1. Don't think so. They should just let him absorb all of his opponents.
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  2. I don't think he is weaker than Goku. If you think about it he went toe to toe with SSB Goku, took a Kamehameha point blank and walked away with a slightly damaged uniform. Toppo only got serious after that and Goku had to go to SSB Kaioken. I think if he went full on he might be stronger than Goku.
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  3. I remember Toriyama saying in an interview that even the androids can get stronger if they trained so I see no reason Buu can't train. And we saw how strong Frieza got when he trained.

    Absorption should be faster, but it could backfire. Buu got weaker when he absorbed several Kaioshins. And Vegetto was able to prevent himself from being absorbed with a barrier and many of these guys should be stronger than Buu saga Vegetto.
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  4. Plus absorbing people is fucked up so Buu wouldn't do that, remember this is good Buu.So, Gohan's Saiyan blood seems to be leaking out. He's was totally into watching that fight. Dare I say he's beginning to look forward to the idea of seeing how strong he is.
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  5. Terrible idea on creating a character on the same lvl of Goku's who skips leg day.
  6. Well we are for sure in line for a new transformation. I mean Goku is starting to abuse his king ssjb power up so that is usually a dead giveaway something is coming.

    Plus we've seen the extreme of that power vs Hit already. Goku started this mess..someone else will end it or they fight lose and Goku turns into something new.

    Either him or Gohan or dare I say we get surprised and Vegeta pulls something epic out of his ass first.
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  7. Even though Goku obtained ssjb I don't see anything Godly about it. Maybe he should be able to use IT anywhere in God form. He can practically go anywhere but compared to Kaioshin it has its limitations. Vegeta needs a serious upgrade and it would be nice if his were different.
  8. What has become apparent to me is Beerus is not that strong and I bet he would get handled vs other Universe Gods and other non gods.

    Blue is dumb now. Becoming another useless transformation that has nothing to do with being a "God".

    Someone from earth needs to remind Goku of this fact. He is not a God and to stop toying with a planet's inhabitants lives cause this douche likes to fight.

    I'm not really sure what makes Beerus a deity anymore. He is just a really powerful being that can destroy planets with little effort. Neat.

    He also isn't immortal. Whis is more of a deity than him..an angel to be exact.
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  9. Well, I don't know about Beerus not being strong compared to non-gods. He might be weaker than the angels and might be weaker than some of the other gods of destruction, but he should still be much stronger than the top mortals. I remember that in an interview with both Toriyama and will the Super manga author Toyotaro, Toyotaro called Beerus an unsurpassable wall for Goku and Toriyama confirmed that he has no plans for Goku or Vegeta to surpass Beerus. Considering that Goku and Vegeta have been getting stronger over the course of the series and haven't stopped (in the manga Goku even says they're still young for Saiyans), the gap must be huge.

    As for Goku not being "godly", let's remember that dragon ball has had gods for a while and they were never impressive. Kami was the God of Earth, Kaio was God of the North Galaxy, and Kaioshin was the God of creation of the universe. All of them were quickly surpassed. To be a god in dragon ball, you simply need to have god ki which can only be sensed by gods. SSJ God and SSJ Blue give the user god ki, therefore the user is a god. Dende was able to sense Beerus because he's the God of Earth, but we saw him before and after, and becoming a god didn't make him any stronger or give him special abilities. Hell, Goku was offered the position of God of Earth by Kami and both Whis and Beerus offered him the chance to be the next God of destruction.

    The modern idea of a god being some immortal, all-powerful reality warped doesn't apply in dragon ball. Even Whis isn't immortal and even his time powers aren't that "godly" as even mortals like Hit or even Guldo of the Ginyu Force have time powers.

    A god in dragon ball is more of a job description and to be a god you just need god ki. Dende was an ordinary Namekian before becoming God of Earth and it's implied the gods of destruction were normal aliens before becoming gods. And other than the sensing part, it doesn't seem to have any special abilities.

    If you want a god with immortality, then I guess there's Zamasu? Really the only ones who may be godly in the way you want are probably Zenou and maybe that Dragon God who created the Super Dragon Balls.
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  10. Less than 30 inhabited planets in the universe? For some reason I imagined the universe to be way more populated.
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  11. Didn't Frieza supposedly rule over hundreds of planets? Were they all uninhabited? Also, didn't Frieza and the Saiyans make money by wiping out a planet's population to sell the planet? With so few people that doesn't seem like a very profitable strategy. With so few planets, why do they even need a god of destruction like Beerus?

    Also, Whis magically delivering Bulma's baby was the best technique ever. No more pain of childbirth. Every pregnant woman in the universe would want Whis as a midwife.
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  12. Vegeta continue showing everyone why you da best! Did you guys realize that Vegeta holding Bra is a big deal. At the time of Trunks' birth he was still an arrogant asshole. He never held Trunks and didn't really care that much for him or Bulma. This was the first time he's ever held his own baby or at least held his baby with his current family-orientated mindset.
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  13. It was adorable how Vegeta went SSB every time someone made his baby cry. I'm telling you, he is going to be the one to punish Goku for this whole tournament debacle at the end. Goku cannot get away scot-free from this.
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  14. 28 planets seems way too small for an entire universe. It would make sense for a galaxy but a universe? Also there is a new planet Namek so what the hell was he talking about!?
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  15. I hope Goku doesn't spend 5-10 eps asking the Z Warriors to fight. Also wtf does Roshi get in over Yamcha.

    I took the 28 worlds of planets with capable fighters?
  16. Roshi and Baba (his sister) are the oldest characters in Dragonball after Piccolo fused with Kami. He's over 300 years old at the start of Dragonball. That's hundreds of years of strategy and he has always been incredibly adept at understanding the strength of the enemies in the series. People seem to forget that he's not just a super pervert but is perhaps the world's greatest martial artist mind. I mean that in a pure martial arts sense. Also don't forget the power scaling, he was taking on Freeza's men in Resurrection of F and these were all characters that were easily beyond any character from the original Dragonball, hell likely beyond Namek Saga men as well.

    This is the same reason why I'm excited to see Tienshinhan in action again. Nobody has dedicated their live to the ways of martial arts more than him, not even Goku. He is devoted to the art itself.
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  17. I dont think Bulla ever fought in db gt so it would be cool to see her fight when she is older. A SS female would be awesome. Pan I could care less...grew so tired of her in GT unless they do her differently this time.
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  18. No doubt Roshi is an experience fighter, after all he taught Goku the kamehameha wave. But lets be real why would Roshi be in the tournament over Yamcha when Roshi didn't even participate in the first Sayian invasion by Vegeta and Napa? Don't read too much into his actions in Resurrection of F although it was good to see him fight.

    I am too excited to see Tien.
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  19. That is nonsensical. He did the same in Super which is canon so I am going to pay attention to that.
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  20. Pervy old geezer. That's what makes him strong. All that anime swimsuit porn. Senzu beans my ass.. viagra is all this guy needs. Also, Roshi is a registered sex offender on his island which means he takes nude pics of the turtle.
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