1. is kirito's character a girl.
  2. Trying to circumvent my thread, eh wolf? :troll

    No. It's a rare and highly sought after avatar that looks like a female, but is actually a male.
  3. What man would want that?
  4. You're forgetting it's in Japan :)
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  5. First episode was ok if ask me, slow but still ok good.

  6. Getting penis is BONUS in Nippon.
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  8. lol ^ they took our jobs! This sound is horrible but funny. "I'm just tryin' to be helpful" I wasn't overly enthusiastic with the first episode and guns being brought into this.. there is a better arc they will hopefully show. About to watch ep. 2.
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  9. I think the second ep had some good action
  10. Still, I found it odd that they only showed Kirito for about half a minute at most this episode.
  11. I actually liked that about SAOII. Lets face it Kirito isn't the coolest person you know. I'm ok with them letting some other characters shine as well.
  12. Don't worry, Kirito will show up soon enough to show why he's the main character.

    Also, there is a entire light novel volume that was pretty much devoid of Kirito. It was mainly about the time Asuna spent with a girl in ALO. But I doubt that will be shown in this season.
  13. Totally thought this was sarcasm.

    Then i read this.
  14. A guy tries to hit on Kirito, and then realizing Kirito is a male, tries to buy the avatar from Kirito.
  15. I doubt they show anything more from that time of ALO... unless they did a backstory series or bunch of episodes.
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  17. Guess this thing is getting too many episodes since they're dragging it out.
  18. I like that they're taking the time to flesh out the new character. I thought episode 3 was really solid.

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