1. I've been enjoying the family bonding scenes, but I'm really glad that the BOG stuff is coming soon. The stuff I really want to see is the Universe 6 arc, so getting through the BOG and ROF retellings quickly would be really nice.

    Although, I am interested in the retellings of BOG and ROF because what changes they may make. There have been some minor changes such as where Bulma's birthday party happens and how Beerus remembers his dream, but I'm more interested in any big changes. Beerus is showing up several months after Buu instead of 4 years after, which is a good idea since it gives them more time to work with for the story, but it also creates some changes. Pan shouldn't be conceived yet (she's 4 in the epilogue where Uub shows up which is 10 years after Buu). This means that they'll be short a Saiyan for the ritual for SSJ God. So they may have to change how SSJ God is achieved (perhaps some other method than the ritual) or alter the ritual requirements (perhaps reduce the number of needed Saiyans by one). I suppose they could also introduce Tarble for ritual instead (they are already borrowing stuff from the 2008 special such as Goku being a radish farmer). Or they could go the dark route (doubtful) and say Gohan's first kid wasn't Pan and was a miscarriage sometime after the ritual. They could retcon Pan's age but they'd also have to retcon the epilogue, which might happen. If they're retelling BOG and ROF, they may also retell the epilogue in a similar manner.

    I'm hoping that they don't just copy and paste the fights from the movies. If they're going to bother to retell the movies, they could rewrite and hopefully expand the fights. For instance, it seems that SSJ3 Goku vs Beerus is coming up in episode 5. While it should still be Beerus dominating SSJ3 Goku, I hope the fight plays out differently with different moves and attacks rather than just have them make the same attacks, move for move, from the movies. Basically change up the fight choreography, so the fight's fresh. I don't want them just giving the movie fights the Kai treatment.
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  2. I don't have to have seen the recent movies to understand what is going on in this show do I?
  3. turns out no. from the looks of it they are retelling the those stories.
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  4. I would still watch GoD and Return of F (which hasn't come out yet but will soon).
  5. Looks like events playing out nearly the same as BOG, and while some details are different such as Beerus and Whis talking about the Saiyans in the bath rather than at breakfast, most of the lines are almost word for word from the movie. However, I already mentioned this when the manga chapter came out but one change I didn't like was how Beerus apparently ordered Frieza to destroy the Saiyans. In the movies, Beerus wanted to do it but Frieza just beat him to it as Beerus was to lazy to travel to planet Vegeta. Here it seems that Frieza was ordered to it. I feel like it cheapens Frieza and the whole story of why he destroyed the Saiyans. It really hurts Freeza's character, the backstory of the Saiyans and the Namek arc in my opinion. Beerus is a really good character and he stands on his own, there is no need to try to hamfistedly make him important to previously existing events in the story. I love Beerus, but having him have a hand in what was essentially one of Freeza's defining acts of tyranny/destruction is pretty dumb. I was hoping this would be one thing that was in the manga that wouldn't be in the anime, like how the bug aliens trying to poison Beerus was in the manga but not the anime.

    I am also disappointed that Pilaf is going to be in the anime. It seems unnecessary and we've already had some filler. The Pilaf scenes worked in the movie for nostalgia since that was the first new Dragonball movie in years. But while I thought it was good for nostalgia's sake in the movie, I was hoping it would be cut out for the series.

    On the other hand, I liked the mention that it was Beerus who sealed away Old Kai. That was actually mentioned in a Toriyama interview a while back, but these type of tidbits from interview rarely get mentioned in the main series.
  6. It was a bit confusing with ep 3 cause it looked like they were showing the events from episode 2 again but from a different vantage point? I don't know why we would need to see that. I don't mind these 'slice of life' DB episodes so far.

    I thought it was cool that we found out Beerus trapped the Elder in the Z sword. I wish they would take clips from Dragon Ball Kai when doing flashbacks.
  7. I like the star wars approach to gods in this universe. You have multiple gods of creation and only 1 god of destruction to balance it out.
    Also lol at 8 and a half planet. Beerus, you better destroy another half planet or your record is gonna show n number and half a planet.
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  8. Why does it say DBZ for the latest DB F movie on the cover? They have god powers right and that's Super right?

  9. Well, I'm glad that Super changed the fight between SSJ3 Goku and Beerus so it wasn't just a copy of the movie fight while still having Beerus dominate. I was hoping that they would change things to help keep it fresh.

    However, the artwork and animation for the fight was really horrible. It's really disappointing because this is the first major battle of Super. I don't expect it to be up to movie standards, but Super had better animation for the slice-of-life parts than its first major fight. It was ugly as shit. Nice to see them allocate most of their animation budget on slice of life and party cruise shenanigans but shirk on the fights, I mean it's not like this is the first action episode and the pivotal meeting that will set the tone for the entire series moving forward or anything. Gotta expend that budget on more important things like Goten and Trunks fighting a snake and Pilaf.:mad:

    It was especially horrible during the parts with SSJ and SSJ2, though it did get better for the SSJ3 part. Honestly, I think the Super manga did the SSJ and SSJ2 parts of the battle much better than the anime did.

    Was also really disappointed that Champa didn't show up. He showed up in the manga, which I thought to be an interesting twist but it looks like that was just for the manga.:(
  10. So what I don't get is where DB GT takes place in all of this? This is also said to be after Maijin Buu. I think I've watched all DBZ episodes until the defeat of Buu. But I'm not sure I did, since it was so long ago. And after the DBZ series, it gets foggy. So DB Kai is just a remastered version, let's ignore the movies and then DB super takes place and DB GT is 10 years after DB Super?

    Can someone explain it to me again.
  11. DB GT is a mistake that they are basically erasing with this series. In other words its not canon and this is.
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  12. [IMG]

    Hmm... Something don't look right... :fry. Oh, he's got two left hands. Something I hope they genuinely fix before episode 6 airs.
  13. You should probably post this in the thread the movie:

    This is for the Super series and thanks to Super retelling things, the BOG and ROF movies are now an alternate timeline.

    You should also forget about SSJ3. According to Akira Toriyama, it's useless now:


    That was from an interview back when Battle of Gods came out.

    And you can definitely forget about SSJ2. Even Toriyama forgets it:


    Also, why do you keep asking about Uub? You already asked about him on the previous page of this thread and several people already explained it. The epilogue where Uub shows up is 10 years after the fight with Kid Buu. Resurrection F happens 5 years after the fight with Buu, so Uub shouldn't show up for another 5 years. Super's retelling of events seems to have altered the timeline from the movies with the events of Battle of Gods happening even earlier: several months after the fight with Buu instead of 4 years after like with the BOG movie. In both cases, Uub shouldn't be showing up for years. It's like asking why Trunks and Goten weren't around during the fight with Raditz.
  14. I replied in the buried movie thread and deleted my post here for those who don't want spoilers for the new movie.
  15. I just watched the first episode, and now I get all the talking about Goku always ditching his family.

    "Just come back once in a while", djeezes.

    Anyway, I don't like all the filler, so maybe I'll just stick to the manga.
  16. Well, as Toriyama himself said:


    And as someone once told me:

  17. lol so far this show is trash. Too much boring ass family shenanigans and not enough fighting or plot. Also who tf is this Champa guy?
  18. This is a new experience for me watching dragon ball. Its boring. It takes so long to do even one little thing and they drag it out as much as they can. This has always been true for dragon ball i guess but i didnt watch the old series when it was airing so i didnt have to deal with this shit. Also it doesnt help that the manga keeps it neat and short.
  19. [IMG]
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