1. I like it how more and more characters are leveling up. It was getting boring with goku and vegeta being the only fighters. Now with Buu, 17 and Gohan leveling up we get better match-ups.
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  2. THIS

    You hit the nail on the head and now I'm fine with everything.
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  3. Also if some characters can't stand up to ssb they're not really a challenge at this point
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  4. I was in elementary school when the cell saga first aired on toonami so i guess i never fully understood exactly what 17 and 18 were and i never cared to look it up as i got older
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  5. And this is the main reason I'm okay with this. Plus I actually like the idea of training mattering again as well as developing new techniques or improving on old ones. A lot of complaints I've heard are how training is the excuse given for the increase in power. I guess they prefer the regular DBZ formula of transformations and brute force. Perhaps Super could have gone an alternate route by saying that the Saiyans weren't the only race with a god transformation? Then the humans and Namekians could have had their own God transformations. Golden Freiza could have been his race's version of a god transformation. Perhaps that might have been a more acceptable way of making everyone relevant again?
  6. That was a really good episode. Gohan is finally regaining his warrior's heart. I'm very interested in seeing what is beyond ultimate gohan.
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  7. Finally! My precious Gohan is going to reveal himself. Once again he will rise! Been saying this shit for months so he better.... Picollo is such a damn good trainer but Gohan has to rise above that buu power.

    Also @Leroy no mention of the female saiyan with long hair? That should be awesome in the tourney.
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  8. I enjoyed this ep as well, good to see Gohan look like his old self and realize his flaws. Next step Mystic Blue Gohan?
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  9. No! Please for the love of King Kai do not make him some blue saiyan. So tired of the blue shit. Give me a regular ole' long black hair Gohan..something that builds upon his power he received from the elder kai.

    I want tails, long hair and well basically I would like to see something along the lines of dbgt SS4
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  10. Female Broly? What is the vegetable that is typically associated with Broccoli (Brolly)...well...Cauliflower. So, based off Cabba's reaction he either likes her which is why he isn't good around her or he's annoyed by her. Maybe a little of both.
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  11. Was she topless? I have a feeling she was topless just sitting there eating like a gangster.
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  12. I doubt we will see anything like SSJ4. Saiyans Saiyans don't even have tails anymore in Super, even the U6 Saiyans. So no more Oozaru and no SSJ4. Toriyama even redesigned SSJ God because he wanted something simple and didn't want a muscular, flashy form anymore. Some people like that aesthetic and others don't, but don't expect any huge changes like SSJ3 or SSJ4. It will probably be mostly recolors.

    If Gohan gets a new form, I expect it will be more like Future Trunks' new form but based off his Ultimate/Mystic form.

    As for the episode itself, the Gohan and Piccolo interactions were the highlight of the episode for me.

    Glad we finally got a name for the female Broly. Though is it just me or does Cauliflowa look different from the previews that were shown for this arc? Looks like she may have got redesigned.

    Also, thought it was amusing that even Beerus is afraid of Bulma now.
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  13. You know...at the end of this training and right before the tournament starts Videl is going to get the greatest smashing from Gohan she has ever gotten. He'll be all fired up!
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  14. Or exhausted. I see Videl as the aggressor turned on kind of like chichi marathoning Goku in dbz abridged. "Who said you could leave the bedroom!"
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  15. Dude fighters are not supposed to smash before a big fight (and other athletes). Use that built up aggression and frustration lol.
  16. Well, Videl clearly loves her husband so I don't think she keeps him from getting any on the regular so I don't think he is frustrated. If they haven't been getting any then it is probably Gohan doing the denying because of work and what not so she is probably the frustrated one. But now Ultimate Gohan is back!

    WTF kind of conversation have I begun?
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  17. Aren't you one of the people here who gave me crap about Gohan making a comeback? lol. I need to go back and quote some of that stuff from you guys. He is done. He is written off. Gohan is meant to be a scholar only. etc etc. I think I am owed some apology here.
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  18. lmao... I think I doubted you too. You deserve your 2 sec of praise from me for not giving up on Gohan.
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  19. Nope. I don't think so. I've always talked about how fucked up it was that Gohan was being treated the way he was but I never told you to give up. I may have lost hope for myself but I don't recall ever telling you anything.

    The first page:

    From the 2nd page
    Page 8
    Page 22 when I started to gain back some hope
    Page 23 around the announcment of the Universe Survival Arc
    Actually, my 2nd post is pretty damn close to what they actually did.

    So, no. I don't own you A GOD DAMN THING! :haithar

    I would argue that I love Gohan more than anyone. I was because of how he was treated that I was as critical as I was. This is my favorite Dragonball character. However, I am a reason and evidence guy, the evidence at the time indicated no change for Gohan. As things progressed new evidence emerged that things were changing and so I began to change to fit with the new evidence.
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