1. Okay, Freeza going Golden was the best transformation scene in the series so far.

    I thought Goku and Freeza's interactions were perfect. Vegeta defending Freeza was a hilarious moment. Though the funniest moment was Freeza's "my hand slipped". I was doubtful about having Freeza replace Buu, but these last couple of episodes convinced me. This is great.

    Also, I loved 17's moments with Kriilin, 18, and Marron. I also liked 17's interactions with Piccolo.

    Finally, I liked Roshi thinking of clever ways to use his techniques to ring people out. I like how they're justifying his presence on the team instead of in the Resurrection F arc, where he was just there in the battle seemingly stronger than he should be. Here, they're really emphasizing his usefulness in way that doesn't make people complain about power discrepancies again.
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  2. Freezas role in this reminds me of that flamboyant guy from tokyo ghoul. Can't wait for this tournament to start already.
  3. Oh man looks like we are gonna get some Freeza and Frost hijinks during the tournament. Goku's base form is truly powerful these days. He might have not gotten out of the energy of destruction ball but he managed to make an effort and not die. And it looks like as long as Goku is in blue form Freeza can match him.
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  4. I goku was ssb he might've been able to do it.
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  5. So, Frieza managed to improve his Golden form in Hell so there are no more stamina issues.

    Glad to see that Frieza isn't going to be the next Vegeta and that it seems he's going to stay unapologetically evil. I hope it stays that way.

    Also, judging by how the U9 gods reacted to Frieza, it seems that Frieza and Goku may already be stronger than the U9 god of destruction. They're probably not stronger than Beerus yet, but I hope this is a sign that this may not be far off.
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  6. Well I mean they were all surprised at his blue transformation.. if you are a God and you are that insecure.. just saying. It would seem we are viewing the start of the Universe's that will be deleted first. Freezer's move to join another Universe was expected but I'm glad it did not happen. A Freeza vs Beerus fight isn't a foregone conclusion if it's allowed. This whole tournament just screams.. it will never finish and we will get a 4 fighter last standing but things will reveal themselves and all go to shit.

    Freeza as a god of destruction is not out of the question either. He can't possibly think to usurp the 2 Zen's.
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  7. That would be an impossibility. Zen is/are omnipotent. He isn't omniscient or omnipresent as far as we have seen but he more than makes up for it with the great priest besides him. There is no point in comparing a being who trains and gets a powerup to a being who plays with entire universes as if they were his toys.
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  8. You just made my point....
  9. The fact that Beerus came and blue the God energy away with his breath tells me they got some ways to go.

    Freeza is so badass it can't be said enough. I'm really glad to see him in action. It looks like Goku is kind of nervous in the preview of the strongest alien's strength in the preview.


    Another reason why I'm glad Freeza is back is because he actually won that last battle and got cheated out of victory when Whis turned back time 3 minutes. The Z Warriors let their guard down and he blew up the planet and escaped.

    Now that I know Freeza is in the tournament I would love to have Buu in it. I wonder why no one thought of bringing back Cell?
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  10. Initially I was really against the idea of having freeza in the earth team but man has this episode changed my mind. Freeza is just pure evil awesomeness. Can't wait to see what kind of evil backstabbing shit he does during the tournament.
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  11. The animation has been superb with the Freeza action too!
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  12. Part of me thinks that had something to do with the inherent abilities you gain when you become a God of Destruction. The ability to negate that destruction wave energy.
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  13. Good point, it's possible
  14. The other gods being surprised at SSB is to be expected. Goku is mortal and a mortal having God ki is probably new to them.
  15. I don't get why they are surprised. I'd assume that they were all mortal at some point before becoming Gods of Destruction. Unlike the Supreme Kais that all seem to be of one race the Gods of Destruction are all completely different.
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  16. True. But Goku and Vegeta managed to transcend from mortal to god in terms of ki by themselves (mostly). I think the usual case is a being like Freeza or Jiren comes along who gets close or even surpass their God of destruction with just their mortal ki. And then these beings are chosen as replacements for the gods of destruction and are bestowed with godly ki.
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  17. I find it interesting that people have that assumption, anyone can be right I guess. I believe that GoD were God's from the get go but I could be wrong.
  18. The assumption comes partially from how they all seem to be different races unlike the Kaioshin. Also in both the manga and anime, both Beerus and Whis have made attempts to offer the job of God of Destruction to Goku and Vegeta.
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  19. Are beerus and the other GoD immortals? Or does being a GoD just make you an honorary "god" despite, the fact that they'll die eventually. I was under the impression only the angels like Whis were immortal.
  20. None of the gods are immortal and there's nothing that says the angels are immortal either. "God" just means having a special type of ki and having a special position in running the universes. I'd bet that Zenou is probably the only immortal as he's basically omnipotent.

    Zamasu was immortal, but only because of the Super Dragon Balls.
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