1. Good point they did recap the movie in Super lol
  2. Not a really useful episode imo. That preview was interesting though. Buu seemed to have slimmed down to evil buu levels. And what's with the beerus lookalike from universe 11?
  3. I actually enjoyed this ep more than I thought I would. I liked Krillin's upgraded move but what does that leave Tien with? Next ep looks good, we finally get to see that strong guy. Interesting to see a slimmer Buu training, maybe he can get stronger with training?
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  4. Beerus and Champa are brothers so clearly they have a race. Maybe universe 11 is their home universe and this guy is one of their kind. The Gods of Destruction are not necessarily native to the universe they are in charge of. Hence Champa and Beerus being brothers but manage different universes.

    Buu is probably doing that just for fun.
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  5. I thought this guy was from the same race as well but he doesn't have a tail. Unless we have a saiyan chopping-off-tail situation going on I think they are separate races. Or maybe its the 11th universe's version of Beerus' race.
  6. While I liked Krillin's upgraded move and his strategies during the fight. Still seems a bit much for Goku to use SSJ Blue plus Gohan getting taken off guard even though he just had a fight where he showed he could fight blind and against an opponent whose ki he couldn't sense. I know Gohan and Goku were going easy on him, it still seemed a bit much.

    Also, I was surprised that Goku and Gohan actually lied about the tournament stakes. That's going to come back to bite them in the ass.
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  7. Gohan used SSJ to bounce his energy off his opponent. He didn't do that with Krillen.
  8. And there's no reason he couldn't have done that in the fight with Krillin. Gohan had enough time stumble around and even grab onto that rock for support before Krillin attacked. Seemed like plenty of time to transform and send out his energy. I get that the show had to give Krillin a moment to show off his new abilities, but it still seemed like Gohan and Goku were holding back, which does Krillin a disservice considering the opponents at the tournament won't be holding back. If they're going to show strategy winning against a stronger opponent, it shouldn't be because the stronger guy was holding back. Makes it feel less significant. I liked Krillin's new moves, but I'd like him to have a more legitimate win. Hopefully he'll have a better chance to show off strategy winning over greater strength in the tournament. Or if this fight is in the manga, the manga would probably do it better.
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  9. The way I saw it was that Goku was letting Krillen get a feel for the power levels that would be in the tournament. And once he started to go serious was when 18 had to jump in to save him from getting wrecked.
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  10. Recap,





    THE BUILD UP FOR DRAGON BALL SUPER IS FOR GOHAN TO HAVE A POWER UP (examples: Vegeta says Gohan has the most potential, Goku says it’s ok we have Gohan, Gohan has gone from super skinny to buff. The GODS have spoken on his power and ability. The build up is similar to the cell saga.
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  11. Android 17 is pretty damn strong, cool and smart as ever. It's a bit hard to accept he can keep up with Goku in Blue mode. I thought Goku was gonna go to ssj3 but nope. We all know he's joining but yet we are forced to watch his decisions play out lol. I also love how some alien poachers show up next episode to get that animal.
  12. Well, it was good to know that Uub hasn't been forgotten about. Looks like the DBZ epilogue hasn't been retconned.

    Also, I've heard a lot of complaints online about 17 being able to fight SSJ Blue Goku. I don't see a problem. Have they forgotten how strong Freiza got in just a few months? It's outright stated that 17 has been training and its been years since the Cell saga. People are fine that Frieza reached Blue level in a few months but upset that 17 (who started out much stronger than Freiza) can reach Blue level with more than a decade to train?
  13. So next week we get filler for the filler?
  14. I think thats silly, 17 was an android made from a human, I guess when they were turned back they somehow retained their strength but thats a whole other can of worms. Frieza on the other hand was all powerful at birth, he never had to train. I can accept frieza rising to the god realm simply because I figured his species was just outright superior to most.
  15. 17 and 18 were always biologically altered. They aren't machines. In a way I guess you could say that they are altered humans that had bombs placed inside of them as well as a control device that responded to Gero's remote. I do think the whole idea of going against Blue is silly. Blue has just been watered down like everything else. Even Vegeta doesn't exploit Blue like Goku does.
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  16. The Androids are supposed to be machines yet they can train to get stronger and Goku or others can't sense their ki. Based on this fight 17 has to be the 3rd strongest right now, even stronger than Buu. I forgot to mention I was happy with the reveal of Uub.
  17. Really i always thought they were humans gero kidnapped and turned into machines
  18. Yeah, the Androids were previous humans that were altered by Gero. Most of them is still biological, are they not?

    Also, think about ll the other forms that were used to death, and the reason for it. A new form is gonna be revealed soon. It has to be. They are underwhelming the Blue form, and its use because we are about to see a whole new monster.
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  19. http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Android

    They have very little to no robotic parts. Remember, 16 who is entirely robotic could also sense energy due to his robotics. 17 and 18 can't even do that. They don't have ki and they can't sense it either.

    Cell is an android but he's entirely biological. 17 and 18 needed to be biological in order for Cell to absorb them.
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  20. It was already explained that 17 and 18 were 100% organic way back during the Cell saga when Bulma was reviewing the blueprints for 17 to make the shutdown remote. They're not machines and Toriyama already said that the could train to get stronger a while back.

    17 being stronger than Buu makes sense as Buu has only just started training. I expect Buu to get much stronger in the future.

    This also explains why Goku would be interested in Uub. Before people complained about Uub being made irrelevant by this god stuff, but now we imagine a trained Uub being someone Goku would be interested in fighting.

    I agree that it seems like Goku may be getting a new form soon. He's really spamming Blue and even used Blue Kaioken before the real tournament started. It's just like how SSJ became nothing special by the Cell and Buu sagas with Vegeta even complaining about a Super Saiyan bargain sale. My worry is that it might be some unexplained form like Future Trunks' new form was. Hopefully, there'll be an explanation behind whatever new form is coming. I wonder what it will be? Super Saiyan Angel? Angels are above gods in Dragonball and SSJ God is already old news. Or maybe we'll stick with the recolors and get SSJ White or something. Just let there be an explanation and not a repeat of Future Trunks.
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