1. Well, people have already guessed that it was a retelling of the movies long before this confirmation. There were plenty of clues like Beerus being awake already several months after the Buu saga, when he should still be sleeping for a few more years and the circumstances of him remembering his dream of SSJ God being different.

    Honestly I don't see much of a point of retelling the movies when they're such recent material, plus making them AU when a big draw to those two movies was the they were supposed to be canon seems like a bad idea. I wouldn't mind if they just told of the events from in-between the movies, so we can see things like Vegeta becoming SSJ God, how Goku and Vegeta discovered SSGSS, or Frieza's training. But I guess they think it's too much to expect the tv audience to have seen the movies? So they think they need to retell them for the tv only audience?

    Well, at least we got confirmation that we'll eventually get the other universes. I've been looking forward to that since it was mentioned at the end of BOG.
  2. I know what to do this summer. Gonna Watch DBZ Kai (should've started it when it was first released in 20) and then Super.

    Fuck yeah, relivin' the childhood.
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  3. Apparently, the upcoming issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump provides the plot for the second episode:

    Love the idea of Vegeta actually spending time with his family.

    But WTF is with Goku training in 10 times gravity that is so special? Goku was already training in 100 times gravity before even arriving on Namek and this is supposed to be after the Buu Saga.

    Also, found this Toyotaro comic about Champa actually being Beerus inflated with air:
  4. So Death God number 2 is just full of hot air?
  5. Watching the last 2 eps of Kai made me remember again how much I miss DB, just the little things Goku does and his fighting skills are always awesome.
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  6. Just watched episode 1. Kinda surprised to see Goku has the red haired god form.
  7. just watched it myself. i guess we are gonna be seeing the SSJ god form much sooner than expected.
  8. It is good to have Dragon Ball back, I enjoyed the first episode and I am looking forward to the other episodes to come.
  9. any other series and I would say it was meh but it's DB and the first ep. Not really high on the retelling of the movies but idk what else they would do. Personally, I just wanted to see Gohan transform into something else.. I don't care if he doesn't get god mode I just wanted him into ssj3. Maybe we'll get something a little off the cuff like he did with the kai's and not going SS.

    Also, wanted to see Vegeta officially go SSJ3 before going SSJesus. Also, really loved the OP and ED. I just need some fighting and something to happen we never expect even with the movies being out.
  10. First episode and ( aside from filler content ) already they differ from the manga.
  11. So uh.. Where is Uub? He was part of Kai at the end and that's canon right so ?? Did they relegate him to some secondary character like the kai's? He is powerful as shit in his own right.. more powerful than fat buu.

    Also, I think we might be getting flashback stuff for mr. god of destruction. Next weeks ep shows him fighting dinos right? Didn't he say he had visited earth back during that time.
  12. Uub wont make an appearance just yet. I think he was born only a few months ago. And he makes his tenkaichi appearance when he is 10. Remember that the ending of Kai takes place 10 years after and Super is taking place during that 10 year gap.
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  13. While I'm mostly waiting for the 6th universe stuff, I'm really wondering how the retelling of BOG and ROF will go. Beerus is already awake unlike in the movie, but I'm curious if they'll just change minor details like that or if there will be a major rewriting of events compared to how things went in the movies. Stuff like Goku getting SSJ God and Goku and Vegeta getting SSGSS will stay, but how those events went down could be different. Like if Beerus arrives on Earth now, Pan doesn't exist yet so how Goku gets SSJ God would be different. It's looking like Goku and the gang are going to encounter Beerus in the very near future, instead of ~3.5 years down the line like in BOG when Videl was pregnant. So unless they feel like retconning the ritual or retconning Pan's age, there aren't going to be enough Saiyans on Earth for the ritual. If they're going to retell the movies, then they may as well change things up a little.

    One change I'm hoping for is that Gohan doesn't get super weak for the ROF arc like in the movie. He went from the strongest non-god, non-fused character to not even being sure he could use regular SSJ. Even during the 7 years between Cell and Buu, he could still use SSJ2 and wasn't that much weaker. The fact he still has his Mystic or Ultimate state in the opening makes me hopeful he won't be nerfed. But it is just an opening, so...

    In the meantime, I'm actually really enjoying these slice-of-life moments. I can't wait to see how Vegeta's family trip goes:
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  14. I didn't really like this episode... hopefully that will change.
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  15. This is where Bulma's birthday party will take place in DB Super:

    Looks like it's on the Titanic this time.

    Bulma: God himself cannot sink this ship.
    Beerus: Gimme a second.
  16. Would it funny as fuck if those two lines were actual dialogue used in the manga or anime?
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  17. Looks like we are gonna be starting the events of the BoG next week.
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  18. Episode 2 was a lot better, so good to see Vegeta again. Vegeta is the same ol badass. I was hoping the GoD would of spared that planet that strong fighter was pretty cool. I like the visuals of GoD transporting on what resembles a comet.
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  19. This seems like nonsensical filler to me.
  20. It is. I don't mind filler if it's good. But this was just simply boring.

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