1. ^Why not? I think there's at least a slight possibility he will during this tournament. Also today's episode was such a waste of time.
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  2. What the heck? that was the worst excuse for a universe so far. Lame.
  3. Yeah it was apparently sake night out for the team. @Cole I think he will for sure. I had such high hopes for Vegeta to just go nuts after that pv.

    I thought surely we would see some crazy animation. So many opportunities wasted for epic scenes. I keep expecting a chikara or Kakashi vs Obito type animated ep and we get shit.
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  4. Gohan and Piccolo did well this episode. It was a great twist making someone really strong but so small that you thought he was invisible. It would of taken an android to notice that. This whole episode took 3 min out of the 15 in actual time :(

    How much more eps until we get excited again? I'm really curious what is going to happen after this arc.
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  5. I know. The time thing creeped up on me. Before I was like we still have half of the match to go and now its just 12 mins. A lot of shit has happened in such a short amount of time.
  6. You know I wouldn't be surprised if Jiren won, and wished for the return of the other universes. Although based on the latest super chapter, that seems unlikely.
  7. I would much rather had piccolo fall of the stage fighting those two namekians instead of by a stupid little bug. And why didn't he use the stretching arms to save himself from falling of. This whole episode again was such a waste of money, time and effort
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  8. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :again:
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  9. There hasn't been much creativity in the plot so far. We got rehashed movie arcs, Goku as a villain, and two tournaments. Where do you guys think this shits goin next? I know a lot of people expect the grand priest to have some kind of ulterior motives, but I just don't like that idea. I'll admit, I love seeing these fights, a lot of them are done really well, I just don't think Super as a whole is very good. I'm honestly uninterested in this tournament aside from Jiren. What do you guys expect to happen next?
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  10. I fully expect to see the erased universes to come back and to get a new arc with a whole new villain that requires top fighters from the universes to team up.

    Just think of the ultimate team lineup vs the next big baddie. I also expect Vegeta to go up a new level.
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  11. That thing from universe 3 was powerful but ultimately under utilized. I mean why didn't it just continue warp punching or even better warp grabbing people to eat them?
    Anyways I'm hyped for the next episode. It looks like Vegeta will end up being the appetizer for Goku's main dish once more but I don't mind it this time. After all if Vegeta can give pause to someone like Jiren thats gonna be awesome.
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  12. 3 Saiyan's, an Android and Frieza..Get Fucked Universe 11
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  13. Vegeta looks like he's going to go ape shit on Jiren, I can't wait. I bared through all the crappy stuff. Now we are on to the good stuff. I hope Freeza can show us more too.

    I thought that guy from universe 3 would of warped grabbed everyone and dropped them out of the ring. Could of easily done that with literally everyone with exception to Jiren and Goku.
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  14. You know I just realized that Aniraza seems to be a tribute to the old DBZ movies and specials. His design seems to be a combination of Cooler, Hatchiyack, and Hildegarn. The warping move was taken from Janemba. Even the final team attack against him reminded me of the Hatchiyack fight and the second Broly movie. Since I really loved the old DBZ movies and specials, this really makes like this episode more. Honestly, they should've made this fight longer and the Kefla fight shorter.
  15. I thought of that before you, although I was just thinking Janemba maybe because of the warp punch. If you think about it they've been paying tribute to DBZ movies this whole time with Kale and now this. You are indeed right thought with Aniraza deeply resembling villains of the past movies.
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  16. This episode wasn't anything special. Preview was interesting, looks like Vegeta is gonna get a new form
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  17. I love vegeta so much. Looks like he is gonna attain completed blue before Goku does.
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  18. Hmm just looks like he went blue ultra.. glossy blue. His eyes have that same glow as Goku's UI silver. I like it so much better than the ssjblue for sure.

    So SSUltraBlue. SSUB. We get a good look at it at the end of the new ED. 23:02. I like Jiren's music.
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  19. I guess it could be some kind of ultra instinct. What would be surprising is if Vegeta managed to score the victory against Jiren.
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