1. Vegeta was awesome this episode. About the only interesting thing about the U6 Saiyans is the mentor relationship Vegeta has with Cabba.

    Given that Toppo can fight evenly with Goku's Blue Kaioken, I'm hoping that Vegeta will be debuting the completed Blue form from the manga next. If will be a huge plot hole if Vegeta is able to stand against Toppo with just Blue and Vegeta doesn't know Kaioken.

    Finally learning Freeza's wish is interesting. But the issue is whether it is possible. The Super Dragon Balls can supposedly do anything, but Zenou is supposedly omnipotent, so can Freeza surpass Zenou with them?
  2. I went back to not caring as much the last 2 episodes. I probably will feel the same next week. I hope we get a good fight with Vegeta and Toppo. I'm pretty sure he has to fight the Love girl as well.

    I really want Freeza to go all out on Jiren even though he'll lose.
  3. Toppo vs Vegeta is definitely an interesting match up. Either Vegeta gets stronger, or he gets eliminated.
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  4. Nah. Vegeta can get beat up but not kicked out.

    Maybe Gogeta will show up? If they are equally beat up the fusion will not be overpowered.
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  5. Well that is entirely possible. There really is no canon when it comes to dbz. Toriyama considers stuff like GT and the movie to be side stories. That is exactly why a transformation of a dbgt ssj4 or something similar is always possible and I would love personally as well as Gogeta ^

    I would prefer Gogeta from the movie vs SSJ4 Gogeta from GT though. However, I did love the Big Bang Kamehameha move:
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  6. Btw, they are definitely setting up for Universe 6 to be the next universe to be erased. Caulifa or Kale (or both) will be the next to be knocked out. Caulifa is gonna go up against SSJ3 Goku...she's going to lose. With Hit and Cabba gone it seems pretty clear they are setting it up for them to be erased so they can be wished back later.
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  7. Have I not taught you anything DM.. anime series never go the way you expect and there is no way U6 will go bye bye.. IF they do then there would have to be another major moment/powerup/transformation because there are way too many associations and feelings with those members. Kale, Cabba, Hit, Champa. This isn't just another U going down.
  8. Universe 6 has to go down at some point. Defeats the whole purpose of the tournament if they don't.
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  9. Hold on, did Kale and Caulifla just fuse in that preview? Thats gonna be cool.
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  10. I immediately was going to reply no they didn't but now I'm pausing and thinking......maybe they did cause I thought that was Kale at the end but she looks leaner like her sis.

    I just want to see Freeza and Vegeta being serious right now.
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  11. My first thought was fusion as well. I definitely wasn't expecting that. This should be interesting. Given all the talk about fusion, it's a nice twist to have a different universe actually be the one to employ fusion in the tournament.
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  12. ya i like that idea
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  13. It isn't the saiyan girls fusing.... uh well.. ahem of course that is just my opinion. :oops:
  14. [IMG]
    Where did they get the earrings? And her name is Kefla.
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  15. This means nothing! Ok so it's them fused. The earrings have to come from a Kai right? So there you go. Just which one.
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  16. They technically should be disqualified.
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  17. Eh semantics. I mean the rules to an extent are being made on the fly.

    You have lots of desperation everywhere and two petulant toddler gods who do not care. They just want excitement so let them fuse. It's probably a pity thing since they are low on fighters. Why wouldn't you want to see a new form.
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  18. Yeah, they should be. But Team Zen-Oh is made up of tyrannical babies so...expeccted. Kefla gonna last about 3 seconds (or 800 episodes in Dragonball time) because I'm sure Kale's unstable nature is gonna fuck with the fusion time.

    I actually hated this episode. It's like Universe 7 had no idea who Goku was. These are the people that went up against the likes of Freeza, Cell, and god damn Majin Buu. Yet they act like Caulifla is something? Fuck this bitch. She ain't shit. I hate how the show is trying to make her out to be something. "Oh, I'm gonna beat you so I can go Super Saiyan 3" FUCK THAT SHIT! Vegeta isn't even SSJ3, Vegeta skipped right over that shit to get to blue. Seriously, fuck this shit.
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  19. Just gonna leave this here.
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  20. Exactly. They'll probably use the same situation as with Roshi and the jar for the Mafuba to justify the use of the earrings despite the ban on tools. If the Zenous think it's cool, it'll be allowed.

    Either Champa and/or the U6 Kaioshin will probably sneak the earrings over to the girls.

    In any case, I hope the fusion is interesting. So far, I've found the U6 Saiyans pretty uninteresting and the focus on them has been pretty boring. They've been making a big deal out of them, but they haven't done much really. Considering that God Goku was supposed to be stronger than non-god mode Vegetto, Goku should still be able to beat this fusion should he recover his energy. But given that this is the Super anime and power levels are really inconsistent, it's hard to tell what will happen. They already had Kale tanking Blue Goku's Kamehameha, after all.
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