1. By human standards it does, but is it fair to hold a non-human to human standards? Saiyans who have a concept of family like Vegeta or Bardock are abnormal. Goku literally doesn't have a concept of family as we understand it. He sees his family members the same way he sees his other friends. Basically, an example of the blue and orange morality trope.
  2. Well Toriyama wasn't a part of GT if I remember right and it's already been officially stated that GT is being ignored in Super.

    lol @ the funimation VA's for goku/vegeta:

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  4. http://www.kanzenshuu.com/2015/05/20/dragon-ball-super-theme-song-artist-comments/

    And now even after we hear what it actually is, the Super theme song will forever be known as "the sexy Goku song".

    Strange choice of words for a children's show and I've never thought Goku would be describe that way, but I've met an 8 year old girl who was telling me one of her male classmates actually draws adult Goku very well and all the girls actually buy the pictures for like 20 US dollars each while saying stuff like, "Oh! He's so handsome!" or "Goku is so nice and dreamy!". And the boy snorted and says "If you think this is hot, when you see him shirtless you will say 'Oh he is glorious'". I'm not kidding. Those were her exact words.
  5. Imagine if she drew the Free! cast.
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  7. Just saw that.

    Looks like Goku is using regular SSJ instead of the blue SSGSS. Wonder if this means that this is set before ROF or if Goku can switch between the forms or if Goku somehow lost SSGSS?
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  8. interesting point there. They show Beerus and Whis so i think we can assume that it takes place after BoG. To my understanding once you become SSG and loses the state but retain the power as Goku did during BoG then your base lvl becomes way higher than any other forms you had before. Think of it like Ultimate Gohan who had a base form which was stronger than SS3 Gotenks.
    This is called Saiyan beyond god. If you go SS in this base form you reach SSGSS and thats what is in RoF. So if he is going SS like in the tv spot he should have gone into SSGSS mode unless his base form lvl up from BoG was temporary and he didnt have a permanent base form lvl up till he and Vegeta went to train with Whis.
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  9. This I want to see animated and it better be kickass.
  10. Before that we are probably gonna see Vegeta force the rest of the team to make him a SSG. That would make for a fun conversation.
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  11. Apparently they forgot to age Trunks and Goten...again.
  12. I wish I didn't know about this blue aura sssj form. The movie needs to hurry up and come out already.
  13. Perhaps it's related to how Goku turned SSJ in BOG after absorbing the god power, but was still gold and not blue. Maybe he didn't fully absorb the power, which is why he had to turn back to SSJ God to block Beerus' last attack.

    Hopefully we'll get a proper introduction for SSGSS. In ROF, Goku just transforms into it and gives a one sentence explanation. It just didn't seem as dramatic as any of the other SSJ transformations. I guess it was similar to SSJ3's introduction, but still didn't seem as dramatic. It would be nice to see when Goku and Vegeta first fully absorbed the god power and switched from regular SSJ to SSGSS.

    And before that it would have been nice to see when Vegeta first gained SSJ God, as you said.
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  14. http://www.saiyanisland.com/2015/06/dragon-ball-super-new-visual-teases-two-new-characters/
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  15. figures. they must be from another universe.
  16. We know which death god fan girls and which death god got fat girls.
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  17. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/new...all-super-anime-story-details-unveiled/.89372
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  18. Question shouldn't Uub be around in this new series? It just occurred to me after watching the Dragon Ball Kai ep today and they just defeated evil Majin Buu and the next episode next week showed him.
  19. Question shouldn't Uub be around in this new series? It just occurred to me after watching the Dragon Ball Kai ep today and they just defeated evil Majin Buu and the next episode next week showed him.
  20. The last episode of Dragonball takes place 10 years after the defeat of Majin Buu.

    Since this is right after the series...I kinda don't want to watch it. Also if this takes place right after Majin Buu, last time I checked Gohan and Videl were still high school students...WTF are they getting married for?

    Also, this means Gohan will remain a sad sack of shit for the entirety of this series...or at least this first arc.
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