1. Why all this bitchyness. It's DB we're talking about. Just watch it and enjoy the stupid battle anime. It's not rocket science.
  2. speaking of Kai i was wondering if they were gonna edit the ending. Especially when i saw the bath scene at the end of latest episode. I thought they were gonna omit the 10 years later bit since Super will be set in between that. Better for continuity.
  3. Looks like Super will start after Buu and before BOG and will eventually go beyond ROF, while probably covering the events between the movies. Goku has the same farmer outfit he had in the 2008 special (the one with Vegeta's brother) while the rest of the characters seem to have the same look as in BOG. And I recall that Gohan and Videl were already married by BOG, while here they are just about to get married and Chichi seems to be making Goku get a job while he already had a job as a radish farmer by the 2008 special which is set before BOG. I wonder if the series will continue past End of Z (with Uub) or if it will stay in the 10 year gap. Toriyama has said that he thought that the characters were too old by EoZ, which is why he set BOG in the 10 year gap. But that was a while ago and a movie is different than a series which covers a larger period of time. It would be nice to see stories beyond the meeting with Uub (besides GT).
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  4. Wow good catch. He does have his radish farmer outfit on. That special was never dubbed was it.. anyway I never caught that but a ss from the special:

    and it matches up with the previews for super. lol radish farmer. Guess I'll watch that special again which is here if anyone wants. Also, calling it now we see Tarble, Vegeta's bro again in the series. That's kind of a big deal you know.. even if he is or was weak. It's Vegeta's brother.
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  5. 100 Episodes confirmed by Toei Animation. Probably just an estimate though.



    From the V-Jump comic adapation:

    Goku imagines fighting Freeza/Cell/Boo while farming. Goten's off from school (since it's Sunday), and has brought his dad some bento. Goku has Goten drive the tractor while he eats the bento. Once it's finished, he turns into a Super Saiyan, then closes his eyes and imagines fighting Freeza/Cell/Pure Boo. While he does this, Goten drives off a cliff...so Goku saves Goten and the tractor (the tractor he throws back up to the top of the cliff). Goku says he's training in case someone strong like Boo ever turns up, but Chi Chi wants him to work (cue "mom's the real strongest in the universe" joke from Goten). Goten says grandpa Gyuumao is out of money, but Chi Chi thinks Goku ought to be able to get a job that would earn some money, like Mister Satan. Goku says he just likes to train. And who should show up at that moment but Mr. Satan himself (speak of the devil)? Satan shows up and offers him money from the world peace prize (kind of sounds like the DB Earth equivalent of the Noble Prize). He wants Goku to have the 100 million zenny peace prize he received for beating Boo, since he doesn't feel he deserves it. Goku has to have it explained to him that 100 million zenny is 100,000 zenny one thousand times over. This freaks Goku out, and he doesn't want such an insane amount of money. Then of course he agrees when Goten points out that with the money, he wouldn't have to work and could just go to Kaio's to train. Goku refuses at first (he wasn't the only one who fought Boo after all, and even Satan did his part), but finally agrees to accept some of the prize when Goten points out that with it, Chi Chi will probably allow him to stop farming and go off and train at Kaio's. Meanwhile, out in space Beerus is having a big meal prepared for him by the inhabitants of some planet scheduled for destruction (the idea apparently being that he'll spare the planet if he likes their food). The aliens poison the meal, but it doesn't work on Beerus. Ultimately Beerus destroys the planet as scheduled, but the name of one of the dishes (the "Soup Yasai Jin") wrings a bell with him: it reminds him of the "Super Saiyan God" from his prophetic dream. Obviously the joke is that "Soup Yasai Jinkot" sounds like "Super Saiya-jin God" (Soup Yasai Jinkot > Soup-ya-sai-jin kot > Super Saiyajin God). Beerus isn't terribly upset that the aliens try and kill him with poison (he mostly just thinks they're stupid for believing poison would work on him). Yet he still destroys their planet anyway, something he matter-of-factly announces ahead of time after trying their "Soup Yasai Jinkot"(the aliens then try and shoot him, but obviously that doesn't work either). Beerus and Whis decide to head back home, so Beerus can try and remember better.


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  6. Good to see we'll get a lot of DB eps. Your sig looks pretty cool, is that a fan made sig? I would love to see them get their tails back even for a bit.

    I don't know why but I just watched this again and enjoyed it more now then when I first watched it.
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  7. The name of the fat Beerus lookalike has been revealed. "Shanpa" or "Champa" depending on the romanization. Just as the names of Beerus and Whis reference alcoholic drinks, "Shanpa" is pronounced the same way as the beginning of "champagne" in Japanese.

    Also, several images have shown the presence of a nine star dragonball:


    Yeah it's fanart that someone made for Dragonball Super was it first announced but before anything was revealed. It's the all the Earth Saiyans years after End of Z. From left to right: Goten, Gohan, Pan, Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and Bra. I can't remember exactly the site where I found it though.
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  8. [IMG]

    Who told FUNimation that calling the time period of BOG, ROF, and Super the "Immortal Saga" was a good idea? It seems odd to me as these gods are actually "immortal". Whis even offered Goku the job of God of Destruction should Beerus die. The Japanese Dragonball 30 anniversary site's timeline uses the term "Gods of the Universe story arc". So it would seem that "Immortal Saga" sounds like a takeoff on that, with "Immortal" just being Funi's way to tiptoe around the word "God". Except they're not shy about calling Beerus "God of Destruction" right there under the Immortal Saga heading, and they also reference Super Saiyan God and the movie title "Battle of Gods" to boot, so why change the name? Maybe they just genuinely didn't think "Gods Saga" sounded cool enough? It's a bit strange. Granted, "Gods of the Universe" is a bit of an odd choice for story arc title too. I have to say they both sound dumb, really. But I think "Gods of the Universe arc" is significantly better.

  9. So we have Fat guy named Oompa Lumpa yelling at beerus for finding a way to keep the weight off and a female 'whis' that is trying to play the 'I know nothing' angle?
  10. Dragon Ball Super 2nd Teaser Trailer

    To be honest, what I'm looking forward to most based on the preview is the father-son bonding between Goku and Goten.:D

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  11. So the last 2 eps of dbz kai subbed are out and I guess I'm confused... Goten and Trunks are teens but in the Super trailers aren't they still little ones? The kai eps has bulma saying it's been 5 years. Is Kai not canon?
  12. Super is right after the Buu saga, while Kai ends like 10 years after the Buu saga.
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  13. right but again.. Bulma says it's been 5 years since .. ya know the buu fight. Doesn't add up.
  14. Bulma says its been five years since they last met, not since the defeat of Buu. Son Goku and his friends return special took place 2 years after Buu saga. BoG took place 4 years after Buu saga. RoF takes place 1 year after BoG so in total 5 years after Buu saga. If we take that event as the last time Bulma and Vegeta met Goku then it makes sense.
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  15. lol....

    but it does I think so yeah we'll go with that.

    I also watched the leak today for the final few mins of the big fight. Much better than the previous movie. You can find it on youtube if you want..I would advise against it. That scene with vegeta vs Freezer is so fucking awesome.

    that last kai ep though.. some really awesome fighting and music. Can't wait to see what uub does.
  16. so we have no choice but to watch through the retelling of the two movies? ok then.:emo
  17. At least we'll find out how the fuck Vegeta attained God mode.
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