1. lol ^

    He's a fat fucking rabbit like Beerus the God of Destruction. He's just not from around here and he has a chick "whis".
  2. Don't forget that the chick "whis" might be the only way champa is able to get laid.
  3. This whole series has been like one big filler so far. :..
  4. The problem with the series is that they aren't doing anything different enough to be worth retelling the movies. Some details are different, like Bulma's party happening on ship, but it's basically the same as the movie, just drawn out. We still haven't finished haven't the BOG retelling and then we have to go through a ROF retelling before we get to the new stuff with the Universe 6 arc. Honestly, despite the anime being canon while the manga is just promotional material for the anime in this case, I'm enjoying the Super manga more than the anime. At least the manga is introducing new stuff by showing Champa searching for the dragonballs at the same time the BOG events are happening. But the way the anime is going, it looks like we'll wait until they're finished retelling the movies before introducing the new stuff.
  5. Meh, not everyone is going to watch the movies and the movie is the reason there is a series. I'm not as impatient for things to happen the way I was years ago with DBZ. I say just sit back and enjoy the ride. The good stuff in the new arc will come soon enough.
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  6. Yep San I'm the same way ^ Enjoy the ride man. Also, she actually has nice eyes lol. I don't recall seeing them open. dbmilf
    Also, goku looked kick ass as a SSJ4. It's a shame it's being taken away. The action in that vs android and the dragons was kick ass.
  7. Loved Bulma in episode 8. "If you win, I'll give you anything you want" *wink wink, nudge nudge*. She's offering sexual rewards to a pig while her husband is standing right next to her...that's our Bulma.:derp
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  8. clearly Toriyama doesnt give a fuck about continuity anymore. :rage
  9. Watched episode 9 and did I just see Super Saiyan Videl?:wut:
    If you're referring to Pan's birth, you're right. Based on the 10-year after Buu epilogue where Pan is 4, Pan shouldn't be born for several years as Super is only supposed to be several months after Buu. I guess Toriyama retconned it. I wonder the entire epilogue with Uub will be written out? Wouldn't surprise me at this point.

    Plus Toriyama has said this:


    The "mess around with what's already been established" part seems to make Toriyama's attitude toward continuity clear.

    Also, from the same source:

    ^Toriyama telling us everything we need to know about how modern Dragonball is made.

    And in other news:




    Mr. Satan>Gohan confirmed.:)
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  10. The latest episode was awesome. That flick to the head and the chop to the neck was goku being goku. It looks like the fight will reach its conclusion by next ep and drag out the ending to the one after.
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  11. They can easily stretch this out to more episodes than that. :toenee
  12. The October 2015 issue of Animage magazine in Japan already unveiled the remaining September schedule:

    This is good news for me. The title for ep. 13 is about surpassing SSJGod, which seems like a reference to achieving SSGSS. They haven't really expanded much on the BOG storyline and in some cases even take away some stuff like the backstory behind the original SSJ God, so I was starting to get worried that they'd just have a timeskip straight to the ROF stuff after this. But it looks like they'll be covering the events between the two movies afterall. There's a lot of stuff that was skipped in the movies that I hope Super will cover. I'd like to see how Vegeta under the ritual to get his God powers, maybe get an explanation why none of the other Saiyans tried to get God powers themselves since it seems like an easy power-up, see how SSGSS was discovered by Goku and Vegeta, maybe get an explanation how SSGSS is different from the god enhanced but still golden SSJ that Goku used at the end of BOG, see how Goku and Vegeta started training with Whis, actually see Frieza's training, and maybe how Golden Frieza was first achieved. I'd also like to see a Jaco mini-arc to introduce him on Super. I know about his manga series, but it's not well-known so his introduction in ROF can seem rather out of the blue.

    Until then, it looks like we'll get two more episodes of SSJ God Goku vs Beerus. This seems like it will be good. Based on this episode and the preview of the next, this fight has been better than the movie version in my opinion. We actually get to see SSJ God Goku show off his power and have a good fight. In the movie, the fight was slow and God Goku spent most of the fight getting knocked around. Ironically enough, the movie fight only got really good when Goku lost SSJ God and fought in base and then in regular SSJ.

