1. Whis even said that if a GoD dies the angel becomes inactive until a new one is chosen
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  2. So, we all know how Masako (The Son family voice) sounds kinda weird now especially with the "DADADADADADADADADA" thing she has Goku and Gohan do when they fight. I really think it has something to do with her age. She's about 80 now and so I went back to the older Dragonball episodes and there is a difference in the battle screams.

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  3. She's about 80 years old!? Now I feel bad for even complaining about it.

    But yeah there's definitely a difference in the voice. I don't know how to describe it tho
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  4. Oh yes it is finally here. Jiren looks to be the early favorite to win. U6's saiyans are too inexperienced not to recognize the threat when U11 arrived.
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  5. You can easily go through all the U's fighters and see who is going to be filler and who will be last standing or a real threat. Karifura will end up being another Cabba.

    The many storylines they could go with this arc is just nuts. Somewhere they must have flipped a coin cause there are so many angles and fights/matchups, powerups and on and on you could go with.
    I will just go with the usual that with any royal rumble match we will end up with a fighter from each Universe that matters. I expect some to teamup and I fully expect there to be deaths that impact not just our Saiyans but maybe say Cabba and push them to new levels of power or transformations...gohan.

    Goku will definitely lose his lunch as he is destined to make friends and some of those will die..plus there is Freezer the wildcard. I can't imagine Cabba's universe going bye bye so again expect Universe teamups and for the 2 little child gods to change the rules along the way and not exterminate certain Universes.

    Cabba sensed the Space Trooper guys strength and our guys so that shows how much Karifura is nothing.

    I also expect Goku to somehow save other Universe's from going bye bye and thus earning their respect.

    Another wildcard are the Universe's that are exempt from fighting and I think they will lead us into the next arc. I do not think Jiren is the mortal fighter stronger than Gods that Whis spoke of.

    The best aspect of action anime is when the good guys are beaten down to the fucking ground and backed into what we deem is an un winnable corner. Their emotions are what drive them to become something more and overcome the badguys. That is the essence of heroic anime and what makes characters like Goku so sustainable.

    Everyone Digs a Hero.
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  6. There are no deaths in this tournament.
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  7. GOAT!

    Looking forward to seeing Jiren and Goku fight, heck I'm even interested to seeing how Jiren matches up against Hit.
  8. I was pretty disappointed by the "teamwork". Just having them use their signature moves for the sake of it and accomplish nothing was lame. Kienzan is a cutting technique, not an explosive and the Makankosappo is a piercing technique. I was hoping for some actual strategy, but they can't even get how the techniques right, much less use them in a proper strategy.

    Also, 47 minutes until the end of the tournament? So, all that was one minute? Sounds like the Namek Saga all over again.
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  9. Caulifla should be in for a rude awakening. She is way too overconfident.
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  10. I really want Vegeta to take her to school.
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  11. I like how the Gods made it so that you can't fly unless you have wings but Goku still has an advantage because he can do IT. That green guy fighting Goku is seems pretty strong.
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  12. What do you mean Goku can do IT? What it?
  13. Instant Transmission
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  14. Yes Instant Transmission, that would be my strategy if your really strong and you have me on the ropes. Fall off the edge and then instantly kick you in the face lol.
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  15. I wonder if the yagrat (or whatever the race was called) guy and Goku are gonna have an it fight. If they do are they going to be in a different time and space. I don't know how it works exactly but that would be pretty dope.

    Also I hate these stupid encounters Goku has with random week people just because he refused to go super from the beginning. It's just meaningless time waste
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  16. I found that to be both entertaining and annoying. That Jiren guy seems badass.
    Also, Hit was really cool, stomping out that spinning robot.
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  17. The first fatality of the tournament. That was a great albeit short bit of teamwork by Goku and Vegeta.
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  18. I don't trust the way that angel smirked after Universe 9 was erased.
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  19. I liked that one part when Goku did a little, spin, while blasting that dude in the stomach. I was kinda hoping Freeza would try and kill that guy, and get bicthed out by Jiren. They get the super Dballs (lol) after this right? Goku will probably wish all the universe's back anyway.
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  20. I'm glad someone else noticed that.. the little things that you catch stand out. Also, the barrier trick was nice but another off screen thing they learned I guess.

    I mean they are so incredibly powerful including papa angel who is with zen chan. They have to be the endgame for Super to end on. I am starting to assume we will not get any groundbreaking new transformations this tourney but they will come later in another arc vs the Angels. Smirking, nonchalant bitches lol. If a Universe is gone and the Angel remains then wth does he do? Create a new Universe? He seemed to be happy it was gone.

    I just wish these kind of eps would not be so typical.. heroes are obviously stronger, opponents are obviously "Ginyu Force" and in the end lose in child's play battle. I noticed they both went Blue. That was such overkill. Really it takes Blue form to kick the "weaklings" off the stage? When I think of Goku in the Cell stage I know that Goku strength would have decimated these guys. So fast, so strong.

    I would like to see more skilled, tactical fights than this stuff. Like Cole said that spin move was cool and I wanted more of that stuff. More substance. Sorry it's hard to describe.
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