1. Cheelai want that Broly D. Don't be surprised if Broly has a half Saiyan half...green alien child?
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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbeNDvwfDDM for anyone that wants to watch the movie. Its already on youtube with 720p quality. I watched it in the cinema's yesterday. Big screen with dolby surround is always the way to watch.
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  3. If the anime comes back and redoes this movie like they did with BOG and ROF, I hope these scenes get included.
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  5. Watched the Broly movie last night, fuc**** amazing, completely exceeded my expectations. Even with Gogeta being spoiled to me way in advance it was still exciting to see.

    I am very late in watching the movie so I won't say much now but I loved how they gave Broly more depth to his character and the minor tweaks in his back story. That little green alien girl is hot. I realize now Toriyama-sama needs to make Broly bust a nut, that's why he's so strong he's all backed up for 30+ years. It would be cool to get some green looking OP Super Saiyan-jin running around giving Trunks and Goten and run. Also the question now is what does a Broly with training to transform to God form look like?
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  6. Dude, where have you been the last few months? Why haven't you watched it earlier
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  7. I think I was waiting for subs to come out and some of the comments were complaints so I just waited. After a couple months I got frustrated and impatient and found out the sub I watched was pretty good and I could of watched it long ago lol.
  8. You could've even watched it without subs. It was all basic anime Japanese anyway. I bet you would've understood most of it.
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  9. San, don't you take that from Haoh 1.
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  10. [IMG]

    That's a borderline hard pass for me.
  11. Can't see the image
  12. Super Dragonball Heroes poster with Cooler, SS4 Goku, SS Blue Goku, adult Mai adult Trunks and others on it.
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