    I've also been enjoying the humor in the fight, such as Goku repaying Beerus for the fingerflick and chop. And going by these images, it's looks like the humor will keep up:

    Also, screen shots of Goku's revenge:):


    And the middle finger just made it perfect.
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  13. This was a pretty good episode.

    While I think the anime has been inferior to the movie for the most part, the battle between SSJ God Goku and Beerus has been better than the movie's version.

    And the best part was no Pilaf scenes this episode.

    Although, one new thing was that Goku seems to have healing powers thanks to SSJ God. The god aura surrounded his stab wound and healed it without a scratch. I wonder how advanced that ability will be? Piccollo level, Cell level, or even Buu level?

    However, there could end up being a plothole when we get to the Resurrection F arc. Sorbet's sneak attack on Goku has a big plot point in the movie, but if God Goku get blasted in Super, he should be able to just heal the wound no problem. Hopefully this means they'll change the scene from the movie. If they don't, it will be even more BS than it was in the movie.
  14. I am gonna have to disagree on this. I dont know why people keep picking on BoG but that fight was awesome. And the movie version was better imo.
  15. How was it better? The fight seemed so slow and boring to me. The only time it seemed to get excited was when Goku lost SSJ God. The parts with base and regular SSJ Goku were really good, the actual SSJ God Goku part was pretty bad. I always found it annoying (and odd) that the movie introducing a brand new form which the movie kinda revolved around was only used for a third of the fight and was the third where he was getting his ass handed to him the most. Here, we're actually getting more back and forth, even despite Beerus having the clear advantage. The movie version was so slow that it didn't feel like a real battle. Even Piccolo made a comment on how it seemed more like training session than a fight. God Goku seemed to spend most the fight just knocked around and not in a beatdown sense, as Goku just seemed to be knocked back with serious injury. In Super, things started off silly, but once Beerus got serious, it seemed to be a more brutal beatdown like you'd expect in a real fight. And while Beerus had the advantage, Goku still managed to get some blows in. The movie version felt more like a warm-up battle, like what Goku and Freeza had before Freeza got serious and started using 50% or like the warm-up Goku had with Cell before he started fighting seriously. Super's version seems more like the real fight; more intense. The movie version has Beerus more like sparring or testing Goku, while here Beerus is only holding back to get a good fight and once he thinks he's seen Goku's best, he outright tries to murder Goku by stabbing him in the chest. IIf I had never seen BOG, this would be even more intense episode when you see that no matter what Goku could muster Beerus just shrugs it off like it was nothing, and then that stab in the chest looks like game over.

    Of course, in the movie Goku didn't even fight fully, only using 80% and the moment he started to get serious, SSJ God wore off. I think what i've been liking more about the fight is that it really seems like Goku is being pushed to the limits of Super Saiyan God, more than the movie did. In BOG, I felt he assimilated it too fast, and reverted back to using base and SSJ without giving the audience the feeling he had fully explored its potential. This fight really gives off more of an impression that Goku is truly pushed to the limits and really has to explore the power of SSJ God.

    There were really only two things from the movie version of SSJ God Goku vs Beerus that I'm missing in Super. I really loved how in BOG Movie, SSJ God Goku and Beerus run wild through the Earth. They fought in the sky, city, forest, mountains, underwater cave, and in earth's atmosphere. It was awesome. In Super, it's just the sky with one very brief segment on a completely barren island. The second thing was the talk about Goku's pride because it shows us a side of his personality we rarely see. Everyone always talks about him being a "self-made man" but BOG is probably the only time Goku himself in-universe shows us he thinks of himself this way and finds it annoying & disheartening that he'd never attain this kind of power by himself.

