1. I get the feeling that at the end of all this, Goku will be the winner and wish that all of the deleted universes get brought back and combined into his. >_>
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  2. ^ ehh.. that would be odd. Just give them back their worlds. If it was the other way around I would want E arth back. As for Beerus and his liking to the earthlings he sees the respect Roshi gets from Krillin, Goku etc and respects that and his effort and true strength. Plus he isn't so petty like his fat brother.
  3. I thought of that too but then I thought that the God of All will is absolute so can the super dragon undo that?
  4. Odd, yes. In line with Goku's thirst to constantly fight new and strong opponents, most definitely.
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  5. Two weeks wait for the hour long special :imdead:
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  6. I figured they'd save Goku vs Jiren and Goku's new form for last, looks like it's coming up soon and there are still plenty of fighters left in the tournament. Unless Jiren defeats everybody in the next fight, Goku vs Jiren may not be the final battle. It'd be an interesting twist if it didn't come down to Goku vs Jiren to decide the tournament.

    I'm also curious if the completed Blue form from the manga will show up or not. The preview only shows Goku in Blue Kaioken using the Spirit Bomb and we know Goku's new form will debut in the special. I suppose it could still show up after the Spirit Bomb fails and before the new form, but it would seem odd if it appeared only to be defeated in its first appearance in the anime. Then again, SSJ God was defeated in its first appearance so I guess it's possible.
  7. really? 2 week wait? I'm looking forward to that. I want some good quality episodes, I rather wait.
  8. Holy shit i'm exhausted just by watching these 2 eps. It seems that whatever form this may have been we've only seen a glimpse of it. Or a beta version of it. Much like the pseudo saiyan form. But as Whis pointed out the form isn't the important bit. its "ultra instinct" that goku awakened. Mastery of self-movement in a saiyan's body may even allow him to surpass the Angels who by default seems to have this ability.
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  9. Yeah well said. I was happy actually he did not master this right away and thus make it some useless transformation down the line. There has to be a limit eventually and this should be it. I am not sure how you would replicate that since he had to absorb the spirit bomb. You just can't form that and chunk it at yourself lol. I will say that this reminded me a lot of the movie where he absorbed it vs Android 13 and even the Fire aura was present.

    Also, the music was so lame once he transformed. They could have done something so much more special... more emotional and it was just some lame. I fully expect Freezer to help him in some way.

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  10. The special lived up to the hype.

    I liked the new form and the ultra instinct was unexpected, but really nice.

    I also thought of the Android 13 movie when Goku absorbed the Spirit Bomb. And when it was mentioned that Goku was already using Kaioken x20, it was a good callback to when Goku was fighting Freeza and King Kai revealed that Goku was already using Kaioken to the others.

    I wonder if this form will be unique to Goku or not. Absorbing the Spirit Bomb wasn't responsible for the form, it was just the trigger that unlocked the form, so the form could be unlocked another way.

    I'm surprised they didn't reveal completed Blue from the manga before the new form. You can't use Blue Kaioken as a substitute since Vegeta gets it as well. Then again, Vegeta didn't give his energy to the Spirit Bomb, probably because they'll need his help later. Perhaps Vegeta can be the one to debut completed Blue in the anime. It would be a reversal given how anime Goku took manga Vegeta's strategy of switching between God and Blue.

    Looks like Freeza will be giving his energy to Goku like Goku did to him on Namek. Though I'm suspicious of what Freeza may have up his sleeve. He didn't seem too concerned or impressed by either Jiren or Goku and that's rather interesting.
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  11. That was epic
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  12. That...WAS...SO怀GOOD.

    And Vicious...the music was amazing.
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  13. I'm with DM on this. The music was sufficiently hype when Goku underwent the transformation.
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  14. This was REALLY REALLY GOOD! Made up for the last 108 episodes. I don't know where to start, when Goku fights serious you don't fuck with him my God. Jiren is the all mighty Godly mortal fighter right now.

    I loved the music used in this special like everyone else. Did I mention I'm a fan of Sailor Ribrianne and her music as well?

    That transformation part was triggered by him getting sucked into a mini black hole created by the spirit bomb explosions by the forces acting on it by Jiren and Goku , Goku then broke his limits to survive and transform I think.
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  15. Everything about that fight was awesome, even before the new form. I especially liked that first kick Jiren dodged when Goku transformed, or transcended whatever it is.
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  16. It's been awhile since I watched a DB episode more than once in a day. Jiren is so badass, he did not disappoint. Jiren is what Piccolo should be, instead he's fodder battles.
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  17. I keep re watching this fight. I haven't enjoyed an anime fight like this since Madara raped the shinobi alliance.
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  18. Agreed and Naruto vs Sasuke last fight.
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  19. Question for everyone! I asked this before and probably ask again but now that Goku reached Ultra instinct mode, how will they tie in the arrival of Uub at the end of DBZ. Goku don't need Uub as a sparing partner when he has all the Gods lol.

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