1. I'll turn this into a proper thread when I get home but has anyone been following this? It's hilarious, and all of the characters are likable to boot.
  2. It is? I've downloaded all episodes, but I haven't watched them. This gives me a reason to do so. Any other good shows this season btw? Uchoten Kazoku is probably my favorite of the new ones. I don't watch Monogatari and I thought Gatchaman Crowds was shit.
    Blood Lad was ok I guess. Typical show show and Free is, how should I say it. It has good animation lol. Aside from it being a Kyo-Ani show I don't even know why I'm watching it.
  3. Yea man Servant X Service is great entertainment, all the characters are great. I've actually taken a liking to Gatchaman Crowds, and obviously Uchoten Kazoku is king when it comes to our tastes. Other than that I've been following Silver Spoon (Gin no Saiji) thats also surprisingly good I think its the sleeper this season. Why no Monogatari Hao? This season is actually good, I was a bit put off by Nisemonogatari, but this time around its back to the Bakemono goodness I enjoyed every episode of the Nekomono arc as much as I did the arcs in Bakemono.

    If I had to rank series this season it would probably go:
    Attack on Titan
    Servant x Service
    Uchoten Kazoku
    Silver Spoon
    Gatchaman Crowds

    And the first 4 were actually all 1st place I just had to seperate them somehow.
  4. I don't know. I just never liked the Monogatari series. I forgot about Gin no Saiji. I'm watching that as well. I'm still at episode 2 though. I didn't like the first episode of Crowds at all. The build up of how they became Gatchaman. The awful characters and the even worse CG action.
    The only anime I really look forward to every week is Attack on Titan to be honest. I could go without all the other shows. But yeah, we're basically watch the same stuff, which I was expecting.

    I'll give this a go and post my thoughts tomorrow.
  5. Also good luck getting the OP and ED of this out of your head, I've given up.
  6. Fastforwarding the OP & ED it is.

    The more episodes I watch of Uchoten Kazoku the more it reminds me of Ran to Haiiro no Sekai. Pretty good manga.

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