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    What can I say, it's pretty much like P.A. Works other show, Hanasaku Iroha. So if you liked that, then you are bound to like this as well. Episodes come out on Sundays.
  2. Good on you for making this thread while others like myself are too lazy to cut and paste a picture anymore :p
  3. Laziness is why we didn't get any threads for this and several other things in this section till today. :p

    Also would have made a thread for Kokoro Connect, but I got lazy. :troll
  4. I actually enjoy this...
  5. Second episode is out, and I gotta say, that guy has got a nice book he's learning Japanese from.
  6. I edited my sarcasm above to reflect my thanks for this lol..

    My only suggestion is.. can you put a synopsis for the plot from a wiki or something and what's up with that tiny image? Yeah I know you can click on it lol. Same thing for sword art you just posted up pls.
  7. Tiny? It's 950x1200 how much larger does it have to be lol. As for plots, I was getting around to posting them.
  8. now it's changed.. weird. Looking forward to more posts through rest of the summer. Been pretty bored so far this year with a few exceptions like Apollon.
  9. Hahah, well this and those other 2 shows that I made threads for are about the only ones that interest me for this season. As far as the year goes, only ones I really liked the most so far were Sakamishi no Apollon, Kuroko's Basketball, and Minori Scramble.

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