose..."

    Granted, Noah hadn't been the safest person to be around but he couldn't help it!! It wasn't like he had been born with these powers. Hell, he didn't even know their full extend. All he knew was that he could survive things other people couldn't, he could jump high and he was strong as hell. He liked his powers though. Yup. Absolutely did but.... They were a bit of a bitch to get used to. Drinking for instance. Holding a glass was not something he liked doing. It required an insane amount of concentration not to pop it. He'd get used to it eventually... Like with flasks. He could drink from those no problem nowadays.

    "Ah crap I'm sidetracking myself"

    It happened more often. The boy glanced around for a few seconds before turning his attention towards the park. The trail so far had led directly towards it so it was safe to say the park was the next place something was going to happen. Almost on cue he the sound and sight of ducks taking of in a panicked frenzy.

    There?!? Not good!! There were a ton of people around in the park, he couldn't allow them to get hurt!! Taking a few steps back he inhaled. Okay... Jump and land. Nothing to it. He could stick it if he believed in himself!! He could do it now. He had trained for this.

    And I almost succeeded last week!!

    With a burst of speed he rushed forward. Just before reaching the edge he lowered his body bending trough his knees without losing any momentum before pushing of. The ground underneath cracked and the pressure caused the windows on the upper floor to pop. Noah winced at the sound, his frame rocketing upwards at the same time as he launched himself soaring in a smooth curve towards the park.

    "Stick the landing Noah!! Stick the damned landing!! On your feet!! Oh crap!! Oh crap to much speed!! Oh no no!! Not a good angle!! Crap!! Crap!! CRAP!!"

    Startled people had turned to look at the commotion Jun had caused without actually realizing what had happened. All they heard were ducks taking of and a man laugh. Their attention was soon drawn to something else though. It was faint but..... There was a voice. A voice coming from... Somewhere...... High...?


    It sounded distant but it was definitely there. An older man glanced around somewhat confused before he caught the sound again.


    That came from..... Up above? Turning to look upwards his eyes widened. Noah's ungraceful upside down form came rocketing down. The caped, hooded boy glanced over his shoulder awkwardly mid fall. Somehow he had lost control over his trajectory mid jump. He hated jumping!! It sucked!! Why on earth couldn't he stick the damned landings?!?

    "No!! No!! No!! No!! No!! No!!"

    With a thunderous crashed Noah smashed smack in the middle of the path denting the ground while doing so. People around them jumped up startled, screamed, ran or gathered around to see what on earth had landed. Upon closer inspection the only thing they saw was a boy sprawled out in a self made crater. Just as a trembling man opened his mouth to call for someone to call an ambulance Noah's legs swung up in the air.

    "Son of a bitch!! Stupid body!! Why can't you stick the damned landings? I'd punch you if it wouldn't hurt myself!! Why couldn't I have been given the power of flight? So much easier!! Argh!! I hate this..... Also... Screw you city council!! Forcing me to jump because you don't want to build anything in this park...."

    Mumbling and grumbling Noah dusted himself of before he noticed something. He wasn't alone. Blinking he turned to look at the surprised faces. Wu-Oh!! His fingers curled around the rim of his hood to pull it down slightly so it covered his face. Okay... Okay he could do this. Ever since getting his powers Noah had found it hard to approach regular people. They were usually surprised by his strange abilities or... Inabilities to control his abilities. But today would be different!! Today he would succeed!!

    Okay Noah you can do this!! Just one line!! Did anyone see who startled the ducks, people?

    "The ducks who started the people, did anyone see?"

    Aha.... You suck Noah....

    Crestfallen Noah stared at the ground shaking his head. God he sucked.... Didn't stick the landing nor the save.....
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  18. After sitting around for a while, Nikki noticed that all she was doing was becoming more agitated and disinterested the more she sat there. So she decided to go check out what the explosions were about. Luckily there was still smoke coming from the general area of where they occurred. Walking out onto the street, she went to the nearest manhole cover, and stood over it as she pulled her hood over her head. She closed her eyes for a little bit to help her concentrate. Then slowly but surely started to rise up off of the ground. In no time, she found herself up above the roofline of the nearest buildings, and headed off towards the smoke.

    "Hopefully I'm not too late. It'd be a real drag if I missed out on some action. Not that I could help out much with the fire anyways." She thought to herself as she got closer to the fire. once there she noticed the store on fire. The next thing she noticed was 2 large pieces of something in the street that were charred and mangled up. She then noticed what looked like a trail of destruction heading down the street from the store after a little bit of looking around.

    "Guess that's where the action is." She said to herself as a slightly sinister looking grin appeared on her face. She then leaned forward slightly and sped off in that direction.

    Finding herself at a park, she couldn't help but notice that the trail went cold. That is until she saw what looked like a person yelling as they fell to the ground in a completely ungraceful manner. There was not much time to think. Only time to get into the action. And that was something she was good at. Grabbing onto the side of the cover, she dashed down at the oddly dressed guy from behind. As she didn't want to do a frontal attack on somebody who had just gotten up from a painful looking fall like it was nothing. When she was close enough to the ground she jumped off, and rolled on the ground for a bit as the cover sped along towards the guy.

    THUD!!! The manhole cover struck the guy in the back of his head.

    "That should get his attention." Nikki thought to herself as she sprinted towards the guy while charging up for a electrical attack. Before lunging into the air to deal the next blow.
  19. Chad laughed at Chuck's Captain Crash transformation and then started started rubbing his hands together while laughing mischievously
    "Time to suit up baby!" Chad yelled as he ran over to the Kamen rider costume
    "Leave it to Leo to know how like it! The scarf looks cool to oh my god~ this is so awesome!"
    Chad puts on the helmet and looks around slowly and then yells
    "Walking the path of heaven! the man to rule everything! And if you don't get that reference too bad!"
    Chad did a piss poor version of the rider kick laughing all the while.

    "I gotta say though boys, I always thought it'd be tough to move in these suits but it actually feels pretty comfortable!

    Chad finally calmed down and noticed the enhancements that Leo had mentioned. He had always known Leo to be a smart guy but no one could deny that this was pretty damn impressive, especially for a 14 year old kid.

    "So....what do we do now? We've got powers, we've got costumes, the only thing left for us to do now is do something right? Dare I say, kick some ass?" Chad said smiling under his brand new helmet
  20. "Well, there was an explosion in Jump City, California about 10 minutes ago. That is also where the Teen Titans are recruiting, so lets go for a ride." Leo said as he desuited. "Zero, load 0X, 02, and 04 onto NeoBird. And prepare for take off."

    The floor lowered the trio into the hangar. "There is a reason my lab is under a big pond."

    There Chad and Chuck would get thefirst look.at the intercontinental vtol jet known as NeoBird. 7 pods were being loaded into slots in the design. "One way flight to Jump City?"

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