1. I skipped that episode so didn't know that happened lol btw. And toriyama sure likes to come up with the most stupid names. Who would call their kid bra.
    I hope that at one point in the future the kids (pan and bra) are able to go super Saiyan. I was kinda bummed that GT pan never went super.
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  2. Because Bulma's whole family has underwear related names. Just like Saiyans are named after vegetables.
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  3. That's the point I'm making. Why toriyama why? It is kinda funny tho hehe
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  4. Well, Toriyama drew several gag manga, so it's not really surprising. Dragonball is one of his few serious works.
  5. I wonder who the rest of U6 team will be?
  6. We are getting two tournaments for the price of one. Now I feel a bit better with Goku being a massive idiot and putting the whole multiverse in peril knowing that the Super Dragon Balls are the prize. Obviously if things go wrong Goku is just going to wish all the universes back. Looking forward to Buu vs this Basil guy. Btw the god of destruction from universe 9 looks like a dwarf from fantasy.
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  7. Basil...HA! Classic.

    You know, I was thinking, assuming someone from Universe 7 fights female Broly I'm going to have to assume it will be Gohan. I mean, they could have a non-Saiyan take her on but it seems like it would be appropriate for it to be a Saiyan and with Goku and Vegeta have their blue forms I just don't see them being it.

    Also, if at any point Gohan ascends to Super Saiyan God due to having a "I won't lose what's important to me." moment I will accept it fully. Even if the reason is BS and Beerus says something like, Ultimate (Mystic) Gohan's power was close to godhood.
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  8. KICK his ass Buu!! Such a tease ep. Can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they go ssj
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  9. I'm glad we got a little bit of combat this episode, it would of been too much of a tease to have all these build up episodes. I like the fact we get a preliminary, get right to battling. I enjoyed seeing all the unique God of Destruction's accompanied by their Supreme Kai's but did they say Angels were there too aside from the Great Priest? I haven't seen Buu action in years, it would be sick if he turned back into the slim Buu in this tournament but wasn't crazy/evil or just absorb one of the dogs now and get a powerup for the real tournament lol.


    Sorry I was confusing the angels, they are the counterparts to Whis.
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  10. While I enjoyed most of the episode, one thing I'm pretty bothered over is that Goku is still acting so nonchalant about the potential destruction of the losing universes. Yes, he could use the Super Dragonballs to fix things, but he should still be more serious about. Compare this to the attitude in the Freeza, Cell, and Buu where they planned to use the dragonballs to fix things but were still serious about the situation and loss of life. Even when Piccollo offered Super Buu to amuse himself by killing humans believing it could buy time and that they could just wish everyone back later, it was still treated as a dire situation where the decision was just necessary. Here there just doesn't seem to have as much seriousness for the situation. Even when Beerus and Gohan got upset with Goku over thief tournament, it didn't last long. Even Gohan seemed to show a really low amount of concern considering how high the stakes are and even the likes of Gohan and Kaioshin only seemed concerned about their own universe and not the others that may lose. If they're not going to be serious about it, then they shouldn't have bothered adding stakes and just made it more for fun and a prize, like the Universe 6 tournament.

    On another note, I found it amusing to see Kaioshin cheer for Buu. How times have changed.
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  11. Yo, why is Videl the world's greatest wife? This woman, she was a bit of a firecracker but fell for the guy who is a genuine sweetheart but who can whoop ass. As a wife she supports him and knows how hard he works for the sake of his family. Then on top of it all she is completely down with him training to become stronger again (hey that is part of the reason she liked him) and she tells him to fight again under the guise of saying things like, "Hey, sometimes you gotta help your parents out."

    Seriously, she's a wonderful human being. With a wife like her, Gohan can definitely find the right balance between family man and fighter. Because at the end of the day and I think the Great Saiyaman episodes showed this, Gohan does like to fight it's just that he feels he can't or shouldn't be doing it anymore. If Videl is cool with it then I think he's cool with it too. I mean this is the guy that every time he got a major power up is Saiyan nature would assert itself and he'd "play with his food" so to speak. Mainly with Cell and Buu.
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  12. Yeah I would spoon Videl..wow that sounded creepy. anyway..Goku is basically the Kwisatz Haderach. No worries.
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  13. No, sounded perfectly normal.... for this forum at least.
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  14. Best thing that can happen to Goku and for our universe is for someone close to him or part of his team to die. Saying it now...Gohan is going to die for good and Goku will just go apeshit and transform into something new.

    Gohan..get ready to rock book worm. All I want to see is Goku serious like when Trunks woke up and almost punched his ass or sucker punching Zamasu.

    Pls anyone but Goku save the day this time.
  15. I think there is a higher chance of Goku getting his ass kicked by someone on his team this time. Most likely Vegeta when he learns his unborn/new born baby is at risk because of this moron he is gonna fuck Goku up.
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  17. I wonder if Piccolo will show us something new. I sure hope so, they need to demonstrate just how bad ass Piccolo is again.
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  18. Buu won. Nothing surprising there, i mean at one point he was the greatest threat in the entire universe 7 so there is no way that he would lose to some chump like this. Gohan is up next. If anything this fight should be the starting point of Gohan's return to full form. I'm hoping for a full decisive victory for universe 7 but i have a feeling that Gohan will lose this one.
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  19. I think Gohan will lose this match but will probably show some potential of his dormant power.
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  20. That fight was pretty boring for me. I'd of probably liked it better if it was kid buu fighting instead. Hopefully the Gohan fight is better though.
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