1. I really hope that whole back tingle shit to transform is unique to Universe 6 Saiyans or something because it would be really stupid if that was all it took to go SSJ. It really cheapens everything the U7 Saiyans went through to get SSJ and master the various forms. Even the half-Saiyans transforming easily was explained in the databooks as due to their hybrid status. Hybrids in anime are usually special. But these are supposed to be full Saiyans. And even worse, Caulifla seems to be a SSJ2 already in the next episode preview. SSJ2 wasn't easy even for the half-Saiyans. Gohan and Future Trunks needed a real burst of anger for SSJ2 and Goten and Trunks haven't gone beyond SSJ without fusion.

    Kale using LSSJ is fine since it was supposedly due to a genetic mutation for Broly, so she could just have a similar mutation.

    For the rest of the U6 Saiyans, I kind of wish they went with SSJ God instead. That at least was introduced as a quick, easy power-up. Just need six good Saiyans to hold hands in a circle and unlike Universe 7, Universe 6 is full of good Saiyans.
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  2. But..but you have to make the normies relevant. Except for Yamcha though cause I mean you might as well show up 1 man down. :p

    @Untz I agree with all of that but like Vegeta said naturally, it's a Super Saiyan bargain sale. However, they will find out fast that the Gold is so passe lol.
    It's all about the blue and rose pink now. I do like we get a female saiyan with big ass hair like this at the 1:59 mark:

    also, this was an interesting watch:
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  3. It would be nice if the universe 6 could go ape mode with their sayian powers.

    I would rather see Frieza in the mix but I don't think it's going to happen based on the intro, just fluff.
  4. so episode 92...

    going super sayian is just like masturbating apparently.
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  5. Lol... I am hesitant to ask but I'll bite. So you get tingly gold feelies when you rub one off? Maybe that is why it was so easy for them. Universe of masterbators!
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  6. If that were the case the Califula would've had a more a difficult time. :p
  7. Gotta love Frieza, I'm still not sold that he'll make it to the tournament but whatever.
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  8. This bitch just went SSJ2.
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  9. My favorite part of the episode was the interactions of Goku and Frieza.

    Also, I was intrigued by the mention that one universe has a mortal whose stronger than the God of Destruction. I'm really curious about it considering that Goku and Vegeta are still below Beerus. That seems like a big deal.

    Also, I'm really tired of the U6 Saiyans. Cabba has basically become a joke character, Cauliflowa already having SSJ2 seems like bullshit, and Kale just seems really boring. Broly at least had an interesting backstory even if the movies failed to really explore it.
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  10. ^agreed on the U6 Saiyans.

    I too enjoyed the Freezer and Goku scenes. It meant I got to see Goku acting serious lol. When he went super sonic and took off after talking to Baba was cool animation and sound that seemed new.
    Ya know Goku is a smart dude when he needs to be wants to be. As for the one stronger than Beerus.. Toppo or Jiren.
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  11. The fuck is with this U6 saiyans? This shouldnt be coming easy to these assholes who have lived an easier life than the U7 saiyans. The previews show 2 gods of destructions joining forces, perhaps to eliminate freiza.
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  12. I understand why they made going super Saiyan 2 so easy because if they can't even go super Saiyan 2 they don't stand the slightest of chances against the other universes.
    Does it feel good to see them go super so damn easy, hell no!
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  13. No one should be surprised, cabba went super saiyain just from seeing it once.
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  14. Yeah but they should have just introduced us to them as fully capable super Saiyans and maybe a bit of backstory. Instead we got this tickle me Elmo gold funsy shit.
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  15. I disagree about them not trivializing the transformation though.
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  16. Damn. That music at the end with Freeza was awesome. He looked magnificent going golden.
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  17. Freiza is badass but I'm not getting excited cause I know he's not going to be in the tournament and the creators are just screwing with me.
  18. The scene with Trunks and Vegeta was amazing. Vegeta is such a good character.

    Also can mofos STOP spelling Freeza with an "i" it's clear as day in his drawing THAT IT IS CLEARLY SPELLED WITH AN "E".

    Also, the Freeza transformation scene was incredible.
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  19. Yes that ending was amazing and the serious look on Goku watching Freezer. He knows just how powerful he is and how rotten to the core. That was movie type stuff to me.

    Do they show Roshi's eyes often? That stuck out to me lol but that was a nice little scene in the tower.

    The image of Freeza with his arms out and the halo/gold aura. Freakin antichrist with a halo? lol.

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  20. I swear these translators confuse the fuck out of me sometimes. I knew originally I always spelt it Freeza.
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