1. Dragonball Heroes is getting a short little tie in mini series thingy. Should be fun.
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  2. Broly (dubbed) trailer

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  3. OmFg that looked amazing! Where is the jp version?
  4. It's weird how after years of Broly love, they decide to make him cannon in a movie. I would've loved to see another season focused on Broly. Oh well, should be awesome, and there's still a chance well get another season with this exact story.
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  5. All I gotta say is...fuck Kale. There can be only one.

    Also, it looks like maybe instead of a headpiece it is a necklace regulating his power. He doesn't have it when he's in "legendary" form.
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  7. I have to say, I definitely wasn't expecting them to use Broly. Before this I probably would've been disappointed that we're getting another Broly movie, but after watching that trailer, I'm sold and really hyped for this. Looks like the canon Broly is going to put old one to shame. I wonder if they're going to use the old LSSJ form or give him a new transformation?
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  8. Dude is fighting Gokue blue in base form lol.

  9. I know DB Minus is canon, but I still wish Toriyama would've went with the Bardock special instead.
  10. Bardock instead of Broly? You're crazy!


    Can't see the video


    Just watched it December 14th 2018 I can't wait!

  11. I am pumped!

    Fun fact, in the Dragonball manga Goku is NEVER portrayed as a baby.
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  12. Hyped. Here's the thing. I never watched any of the old dragon ball movies. I prided myself on only following the canon. So this will be my first encounter with Broly.
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  13. Man you missed out on some fun ones. BOJACK, BABY
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  14. Movies for Dragon Ball were so good. We got to see Gogeta!
  15. I didn't mean make another Bardock movie. What I said was that I prefer the Bardock special as an origin over DB Minus. The only good thing about Minus was seeing Goku's mom and even the people I know who are normally "canon is always better" in almost everything else have said that they prefer the Bardock special over Minus.

    But more importantly, earlier info on the movie before the Broly reveal said that this would explore the origins of the Saiyans. However, I've heard that this may end up only referring to the deal with Freeza, the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and the events births of Goku, Vegeta, and Broly. While this would be interesting to see, I was hoping there would be flashbacks relating to the origin of the Saiyan race as a whole and of the Super Saiyan transformation. Toriyama explained the original SSJ, Yamoshi, in an interview and about S cells. I was hoping there would be something shown about how that all happened and make it relate to Broly's unusual power. In the original movies, Broly was simply the prophesied Legendary Super Saiyan and the databooks basically said that it was a mutation. The mutation explanation is similar to what was said about Freeza and King Cold and their power. However, they could have said that Broly's LSSJ power came from being directly descended from Yamoshi or something like that. If Broly was descended from Yamoshi, it would have made the rivalry would Goku more interesting. Toriyama said that the SSJ God ritual was basically about connecting with Yamoshi's spirit, so that sort of makes Goku like the spiritual successor of Yamoshi due to undergoing the ritual. The fight would then be the physical successor of Yamoshi vs the spiritual successor. Hopefully, there'll still be some mention of the origins of the Saiyans and SSJ in the movie.

    On another note, I've heard a lot of rumors that Gogeta may be in the movie, mostly coming from people who claim there's a Gogeta toy in the movie's promotional material. Not confirmed yet, but I remember that the existence of SSJSS (Blue) was first revealed in figures for the Resurrection F movie long before the movie came out, so it's possible. I believe it's been stated that Broly is the strongest opponent Goku and Vegeta will have ever faced. This confirms he's stronger than Jiren, so Ultra Instinct and fusion would probably be the only things that could beat Broly. The original had everybody giving their power to Goku to beat Broly, but that won't work here. That basically happened with the Spirit Bomb against Jiren and that didn't work.

    On a different topic, I've just gotten around to watching the Heroes anime. I know that it's based on a video game so power levels are even more inconsistent than in the anime, but it's still impressive. Broly was shown taking on SSJ Blue Goku in base in the trailers, but Cumber fought evenly with Blue Kaioken Vegetto in base and it apparently going to take on SSJ4 Xeno Vegetto in the next episode. That's OP.

    Also, I added the English dub trailer to my previous post above to go along with the sub trailer.
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  16. So it seems we'll be getting more DB Super in 2019
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  17. Link?
  18. I wonder if they'll retell the Broly movie like with Battle of God's and Resurrection F? I've also heard a rumor that we'll be getting an arc where Vegeta goes to U6 Sadala to investigate the origins of Broly's and Kale's transformations and the origins of the Saiyan race. It's just a rumor, not confirmed.
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