1. I enjoyed it but without a doubt Kid Buu would of been far better
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  2. The interesting thing to me is that the U9 fighters are using ki Goku can't sense, so it's not normal ki or even god ki.

    I wonder if Goku and the others will eventually learn to use ki from a different universe? It could be what the unusual red aura Goku briefly showed in the opening is, rather than a new transformation or Kaioken like some have guessed.
  3. I liked Basil, it was cool when he was firing ki blasts with his feet and Buu would've been in serious trouble if he couldn't regenerate. I think Gohan will barely win. I think he'll come close to death and realize how far he's fallen.
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  4. What's dragon ball without some kind of numerical value, now we have mortal levels assigned and universe 7 is second from the bottom. I don't think its just in terms of power but everything as a civilization how far has the mortals developed. But i'm pissed that 4 of the 12 universes aren't taking place in the tournament. What if the strongest being in the multiverse is from one of these universes with the exception of the Grand Priest? And what is the deal with all the angels surviving? Isn't that a clear case of nepotism? I don't see how they aren't responsible for the state of the universe given that they are in charge of the gods of destruction.
    As for the Gohan fight it went as well as it could have. I still think it would have been better for him to lose.
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  5. [quote="Leroy, post: I still think it would have been better for him to lose.[/quote]

    >< Never!
  6. >< Never![/quote]

    Hey its for the greater good. All i ask is that it was him who was unable to stand and his opponent left standing. He would have the knowledge of pushing his enemy to the limit but ultimately failing to outlast him. That gives him a little extra motivation.
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  7. Hater lol. Your logic is that of some left winger..for the greater good pfft. The condescending tone lol.
  8. I am okay with the Gohan fight. He's getting back into the groove and what I liked is that he takes a more Piccolo approach to his battles. Piccolo was always known for his wisdom as well as being an expert strategist. Gohan reflecting his ki off of Lavender was great strategy. Gohan being as intelligent as he is really can make him into a fighter that is separate from his father.

    I'm guessing they'll have some time to train before the main tournament starts. Hopefully, Gohan spends that time with Goku training. I mean the time they spent training during Cell was classic.
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  9. I loved the Gohan fight with him using his head. It's something we could use more of in these fights. I also like all the moments Goku and Gohan had and the resolve of Gohan to get stronger at the end. It's about damn time.

    Also, the Grand Priest seems pretty shady to me with some of his rulings and the angels getting to live. I think much of this may be his manipulations since Zenou seems to not give two shits about anything other than fun and destroys stuff when he's bored or annoyed.

    I also found it funny that the low ranking universes were going to be destroyed anyway and Goku's tournament actually gave a chance at survival. After the talk in the fandom about Goku actually being a villain for selfishly starting this, he actually inadvertently saved the day once again.

    I'm also curious how the mortal ranking is decided. It is about power? Technology? I wonder if the exact specifics will be revealed or if it will be left vague.
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  10. Did Gohan just grow his nutsacks back? I think he did! Go Gohan! I thought the fight was great more because they conveyed that Gohan really wants to fight again. I liked how he didn't want to take the senzu beans and depend on his own strength to the end.
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  11. I don't really watch super but i had to check out gohans return to fighting and it was pretty sweet i hope he gets some type of mystic form power up
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  12. Maybe Whis should train Gohan, he would without a doubt get the results that we would love to see. It looks like Whis was impressed by him as well, actually everyone was impressed with him.
  13. At this point, that power up is pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. If Gohan is to be truly relevant again, they should give him SSJ Blue. Unless the mystic form gets some sort of upgrade like Future Trunks' new form (though I thought the unexplained new form was stupid and they should've just had Trunks learn SSJ Blue after training with Vegeta).
  14. A battle royal? I do not like that idea. But depending on how large the field is we are sure to get a lot of individual fights. As for this episode I think Goku should have made a counter proposal to Bergamo. If Goku had won he should have asked ZenOh sama to make the top 4 universes to participate.
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  15. I like that idea, it's not a typical one on one Dragaonball tournament, it's never been done. We'll have to see how it plays out. It forces teams to depend not only on strength but strategy or if you are a weaker universe all on strategy.
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  16. So it's gonna be 6 universes against universe 7 at the same time thanks to Goku? :p
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  17. Not sure why people are angry at Goku for all this. Zenou was threatened to destroy the universes immediately if Goku held back, so he couldn't have thrown the match even if he wanted to. And as for starting the tournament, it was already stated that Zenou was planning to destroy those universes anyway. I'm kind of tired of all the "Goku is a villain" comments I've read on the web. He's really more neutral than hero or villain. And with the Super Dragonballs as a prize, it's pretty obvious that the destroyed universes will probably get wished back.

    As for the tournament, I like the battle royale and no flying rule since it makes it pretty unique compared to previous tournaments in Dragonball. There'll probably be lots of individual fights within where we get some team battles and some one-on-one fights.

    I like the suggestion that should've asked for the top 4 universes to participate. I'm guessing that they're saving those for future arcs. Super is supposed to be a long running series after all and this probably isn't the last arc. That's just my guess on why several universes were excluded from this tournament.
  18. Toppo's body is what happens when you skip leg day. :p
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  19. 40 hours? Thats still a lot of time if they use the time chamber. Nearly 2 years worth of training.
    Jiren must be the one in the OP.
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  20. I was thinking the same thing about hoping in the time chamber. Doesn't seem like they are going to do it, except for the guys that need to catch up. Krillan looks like he goes in next episode.

    I'm pretty sure Jiren is the guy in the into. He must be damn strong cause Toppo is probably slightly weaker than Goku and Jiren is in a league of his own it seems.

    Can Majin Buu train and get stronger? Is that even possible? That would be something.
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