1. Making some forum changes. Moved Graphics area to the "Unused forums and such" section. As Renzo said a few years back: GFX trend has been dead for years. Doesn't look like it is coming back for the time being.

    Debates section has been merged to General section.

    Like to send a shoutout to Jeff, Martzu, and Cane for keeping the spam bots at bay. Spam threads often last a whole 5 minutes or less. This he as kept things clutter freuntil I somehow get access to XenForo's customer forum where I can install add-ons that progressively fight spam bots. Like a good anti-malware program on a PC, an anti-bot heuristic engine is just as vital to a forum.

    We're a smaller group than we used to be but we've known each other for years and I feel we're a tighter group because of that. No matter how many sites I spend time on, TAL is always the center of my internets. I love you guys.

    If anyone has any ideas for the forum, always feel free to put it out there. We're a complete community and no longer focused too much on anime.
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  2. Could we have a spam thread section? Like a sub forum under mod section. I would like to collect those in one place. Not that there is any use of those threads most of times, but now and then it's good to check what type of spam certain bots make.

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU should be under the Lounge like Caturday imho.

    Last post in the Kingdom Hearts RP was over a year ago. Should be moved to Storage.

    Could 18+ section has "The Jacuzzi" back in its name again? And some that section's stickies are no longer valid.

    Fan Clubs are neither active so those could be placed "Unused forums and such" section too.

    Fashion and TAL blogs could be merged with another section.
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  3. There aren't enough threads about MD and it's starting to negatively impact my user experience.
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  4. Sounds good. I will make those changes. Big problem right now is the thousands of bots that are still members. There are scripts to remove these quickly but I do not have access to download from the XenForo site. Deleting an account takes forever, let alone thousands with the current system. I may play with the database itself to sort users with <= 1 posts.

    Life's a bitch.
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  5. I too could use more MD threads.

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