1. I think we all know that its the angels who run the multiverse behind the scenes. Especially that grand priest. They give just enough of a nudge to the god of destruction to let them think that it is their idea to do whatever. They are most definitely not bystanders.
    I want the angels to turn heel and try to overthrow zen chan or at least incapacitate him somehow. Then we can get the final arc of Super. The multiversal warriors vs the angels.
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  2. Well Leroy.. I just feel like I am watching The Last Emperor and Zen is going to be taken down like you mentioned from the inside by the angels but more captive than killed and it will be Goku, etc to save them. For some reason though I see Whis rebelling against the other angels and thus we get a scenario of tension between him and his sister and of course the corrupt father. I mean let's be honest here.. it's all about our Universe vs everyone else. I also fully expect to see Champa team up with his brother to fight even against his own Angel but die in the end.

    However, if this was to be the case then all the Angels have to do is take out the Kai's. So expect that arc to be a race to protect, defend then counter attack. Your idea of other universe warriors coming together to fight the Angels seems appropriate with Goku gaining some friendship no jutsu after this tourney.. ala respect. If that was to be the case though either A. Our universe wins and Goku wishes them all back like someone else mentioned or B. The tourney is interrupted before it ends which I fully expect and the remaining fighters join forces as we watch the Angels revolt.
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  3. So, Blue has a stamina drain now? Seems the anime is trying to copy the manga. Seems a little late for them to be making such changes. Unlike the manga which consistently had Blue have a huge drain on the Saiyans, the anime already depicted Blue as having little strain on the body. That was part of the excuse for being able to use Kaioken with Blue but not with regular SSJ. And anime Goku has already been shown using Blue casually. The anime is messed up enough without them contradicting their past material just to imitate the manga. And then they end up using Blue at the end against weaker opponents anyway. :again:
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  4. This may have been proven to be fake..idk..and I may be very late to this news but it is the first time I've seen this so sorry otherwise.

    This photo I am not sure if it's the same thing or something else. His hair looks a tad different but he has no shirt on and has a red aura and it isn't db gt

    well after typing all that out apparently it is real and was put on the official twitter account so no need for spoilers it's all over the net and sorry it's so large.

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  5. So all that hyping up Gohan and they are going with Goku once more? That sucks.
    As for the form itself can't really tell much. But it looks like he is properly pissed and battle worn and thats always good thing.
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  6. The hair Leroy.. check his hair man. That is 100% different and it also seems to match up as does the red aura with what we see in .. uhh it's the opening or the this arc pv. Forget.

    Also they would not put him front and center like that with black hair for no reason.. in that upright form.

    The translations as well point towards a new form/power. Japanese is so odd to understand what they are saying but some official stuff seems to hint at something new and powerful coming.

    As for Gohan I guess he will be a big meh in the end. I will be very happy if they go back to a all black hair look like db gt SS4. It seems Cauli will want to learn Blue but it won't happen I think and it should not and Kale goes nuts in Broly form.

    I do not mind Goku being the top dog, new form again as long as it is something epic and this could be it. Blue has always been a big meh to me. This look does get pretty damn close to ss4.. red eyes, really thick black hair just shorter. Me likey.

    Skip to 5:35. Me want.

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  7. I'm not saying i don't see any differences. I mean I don't see anything that is getting me excited for this form yet.
  8. Understood but for me it's always been the thick black hair and tails over the other forms. I'm talking black hair evolved forms which we have never really had except in gt and the pinball game videos. That's one reason why I like Cauli's look so much and loved ss4.

    To me the Saiyans just seem so much more powerful and formidable in all black hair and wouldn't it be kickass if he got his tail back. How long has it been since we saw a freakin tail.

    Man that Freezer ep with Goku a few back was so awesome watching it again.
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  9. I wonder if the new ending is any hint that Gohan and Goku being the two left at the end.
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  10. That's the part that excites. Super has had a lot of silliness and things have been pretty light-hearted despite the fact that the fate of several universes are on the line. I'd like things to get more serious again, like in the Saiyan, Frieza, and Cell Sagas. This gives me a little bit of hope.

    As for the form itself, I wonder how it will work? The aura is similar to SSJ God and he has red eyes but his hair is black. The most common theory I've heard is that it's similar to the perfected SSJ Blue in the manga but takes it a step further and contains all the ki into his base form, sort of like a god ki version of Gohan's Ultimate form. I think that's the most likely theory since he still has black hair.
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  11. I would freaking geek out on this. I'll have to check it out if I go back to Tokyo.
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  12. Didn't we see Saiyan tails a few weeks back?
    Also didn't SS4 start out as a giant yellow haired monkey only to be reduced down to human sized but with red fur and black hair?
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  13. idk and kinda... He was normal filthy saiyan big monkey garbage with brown fur and then went 'SS' big monkey garbage with gold fur then red fur, black hair, red eyes and tail saiyan trash.
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  14. I hope we get an ssj4, it's only right.
  15. Seems backwards. Ss3-ssGss-ss4....Doesn't seem right
  16. Nope, not if you accept they were BORN with tails. We can call it ssj4 blue?
  17. Actually at this point it's pretty wrong.
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  18. I personally think the best thing for this show is death. We need deaths.. and I would say Pervy Roshi needs to die first then Gohan or Trunks.

    about that goku/freezer scene I posted above.. who is the director for that if anyone knows. Also, it just seems to me the tourney is just really a place for evil to do their bidding if you may..the more I watch scenes like this and the latest ep.

    Zen sama is obviously being used and Goku was probably used like Aizen did everyone else.. to do their bidding. Their being the Angels or maybe someone we have not seen yet. They knew he would push for a tourney the Grand Angel probably nudged Zen towards this path.

    Question is.. does Goku realize this way beforehand. Why do I feel like Freezer will be a God of Destruction.

    In the end.. I still expect a major death to spur one of the warriors to transform. It's always an unexpected death that turns the monkey's into saviors.

    I am beginning to think there cannot be a Goku w/o a Freezer. Something has to change..
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  19. [IMG]
    Woah there Vegeta, thats uncalled for.
    I'm surprised that Krillin helped take down 3(?) people before he got eliminated. Looking forward to the next ep where the Goku schools the U6 saiyans.
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  20. I forgot how great Buu was when he first showed up. God bless toonami showing the Buu saga.
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