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    rock provided a great idea in the Graphics section. Click here for the thread and more information.
    Hey lazy fucks. I'm going to start something to make you all productive (I hope)

    So I'm going to buy a Moleskine Pocket Plain Notebook (3.5 x 5.5 or 5.25 x 8.25 [Vote for which one]) with 192 pages that will travel around the country/world (hopefully) and depending on how many people sign up for this - will assign an amount of pages to everybody so the notebook can be filled up.

    I will purchase the moleskin on September 25th and ship it out the next day to the first person on the list. You guys have until then to sign up. But before you do, read the simple rules in place (subject to change):

    1. By signing up you will commit to spending a small amount of money to ship out the moleskin to the next participant by mail. 2. You will not rip pages/draw/write/etc outside your assigned pages or draw onto other peoples work. 3. The last person on the list must ship the moleskin back to me. 4. Have fun and get creative.

    The assigned pages are blank for anything, there is no limitations to what you could do to them: Write, paint, sketch, collages, etc.

    I will also participate in this, but I will get the last pages of the notebook for myself.

    If you're interested, just post something and for now, ONLY include your current location (i.e. Los Angeles, CA, U.S.). I will ask for addresses later on. The reason for this is to get a list of locations to make the moleskin travel more efficiently. Instead of having it go cross country multiple times it will go by a location sequence, so if the starting location is in California then the closest person to that location will be next on the list. So your home town will decide the order that you will participate on and hopefully save some cash for you people.

    This isn't just open to the graphic/artist people in this forum section. You can spread the word to other people so long as they're TAL members.

    At the end, once I get everything I will scan it all, make a .pdf and post it for everyone to share (I might be able to print individual copies and send it to the participants, courtesy of the bad ass printers I have access to at school). If this goes smoothly we can do more stuff like this.

    If you have any questions or comments just let me know.

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