1. Miles better than that pile of shit Evolution.
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  2. Don't you bad mouth San's favorite movie of all time.
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  3. Lol poor San
  4. I very much need one of those police belts that fighter had with the siren and lights. I am so wearing that to bed with my gf as I stand over her naked lights and siren blaring.


    Also, as I said it would not be a deal with the potara being used in fact so far it has not even been addressed by the gods or angels as cheating.

    I see a goku / vegeta fusion coming and not just to defeat kefla but to go super instinct silver eyed Vegoku. I really hate how God red hair Goku was reduced to nothing vs a SSJ2 rookie and some man hands steroid saiyan chick. How ridiculous. That form went toe to toe with Beerus.

    It was Leroy or DM that said this is all basically utter bs and it is. Power creep GO!

    Blue, Red, gold .. who gives a shit. It's all worthless apparently.
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  5. I know. This is BS and U7 cheerleaders aren't making things better. Their constant back and forth about how Goku is losing and that he's gonna win is tiresome. The thing I don't get is how are the U6 saiyans this good at transformations. With the U7 you are introduced to the warrior race who got wiped out and the remnants had to do whatever to survive. Years and years of battles hardened the likes of Goku and Vegeta and allowed them to evolve their transformations with hard work. And now these U6 fuckers come in and all of them are apparent prodigies at this. They are worse than U7 hybrids we have.
    This Goku vs Kefla is going to be frustrating but I predict Goku is going to try Blue Kaioken and then he is gonna finally use completed Blue and beat back these bitches.
    The fight I'm more interested in seeing right now is Vegeta vs Toppp.
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  6. I'm interested in Kefla, she can at least force Jiren to use his fingers (probably do full blocks) which means a lot compared to everyone else.
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  7. These girls are the worst part of this show. I mean non-god Vegetto has been stated to be weaker than God Goku and that's taking SSJ transformations into account. Yet Kafla was dominating God Goku while in base form.What the hell?! Then we have the preview where Goku says he'll use Blue Kaioken and the title of the next episode mentions SSJ Blue being defeated. Hopefully this just means regular Blue is defeated and Goku uses Blue Kaioken to win or that completed Blue will be introduced after Blue Kaioken is defeated. If Goku has to use fusion or Ultra Instinct to win, I think I'll throw up. These girls are like those bad fanfiction self-insert Mary Sues that are show up too often.

    Cabba is the only U6 Saiyan that makes sense. He just learned SSJ, so he's weak compared to the U7 Saiyans, resulting in a more mentor/student type deal.

    The way things are going, next the girls will go SSJ3 and somehow be stronger than a hypothetical Ultra Instinct Vegetto.
  8. I knew it was coming and I still hate everything about this episode and everything about Kale and Califla. I hated the universe 2 magical girls the most...but nope, these two chicks have taken the top spot. I hate them.

    The only hope I have now is that as a consequence of fusing Kalefla or whatever gets knocked off and that counts as a two for one. That would be HILARIOUS.
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  9. I think in the climate in this day in age some top exec said hey why don't we just inject these 2 females that never been super sayianjin before and make them incredibly strong all for the sake of closing the gender gap. I was hating them for a while but they already went ahead and made them super strong so at least having fusion rings makes it more interesting. It makes no sense that they are not disqualified already. Like everyone sees they using the earrings.
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  10. WTF!!!!! Seriously? These girls are enough for Goku to start spamming his brand new form? Come on. Everybody watching the match is trying to sell Kefla as a serious threat but I'm just not buying that. I suppose they want to make a big deal when U6 dies. The only good thing about this fight is that we are gonna see more of Goku in ultra instinct mode. And the PV shows that its gonna be enough to get Jiren to open his eyes.
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  11. I don't get it. One moment they're saying that Kefla is going toe to toe with kaioken blue Goku, and the next they're down playing it saying that she's fighting him while he is still weak and has yet to recover from the fight with Jiren. [IMG]
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  12. I can't believe they actually had Goku use Ultra Instinct against Kefla. These girls just keep getting worse. I can't wait until they're knocked out of the tournament.

    Seriously, if they wanted the U6 Saiyans to be this strong, they should've made it so that their universe already had knowledge of SSJ transformations when U6 was first introduced. Instead, we get Goku having to use his new power-up against a fusion of a pair of scrubs who barely reached SSJ2 recently. Kefla even seems to be stronger than Vegetto when they're in the same transformation, based on previous statements about God Goku being above non-god Vegetto.
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  13. Fuck these bitches.
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  14. Really annoyed at how people seem to get to SSB level just because plot. It took Goku years and years before he was that level.
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  15. Lol @ these chick's and Gohan just has fodder battles. At least we know Goku has sparked Jiren's interest again.
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  16. Full movie. Well, short film.
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  17. Someone needs to put together a Bulma tribute, R.I.P.
  18. Look people.. it's this fucking easy. Have someone do a lord of the rings or star wars trilogy of dbz and more and you are good to go. No bs cheap cgi.. no whitewashing crap. DO IT RIGHT and reap the rewards.
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  19. So Goku has mastered the defense portion of Ultra Instinct? Is there another warrior he can master the attack on against or is that gonna be during Jiren fight?
  20. That Kamehameha wave to Kefla's face was exactly what I needed to see. I really hope Vegeta and Feeza get some proper airtime, I can't say it enough.

    If we ever get a fusion with Goku and Vegeta again and I compare to Kefla. Vegeto will annihilate everyone.
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