1. 17 using his own blast as a foothold made up for everything I hated about this episode
  2. Its only been 11 minutes? goddamn. Anyways all the weaklings are being cleared. Next episode looks good with the team-up.
  3. I think he used the fake sun as the foothold. And then he masked that he was using a blast with the light from it, as the glare made it impossible for his opponent to see him preparing it.
  4. Either way it was pretty cool, I prefer the idea of him using his own blast, that'd be cool to see in the future.
    The animation for episode 103 seemed particularly good.
  5. I liked the strategies Gohan used. It's nice to see him finally getting some good wins. I also liked the scene with the locket and Gohan being sad but moving on was a nice scene. There should be a more serious and sad tone to this arc with how entire universes are destroyed. I also like how Gowasu was sincere with his praises toward his fallen fighters. Though I was kind of surprised that the U10 angel seems to care, considering how the other angels act.

    The preview shows SSJ God Goku. Seems like they're copying the manga again. First they added the stamina weakness to Blue and now they're bringing back SSJ God.
  6. [IMG]
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  7. I like the blue aura with the black hair
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  9. I'd like to hear the description that goes with that picture. His eyes like kinda grey. Is it about the eye color again this time?
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  10. My bad. It was a very short description so i didn't bother posting it. Anyways heres the translation
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  11. ^
    that was an important description to leave out I think lol.
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  12. I wonder what they're gonna call this transformation. Ssgssg
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  13. ssg II
  14. By the way I hate when magazine ruin the surprise like this. If they give a hint of what we can expect I'm fine with it but a full reveal like this is kinda annoying. Takes away the wow factor
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  15. I agree completely. Just imagine how much more awesome this would be if what the form looked like was a real surprise.

    As for the form itself, I like the new look. I wonder if this is going to be the final Saiyan form or if we'll get something beyond this eventually? As for the name, they'll probably go with something like SSJ Silver since the emphasis is on the eyes in the description.
  16. That was a nice episode. SSG made a brief comeback in this episode. This Dyspo from U11 might be the fastest non god character we've seen so far. Of course there is still Jiren.
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  17. I was pretty impressed with Dyspo I didn't think he was that good. He was a good tag team with that guy that got kicked out. I actually thought the guy with the strings would of just hung out at the edge when he fell off and waited for the right time. That would of been really impressive if he trolled like that.
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  18. Probably GG. God Goku. I'm associating change of hair color with SS forms. No change no SS in the name.
  19. I totally missed the silver eyes. I was like why is Goku in Red God form? That came out of nowhere. So he can transform back and forth between that and blue huh.
    Goku is using haxing or using macros! lol. If Goku ends up fighting Hit in the end then expect Hit to transform into something new as well or at least a new powerup without physical transformation.

    My fav SS Hair in this order: Gold>Long thick black (that sounds dirty)>Rose>Orange>Red>Blue That is including non canon.Oh yeah and shooting up the list:

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  20. Dyspo and Hit were the highlights of the episode. I really loved their abilities and strategies during this fight.

    I wasn't really fond of Goku; mostly because they just copied the manga. Goku using SSJ God again to conserve energy was taken from the manga version, but seems really random for Goku to use it now when there were plenty of situations where he should have used it before in the anime and didn't. If Goku could use it all along it makes him look really idiotic. In the manga version, SSJ God made several appearances and there was more thought and strategy put into why Goku or Vegeta would use Blue, God, or regular SSJ. Here, it seems just kind of thrown in there for the sake of it.

    Also, I'm kind of annoyed at Goku using the strategy to switch between God and Blue since that was taken from manga Vegeta, but since Vegeta never used it in the anime, Goku gets credit here. Goku already gets most of everything, so does the anime really have to take that achievement away from Vegeta to give to Goku?

    Seems like the anime people read the manga and decided to take the new things from that version to include in the anime. It might have been good, but the execution was really poor so it just seems lackluster in comparison to how things were portrayed in the manga.

    Since the anime is including things from the manga, I'm guessing the completed SSJ Blue that manga Goku used to fight with Fusion Zamasu will be appearing soon. We may also see Goku using Beerus' technique like in the manga. If so, hopefully, it will be better executed than the other stuff was here.

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