1. Goku fought Uub at completely base level because there would have been no need to go any higher. Goku only cares about the potential for someone to get stronger and now that we know he knows about things like god ki and ultra instinct he can easily attempt to teach Uub about these things which will ultimately make Uub stronger and in the end give Goku wants he wants. Stronger people to fight against.
  2. Ya know the more I think about it.. Goku really is a selfish bastard lol. I mean he continually puts not just his friends and not just Earth but now Universe's in mortal jeopardy because of that ^ . It's all a game to him. Yeah he gets pissed off and saves his friends most of the time but at what cost.

    The only reason he keeps having to fight stronger and stronger beings is because he himself grows in strength. I will admit it wasn't his fault at first with his bro coming to look for him.

    Things were set in motion but surely it cannot be that hard to put your Saiyan pride in check here and there. Ya know..like when your wife and kids are at risk dying.

    Remove the Dragonballs from existence and let's see just how brazen he is. Eventually I think if I was the President I would tell him to gtfo of our universe. Goku only makes the bad guys up their game and it never stops. He's like walking death. Do Saiyans have any kryptonite other than their pride?

    Bitch needs a weakness.
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  3. Good point @DM... I actually even thought of a different explanation. Because of the fight with Zamasu and the frequent time forbidden time traveling back and forth that could of caused certain future events to shift slightly.

    Can this Goku beat Vegito/Vegeeto?
  4. Little too late to realize this isn't it? Ever since Cell saga i've known he was a selfish dick who only cared about fighting.
    Possibly in terms of fighting technique. But in terms of raw power I think Vegito is still more powerful.
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  5. So he is being true to his saiyan heritage?
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  6. Lol yeah basically.
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  7. It would be literally impossible for him to be more powerful than Vegitto in terms of actual power. Seeing as Vegitto is the power of Goku and Vegeta.
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  8. Well, BOG arc SSJ God Goku was stated to be stronger than Buu arc Vegetto, so it's possible. I think the question meant whether Ultra Instinct Goku is stronger than Zamasu arc SSJ Blue Vegetto. Since Jiren was stated to be possibly stronger than a God of Destruction and Blue Vegetto is maybe stronger than Beerus according to Shin, it might be possible. At least, they seem to be in the same ballpark.
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  9. So Hit has fallen as well. Apparently even time itself is meaningless in the face of Jiren. Just putting this out there, I'm sure if Golden Freeza, Blue Goku and Vegeta fight as a unit against Jiren they can take him down. Unfortunately that will never happen in a million years. So in the meantime we are just gonna have to wait and see if Goku can master Ultra Instinct in the next 24 minutes.
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  10. I would love to see the 3 of them team up against Jiren, that makes sense. We need some Golden Freeza and none of the other universes really know how insanely strong he is.
  11. I don't think a tag team would work on Jiren. He didn't even have to fully exert himself to take on instinct Goku. We've barely seen what he's capable of, only someone in that dimension of power , (Beerus, InstinctG, some gods/all angels etc) could truly match Jiren. The motherfucker is more powerful than time. Hits fucking badass though.
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  12. Yeah, I doubt they could do anything, even teaming up. Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks couldn't do anything to Fusion Zamasu, who's much weaker than a God of Destruction unlike Jiren who's potentially stronger than one. While Hit has tactics and special abilities to bridge the gap in power, Goku, Freeza, and Vegeta are power types and the power difference here is too great.

    Also, it would've been better if they had Hit trap Jiren for a while. Hit's sacrifice would've meant more, plus it would've made more sense. Instead, Jiren is sitting out of the fights out of pure arrogance. That kind of stupidity is pretty overdone.
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  13. ^

    A Goku and Vegeta (would never agree) fusion dance with Freeza would be better. Also of course those 3 teaming up wouldn't work but that would be their best chance at winning. I would even say guys like Gohan and Piccolo should use their remaining power and give it to Goku.
  14. Imagine a Piccolo Gohan fusion dance
  15. Kind of late to reply to this, but I remembered that Toriyama had something to say on Goku being selfish in some interviews before:



    These interviews were from years before Super came out. It looks like Toriyama is trying to make Goku's true nature more apparent in Super.
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  16. Goku, Frieza, and Vegeta teaming up against Jiren wouldn't work cause Goku is too weak right now to make much of a difference and Vegeta and Frieza aren't a match. Goku doing a fusion dance with Vegeta also wouldn't work cause the fusion would wear off stupid fast and then leave both Goku and Vegeta with little power.
  17. It's their only option though.
  18. But it will come undone the instant they power up to max.
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  19. Great post Untz ty ^^
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  20. Still their best option even though it's futile.

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