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  2. We already got Beerus and Whis. Do stronger opponents even exist? Anyway, I'm always glad to see more dbz. I'm curious who's going to animate this. It's obviously going to be Toei. Lets see if they'll actually put some money into this and get decent staff. I doubt it though, since DB will do well anyway.
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  3. Wonder if it's going to ignore DBGT or if they'll somehow try to account for it? Personally I hope they ignore GT so they won't be so limited. Plus the only things I liked in GT were SSJ4 and the dragonballs having consequences, but I thought both ideas were poorly executed.

    Hopefully, they'll focus on the other universes mentioned by Beerus at the end of BOG. I was kind of disappointed that that got no mention in RoF.
  4. Clearly GT is being wiped off the face of the Earth.

    Hell, even Japan has a joke about GT.

    The GT stands for Gomen Toriyama.

    With god mode, there is no point to SSJ4. Maybe they will fix Gohan a bit...


  5. Yet at the same time, Toei seems to be pushing GT a lot, what with Heroes, XenoVerse DLC, and the GT animanga.
  6. Well, the characters are there so as far as DLC goes that is just money.
  7. Make Gohan strong again, thats all i want. That brat has so much potential and almost all of it is wasted.
  8. I would like for Toriyama to make Gohan a character who found balance between warrior training and leading a productive life. I don't know why it has to be either super warrior who does nothing but train or...shit. Let Gohan be the one who finds a balance between being strong and living up to his potential while not being a somewhat dead beat dad like his own father and have a job where he supports his family.

    Goku may have saved the universe a bunch but he sure was kind of a shit dad.
  9. Well to goku's defence, he did die a couple of times. But I agree with that statement.
  10. Wait so is this canon?
  11. Well Toriyama is behind it and he already stated that the 2 movies were part of the story. I wonder how this wil fit into the story though if it's after the Buu saga.
  12. I'm so pleased to read that a lot of you feel the same way I do. I want to love this news, I really do but please, please, please make Gohan badass again! Gohan should be able to have a somewhat normal life and just be inherently fucking awesome.

  13. essentially, my reaction to said news.
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  14. Not only Gohan, please give back Piccolo, Krilin and Ten Shin Han some power.

    I'm thrilled... and yet doubtful. My favourite "old" anime, Saint Seiya, got a couple of "sequels/prequels" - Omega/Soul of Gold/Next Dimension/Lost Canvas - that didn't live up to the original.
  15. It amazes me that the fabric of space and time hasn't imploded already, with all the god like beings that keep popping up in the dragonball universe.

    But then again the comic book universe is even more convoluted to the nth degree with insane cosmic entities of incalculable power, dragonball is small potato's by comparison.
  16. Easily. There is a 10 year gap between Buu and the last part of DBZ. So far everything in the films lines up just fine. Goku didn't go SSJ in his fight against Uub which makes perfect sense because he has access to the power of god mode.
  17. Good news is good, just do it properly that is all I ask.
  18. There is a God
  19. Sorry, but I doubt that's happening. I'll bet the next time we see Gohan, he'll either be overweight or super skinny due to lack of training. Hell, he's already lost his muscles:


    Hell, Gohan was buffer as a kid:


    Well, in Goku's defense, it's apparently part of his nature as an alien.

    Goku's idea of parenting is also a bit skewed; while he'll appropriately go papa wolf if anyone fucks with his kids (or granddaughter), Goku doesn't put a lot of priority in actually raising those kids. He's more than happy to ditch his family if the mood strikes him or something else catches his interest. This was implied for years and eventually confirmed by Toriyama to be part of his nature as an alien; Saiyans didn't raise their kids the same way humans do, and children were mostly expected to fend for themselves from a very early age. Goku just doesn't have a nesting instinct. Considering how his sons turned up, it may be possible that Saiyans (including half ones) become relatively independent at an earlier age and thus why his two sons turned out well (as well as how Goku was raised himself. He'd lived most of his life alone in the woods. He barely understood death, thinking that when he accidentally killed his grandfather, his grandfather just became the 4-star ball.)

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  20. Does that somehow not make him a shitty dad? Saiyans are shitty parents. Hell, Vegeta probably spends more time with his son.

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