1. What happens when a cold heart cries?
    It snows.
    Your tears fall in the soil
    allowing pain to grow,
    I'm promise to be here for you,
    allow your feelins to show
    And to your heart I'll be loyal
    In ways you'll never know

    The breeze
    The leave-less trees
    The leaves left the tree
    So cold, hear it sneeze
    All alone Just adam and no eve
    His heart pumps ice
    Negative -12 Degrees

    Ice frozen on her cheeks
    She wants to cry out
    But she's too cold and weak
    This cold weather makes her unable to sleep
    Trying to conceal the heat by hiding under the sheets

    But the wind chill still follows her
    The cold air flows
    like a freezer just swallowed her
    The winter's so bold
    soft snow will devour her
    So why is the cold
    trying to take the heat out of her?

    Just wanna know what's going on?
    If we stay together
    I'm sure we'll get warm
    Our tears were ice in a hailstorm
    But love keeps us warm
    when all of the hails gone

    ~Shareef Watson~ Aka Shadowsagefox
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  2. Still a work in progress but for y'all I'll give you small taste
  3. maybe on day ill post something here i found my inspiration to write stuff like this, but only time well tell if ill actually post any of it.
  4. You definetly should. I about the first 5 lines of this in my head when I wrote this then I just made up the rest as I went. BTW thanks for reading.
  5. Very nice.I really like it! :)
  6. I like how you used a punchline style to connect the feeling with the ideal of the writing. Great job.

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