    But on the other hand, in lieu of Goku's "pride" talk, it seems we're getting some insight into Beerus and his frustrations: that he's someone who enjoys battles just as much as Goku and is a foil to Goku as perhaps that he's even the kind of being that Goku could turn into. Consider Beerus the living embodiment of what Goku's relentless aim of "becoming stronger", coupled with his enjoyment of battles, should actually entail in practical terms if actually achieved: eventual ultimate and soul-crushing boredom. It's interesting to see Goku confronted with that.
  16. Not really feeling the god fight or the ssgod red form. Just very boring overall. I miss the gold. Rather see gohan, goten or trunks in action. So goku is about to evolve into something past ssj god? hmm hope it's more interesting than this stuff.
  17. So, God Goku and Beerus can destroy the universe with just 2-3 punches? This is going to start up those Goku vs Superman debates again isn't it?

    Well, at least this definitely feels more like a battle of gods, with the mere shockwaves of their attacks vaporizing planets and shaking the universe. If I didn't watch BOG, this would really make me wonder who was going to win since SSJ God keeps getting stronger, which I'm actually glad they included since it fits with what Toriyama said before about Goku possibly being able to close the gap because saiyans get stronger the more they fight a strong opponent. But where do they go from here? How are they gonna kick things up a notch after this? Cause if at this level the universe can't contain their power, then how the heck will it contain greater power eventually? Wouldn't a future SSGSS Goku vs Golden Freeza essentially cause the same mess to happen again? This is the first arc of the series and you're already saying that the characters are so strong that the universe itself might fall apart as nothing more than collateral damage simply from their fists connecting? Well damn, we'd better hope that no actual contact ever happens in the Freeza or Universe 6 arcs then, or else the multiverse will surely turn to dust in seconds. I assume from this point on Goku masters the technique he was using to cancel out Beerus' attacks, or else any further clashing with other foes on this level or greater, ends with the universe going kablooey.

    The title for the next episode kind of confuses me. Surpass Super Saiyan God? Seems way to early to introduce SSGSS. I figured they'd save that for training with Whis in the ROF arc. We just got SSJ God this arc. I suppose it could also be referring to the "Saiyan Beyond God" state as that was kind of introduced at the end of the BOG movie, but that doesn't really seem to work either. Despite the name, SBG isn't really stronger than SSJ God, it's just the Saiyan using the power of SSJ God while in their base state. So at most, they'd be equally strong, but SBG doesn't have a time limit as it's the God power absorbed into the base state. But unlike the movies, in Super, there's been no mention or sign of SSJ God having a time limit, which negates the whole point of SBG. I suppose they could suddenly introduce the time limit, but without the backstory that Super cut out from the movie, it would seem to come out of nowhere. I suppose they could also retcon SBG into being stronger than SSJ God somehow. Super has already kind of retconned SSJ God from the movies by seemingly removing the time limit and adding regeneration abilities to SSJ God.

    Yeah, if the ROF movie and this arc are any indication, I wouldn't bet on it. In the ROF movie, Trunks and Goten didn't even appear and it doesn't sound like they've achieved SSJ God either. And we know Gohan didn't achieve SSJ God. Hell, he wasn't even sure he could regular SSJ and has apparently slacked off so much he's seemingly lost SSJ2 and his Elder-Kai potential unlocked Mystic state. And in this arc, Goteks and Mystic Gohan were basically treated as jokes. Gohan didn't even get to land a single blow on Beerus. Hell, even Bulma got to land a blow on Beerus. I've already seen memes talking about how Gohan is the new Yamcha.

    And at these power levels, there's really no way the demi-Saiyans are going to be able to do anything unless they gain God power, but it looks like Goku and Vegeta are going to be the only ones who achieve SSJ God.
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  18. Can someone please provide a good link for Return of F? I actually haven't watched it yet. I don't know if a good one came out yet.
  19. Anyone got word on whether Deadfish are still subbing this series? Their last was ep 10. They are normally behind by about 4-5 days. If not recommend me a good sub that isnt necessarily fast but accurate.
  20. I've yet to find one.

    I just stream the eps from here.


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