1. Who else thought Krillin was going to blow ass in his face like he did in the tourney as a kid lol. Athlete's foot? Really?

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  2. So nothing has changed. Krillin is still the one to be bullied first. I expected kami sennin to go out first but krillin. Come on toriyama
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  3. Kami is the god of earth aka Dende. Kame sennin is the old man. Caulifla about to see what a real Saiyan is.
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  4. I don't have a problem with Krillin getting taken out, but don't spend multiple episodes of build up and development on a character while focusing on his skills and tactics for a tournament, only to have him "drop his guard" and get one-shoted out of the arena early on. And of course, the one time he got to use his Taiyoken x100, it was against a person who conveniently happened to be blind. I'm really tired of Krillin being the butt monkey. On the plus side, at least he got several victories before he got taken out, being part of of 3 eliminations, one of which he got by himself. That's something.
  5. Really DM. The point about my post was krillin. Obviously kamI was a typo
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  6. lol ^ I saw that reply coming. "No see Kame house is the one with the turtle"
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  7. Seen that a mile away, actually I thought it would happen the second Krillin gave a high five to No. 18. So I was glad to find that my timing was pretty close.

    At least they gave Krillin some good screen time and some W's before taking his usual L.
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  8. I came to save you!!! Digital Masta kun!!!! Great Boku ep.

    hmmm.. well a few things about the new ep. First, I'm sorry and forgot but Broly is not canon right? Which would be why they did not recognize that form cause it's so obvious. Also, I get the Broly connection with the Kakarot cries and the Son Goku yells but man that got annoying fast.

    I have no problem with Caulifla going SSJ2 again so easily and even SSJ3 but if she goes Blue then that is ridiculous. I was enjoying their fight until Kale stepped in which was expected but still irked me.
    Goku needs to make Cauli his Super Saiyan booty call lol.

    We are already seeing Universes siding together so that is cool and expected. I am kind of surprised Hit is so ready to help others though. I mean what do they expect to gain from doing that when the 2 Gods are not going to allow multi universes to survive.. for now that is lol. I'm sure Goku will pull a friendship no jutsu to spare the others. Oh the irony.. he brought this on and his deaths are on his head but he'll try to save them.

    What did he expect though from Gods who are basically children and see life as a play thing.. maybe we'll get a teaching moment to make them respect life more.

    I did not expect Jiren to fight Goku so soon.. kind of an endgame fight. Still looking for that Gohan new form.. sigh. I hate you Toriyama.

    That reminds me.. Kale slamming Goku into the ground reminded me of Hulk and Loki in Avengers movie.
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  9. Yes, Kale standing up to Blue in any way is crap. I guess Goku was using very low levels of Blue against her but still. One thing I've been thinking about recently is how godly ki means absolutely nothing. It's more of a status symbol than anything else. Jiren is not a god but can clearly hang with them in terms of power if he can take on Blue. Same with Hit.
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  10. That was a head scratcher with Kale bossing Goku in Blue form. I did chuckle at Kale's rage boiling over Goku, just like the classics.

    If anything this is more of an indication of where the real Brolly matches up with everyone. He would still kick fucking ass with everyone. In the movie he was levels ahead of everyone and had to get blasted through a star to die.

    I was hoping Hit would of stepped in first to fight Jiren but that's okay.
  11. I see it as this way. Goku and Vegeta added a turbo to their existing engine to get more power. Jiren and Freeza both have non turbo naturally aspirated engines that produce just the same or even more amount of power. Its not a new concept. After all we have seen Trunks' SS2 being more powerful than Goku's SS3. What doesn't make sense to me is that how are people like Jiren or Freeza able to sense Goku and Vegeta's god ki? Shouldn't that be impossible?
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  12. I doubt Broly is that strong. During the failed SSJ God ritual, Goku absorbed the power of the other Saiyans and got a huge boost, but that powered-up SSJ Goku was still weaker than God Goku and God Goku is weaker than Blue Goku. Meanwhile, a weaker Cell Saga SSJ Goku absorbed the power of the other Cell Saga Saiyans and Piccolo, which would would've been much weaker than the failed attempt at turning Goku into a SSJ God, yet it was enough to defeat Broly. And while Kale is an homage to Broly, there's nothing that says they're equal. Given how quickly and easily the U6 Saiyans are going through the SSJ levels, I wouldn't be surprised if Kale is actually much stronger than Broly.

    Plus I wouldn't read too much into Kale taking on Blue Goku. The anime had Blue Goku getting into a beam struggle with Krillin and Krillin actually held out for a little while instead of being instantly overpowered.
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  13. Really? Kale already has her form mastered? I hate her character so much. Such a crybaby.
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  14. Something about this series and arc just feels off to me, I'm still enjoying watching it. Kale mastering her super sayian powers that she didn't know about till yesterday seems super rushed. We are supposed to get into more serious battles now apparently I hope its even better then what we have seen so far.
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  15. The ring is too big. Too many 1v1. The pace is slow cause of that and it is only going to get slower. Goku could go have relations with Cauli in some corner unnoticed.

    Also, that force Jiren is part of is just Ginyu 2.0 like we didn't see that coming.
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  16. Mastering the SSJ forms too quickly is a problem that not only Kale, but all the U6 Saiyans have. It really cheapens everything the U7 Saiyans had to go through to master their forms. The problem is that they need to master these forms quickly to be relevant but they started off with no knowledge of SSJ, not even a legend of it. Toriyama really should have had them with knowledge of SSJ when U6 was first introduced.

    While the scene with Roshi and Tien was nice, these type of scenes feel like pity scenes so they'd have something to do. Why bring in the weaker characters back if they're just going to be in the background and not really make much of a difference? If they wanted to give the weaker characters a chance to shine again, they should have went with a setup similar to the Dark Tournament in Yu Yu Hakusho.

    It was really disappointing to have so many Pride Troopers get taken out without doing anything significant. I guess Jiren and Toppo are the only ones who matter.

    The way things are going, my prediction is the U7 and U6 team up and take out everyone except Jiren, then Jiren takes out everyone but Goku and maybe a few others, resulting in Goku in his new form vs Jiren.
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  17. I respect the jp VA for Goku but man this dub ep at this part just really showcases why Sean rocks as the best VA to me. When he gets pissed it's just awesome
    @14:25 + kicks ass That small part when he goes blue is damn good and up to when he vaporizes his ass.


    As for the new sub ep.. it was pretty lame until the last quarter.
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  18. It was nice to see 17 school the U2 fighters.
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  19. 17 was the highlight of the episode. I thought having him attack and interrupt the transformation was pretty funny, plus it's a smart tactic that should get used more often. On the other hand, it wasn't really necessary to show the entire transformation sequence again, even if that was supposed to be part of the joke.

    Also, it's nice that the Androids' infinite stamina is actually playing a part of the strategy. Although it was mentioned when they were first introduced in DBZ, it never really played a significant role in any battles until now. Good to see that ability actually matter.
  20. *yawn* at this episode although 17 was good and *yawn* at this arc overall so far.

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