1. Eson you can move this if needed..idk where hell it goes.. recommendations?

    Taka and Thora released the Berserk project entitled "Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler." We have released both 720p and 1080p FLAC softsub .mkv's.

    "This is the first of three new Berserk movies, produced as a reboot of the original manga. This first part centers around the origin story of Guts and Griffith and the rest of the Band of the Hawk. It's full of blood, guts (see what I did there?), and some nice nudity :D. Fans of Berserk and newcomers alike will enjoy this!"

    720p and 1080p FLAC softsub .mkv's.

  2. I watched this movie on Sunday with a friend. It was really good. It's been so long since I read through Berserk that most of it was fresh to me. You might want to wait for the next movie to come out before watching this though because the way things ended was the only letdown.

    Here is a 800mb torrent. It's good quality and not a massive download like the Taka ones.
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  3. It's cgi heavy of course but opening sequence is great. Go blood and gore. Wow .. that was pretty damn good actually.

  4. cgi heavy

    so does the animation look bad in this movie?
  5. no
  6. The 2d animation is pretty good. The CG is shit most the time. There are a couple of decent CG scenes, but that's it.
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  7. It made me realize that there are things that 3D does that 2D animation can't replicate though, particularely in the portrayal of space. I really don't know how to express it properly in english but, it's like, in 2D you have backgrounds, but in 3D you have areas...it's pretty clear in several moments in the movie.
  8. Yeah, that I agree with. It's really hard to portray armies fighting in big landscapes with 3d. What they usually do when it's in 2d is move the background with 3d effects.
    I mean you can try and do this.

    But on that big of a scale. It would take ages to animate a proper war scene.

    I'm not saying I hate 3d in general (I don't like it, but I don't hate it either), but when it's executed so poorly like in this movie, it ruins the experience of watching a Berserk movie. Obviously people go in expecting a great deal. The legendary Berserk is back on the big screen and then we get pis poor CG scenes.
  9. Haoh is way too harsh on the 3D as usual.

    I wasn't really bothered by it. A couple of times things looked a little weird but whatever.

    You know I really enjoyed this to the point that I think I'll go catch movie two this month.
  10. Seriously I'm not. Just check out the general reactions about the CG in this movie then you'll see that I'm more than fair. I don't talk shit on CG, if it's good CG. There were a couple of good scenes, like the one with Gutts vs the soldiers at the end of the movie (after he assassinated what's his name and his kid).
  11. I have been waiting for this movie to be subbed. Awesome, going to watch it immediately when it's downloaded.

    EDIT: Just saw the movie... They did a greaaaaat job. The music was really epic and added a lot to the story and scenes (which I kinda know by heart)

    What I also liked is how the handled those flashbacks. That was really amazing. And when he killed the young Adonis... One word.... Epic.
  12. Yo...2nd movie has SIGNIFICANTLY more CG and is about 30 minutes longer than the first one. I suspect each film will get longer.
    Ends with Griffith being caught and the Band of the Hawk being driven away. Also there are Puck, Farnese and Serpico cameos.
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  13. About movie 2

    -The Queen is omitted, so the assassination plot naturally is too
    -Griffith's past with Gennon is omitted (i.e., selling himself, the following scene where he's washing himself in the river, etc)
    -Corkus and Judeau talking to Guts in the bar when they find out he plans to leave the Hawk, all omitted
    -Zodd throwing his sword to Guts in the battle with Boscone is gone (Zodd isn't in the movie, Gutts beats Boscone with his own sword)
    -Gutts' discussion with Caska and the "bonfire of dreams" stuff is moved and compressed into the conversation outside the ball.
    -introspective narrative cut throughout the film much like the first movie. Example here would be Griffith's thoughts that if he cant keep Guts perhaps he'd be fine with killing him (during their fight).
    -other minor/obvious omissions like the King trying to rape Charlotte.
  14. I hope they play more of Susumu Hirasawa's song in the 2nd movie. I freakin' love it (as anything by the man of course), and we only got like a minute of it in the opening of the first movie (very memorable minute though! XD).
  15. I'm downloading now and gonna watch, wow 2.41GB for 720p, big file. I hope i'm not disappointed. I never really had the opportunity to get into Berserk. I started reading a bit of the manga and then stopped because I couldn't find no online chapters to read at the time I think.
  16. @ DM pls spoiler movie 2 stuff like Haoh did or ya'll start another thread unless it's been subbed so we can all see and discuss it. Wish I hadn't of read that so fast >.>

    ^ Also, the movie files are always big from Thora.
  17. This was a great movie, good action, a tone of violence and even some nudity lol. The link I dl the 720p was a bit chippy, I thought it was my comp and put it on dvd and still the same thing, but I still enjoyed it anyways.
  18. Might be something to do it them doing 10bit now. I don't know. Didn't have any issues unless you dl'd from elsewhere.
  19. hopefully i will be able to dwnload this...

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