1. I understand where you're coming from but I still think piccolo easily out thinks Gohan when it comes fighting strategies. Anyway let's see how this will go. I think this is all a planned action from Goku to awaken Gohan's ultimate power.
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  2. Let's all be 100%. Super CLEARLY just told us that Both GOHAN and GOKU are currently looking for a new transformation. It wouldn't make as much money if they showed it early so I expect one or both of them to do it either during the tournament or after. But this clearly a throw back to the Cell Saga.
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  3. One can hope this is what happens. I am more stoked for this tourney than any arc in a long time. I also noticed the tatatatadadada lol.. however I have felt the script for the VA's has been horrible for a long time in Super especially Goku.
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  4. Some theorizing going on:

    Gohan's always been pretty insightful. This is the kid that while everyone else was trying so desperately to keep up with Cell and Goku he was like, "When are they gonna get serious?"
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  5. That universe 2 part.

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  6. I say this every week but noooo. You can only do so much with Goku and hapless 2nd place finisher Vegeta unless you do some monkey dbzgt transformation.

  7. My exact reaction. WTF
  8. So while Vegeta hogs the time chamber all to himself, Elder Kaioshin wanted to use the ritual on Goku, but there wasn't enough time. Why not have Elder Kaioshin and everyone go into the time chamber so there'd be plenty of time for Elder Kaioshin to unlock EVERYBODY'S potential? Seems like it would've been the smart move and it would be better justification for some of the weaker fighters to now be powerful enough to be relevant again. And if they bring the sleeping Buu inside the chamber, he should be up in time for the tournament.
  9. Because you are thinking rationally.
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  10. So in all honesty. I have to assume that Universe 6 is going to need serious teamwork because the Saiyans should get crushed. They aren't even close to Goku, Gohan, Vegeta or Piccolo for that matter.
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  11. Cabba was able to go toe to toe with a base state Vegeta
  12. Yeah but vegeta was training him as they fought though. He was really no match at all, he definitely has potential considering he went super sayain like it was nothing.
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  13. Yeah, but that bar was has lowered considerably. These guys are still at base Super Saiyan. They don't even know how to maximize the form so it doesn't kill your stamina.
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  14. Again, because you are thinking rationally lol. That is not the DB way.

    It is more likely we will see Caba become something more..hell maybe even go bad and 1v1 with a new form Gohan in a final. NOW wouldn't that be something. We get not 1 but 2 newish forms of saiyan power. Curveball guys..curveball.
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  15. I wonder if other people can learn Hit's time skip power or is it just unique to certain people.
  16. So guys...I'd actually be okay with Universe 6 Saiyans ending up in the same universe as 7. Repopulate the Saiyan world with more "docile" Saiyans.
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  17. Definitely thought that Universe 2 bitch was gonna go all Sailor Moon...

    Also, the dancing dudes for Godtube had me laughing hysterically. I think most of the gags in this show are silly and cheesy, but I really enjoyed that one haha
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  18. I wonder if the Frieza idea is going to pan out. Definitely having him increases the probability of universe 7 winning. But the OP and ED all indicate that Buu is part of the team. So is it just a swerve?
    And thats a new way of teaching SSJ to someone.
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  19. Oh how the legendary transformation has gone from Goku and Vegeta to kids play for the boys to a ..sigh.. a tingle in your back. I mean really lol.
    At least Vegeta had to teach Cabba somewhat and apparently that girl turns into the Brolly clone easily as well however I think she already knows how by her reactions during the ep. It seems she didn't want Cauli to learn it.

    I think Freezer ..lol dbz abridged.. would be a great twist for the fighting but also for the story so we know he is going to pull something on everyone.. He'll ask to be brought back to life for good I am sure and he is a solid 2 or tie with Vegeta if he learned anything from their previous fight. Still a tingle in your back.... I mean c'mon. Everyone! Turn into the legendary SS..just imagine gold shit in your back.

    As for Buu I could care less for the fat version to fight. Now if he showed up in kid buu that would be cool. Too bad no reincarnated buu.. would have been a great time to introduce that boy.
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  20. Damn right. Give me Kid Buu, Frieza, Goku, Vegeta and Gohan. Fuck the rest. These 5 will fuck up the entire multiverse.
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