1. I'm guessing they will be thrown against Jiren before Goku dons his new form.
  2. It's possible that completed Blue will first show up against Jiren. Although, if Goku gets a rematch with Toppo, it will probably show up then. Goku already used Blue Kaioken against Toppo, so completed Blue would make sense for a rematch. Then Goku could use Kaioken on top of completed Blue against Jiren before he debuts his new form.

    I just heard a theory about how this arc will end and I think that it is probably what's going to happen. Universe 7 will win and use the Super Dragon Balls to revive everyone from the destroyed universes, but not the actual universes. Instead the revived people will move to Universe 7. This will reduce the number of universes and raise Universe 7's mortal level so Zenou and the Grand Priest won't complain. This will allow all the new characters to be more regular members of the cast for future arcs. And earlier it was mentioned that Universe 7 had less than 30 inhabited planets. That made no sense at the time, but it could be a set up to make space in Universe 7 for new inhabitants.
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  3. Yep I got teary eyed during this ep when Goku hugged the ole geezer. That was by far the best matches involving a non saiyan so far. Way to go old man.

    Also, that power to revive the dead as SSG. It was more than just a power blast to start the heart. There is more to that I'd expect. Goku God of Life.

    Beerus showing respect was a nice touch too.

    @Untz I like everything you said. There are a lot of possibilities with that happening including Vegeta living with other Saiyans or maybe leading them.
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  4. This episode was a great nostalgia ride. It was good to see Roshi prove his worth. His techniques and experience against ability-based fighters was pretty interesting. And I loved his speech at the end about surpassing one's limits. Goku's and Krillin's reactions to his apparent death were perfect and were pretty emotional for me.

    It was also interesting to see Goku use Blue to revive Roshi. I remember Goku using God to heal himself during his fight with Beerus. It's nice to see the god forms use some godly abilities for a change instead of just being a generic power boost like any other regular SSJ form.
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  5. I keep seeing this speculation because of some cereal box that the black hair form we posted pics of is just something that leads to a new red hair form..not the one we've seen already. However, that doesn't make any sense to me that he goes from a new form to a new form.

    You can google that box pic people are talking about. Also, some are saying we have already seen the new black form before in the first movie however I thought that wasn't considered canon. It's the part where he is trying to stop Beerus energy ball in space and temporarily for seconds goes what we would view as normal black hair Goku.

    Beerus asked if I remember right what was that power just now and Goku has no idea. If you look closely his hair sure does seem to resemble the pics we've recently posted of the new black hair form when he blows up his energy ball. idk. If it isn't canon then I guess it doesn't matter anyway or just coincidence.

    Some are speculating he basically absorbs the Kaio-ken into a new form.
  6. Well here is the new form animated from a promo. Scroll to around 18 second mark.
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  7. SSBlue eventually grew on me, but I still always had mixed feelings about it. This new form looks really cool. I hope we don't get anymore crazy hair colors.
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  8. I love the aura of the new form. In the first picture, it seemed to have a red aura similar to SSJ God. In the more recent picture, it had an aura similar to Blue. In the video, it has both auras at once, kind of like Blue Kaioken. It looks pretty awesome.
  9. Agreed Untz definitely has both auras. He has so many freaking forms that if he combines them all he would be rainbow ssjg Goku lol. The red aura up top though to me seems to be his Kaio ken. Between mastering that and the various god forms on top of SS it was inevitable he became a grab bag of all of them but like Cole said I am very happy his hair is Black. I still wish he had his tail. He is a dirty little saiyan after all.
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  10. Easy there loverboy. Keep your saiyan fetish to yourself.
    Although i would say that his hair should have been better. Its kinda in between his normal hair and SS hair.
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  11. From Goku's Dub VA:

    "Recorded god mode kaio Ken x 10 for ep 39 yesterday. Voice? Gone. Thrilled with how it all turned out? Totally. Gonna be an amazing episode!"
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  12. Someone help me understand Piccolo real quick. In the buu saga he gets turned to stone, Trunks accidentally knocks him over, and he gets smashed to pieces. Next scene he's good as new, and explains that if his heads intact he can regenerate. If that's the case how did Nappa ever kill him? He only took a blast he wasn't obliterated.
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  13. Piccolo's regeneration is dependent on the plot. On Namek, Freeza almost kills him with a blast through the chest and Freeza actually does kill him with a blast through the torso in the Super anime for Resurrection F. Yet in the Android arc, Gero shoots him through the chest and Piccolo is fine due to regeneration. He just plays dead to fool the androids but Vegeta swoops in before Piccolo could do anything so he just gets back up.

    The only in-universe explanation I can think of is that maybe Piccolo was too low on ki to regenerate in some of those situations since regeneration is stated to use up a significant amount of energy.
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  14. As far as amv's go I enjoyed this a lot and the different songs.
  15. I'm gonna guess that the "new form" that Goku will use will actually be the form he used in the manga. The one that Vegeta just learned as well.
  16. You mean completed Blue? Doesn't look like. They have been very adamant about it not being a completed version of any current forms or a combinations of them. One current rumor is that Frost starts to attack Goku's friends and when Goku tries to intervene he is stopped by Jiren. Goku cannot get past him even though he tries Blue with Kaioken x20 and even tries to go for a spirit bomb. At this point something happens that acts as an emotional trigger for him to go into the new form. And this new form is stronger than Beerus.
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  17. Unlikely. They look completely different. The new form has black hair and silver eyes. Completed Blue in the manga just looks like normal Blue without the aura.
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  18. I loved the latest episode. Jiren is still hiding almost all of his strength. Frost was clever to manipulate Muten Roshi into sealing Vegeta. I thought that was a clever way to write off Vegeta from this tournament. But apparently not. Next week looks great as well. We might not be getting the Gohan we wanted but if he takes down both Freeza and Frost i'll be satisfied.
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  19. I enjoyed the episode. I liked how they showed how clever Frost is and had him using his enemies' techniques against them. Also, I'm glad they really did Roshi justice this arc. I also liked that moment at the end where Vegeta told Roshi to stop fighting and eat a senzu. These two characters rarely interact, so that was nice. And even Beerus acknowledged him at the end. This was a really good episode. I even enjoyed Magetta's appearance and I haven't before.
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  20. Beerus is definitely gonna become more fond of the Earth fighters at the end of all of this.
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