1. Awww but don't leave out Sillica-chan.

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  2. where can I read the manga of SAO? I love the anime, but there are some parts that were toned down or some of it is a bit rushed. Thanks!
  3. Kro, you know you would rather have this one instead.


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  4. Dude I just started watching this anime yesterday and I'm caught up already (twin #2). This shit is awesome!!! Sure it's filled with cliche's and drama but that's oke because it's combined with a lot of action and likeable characters as well.

    Dude Atemesk I know exactly how you feel after watching the last episode for SAO. The fuck!! is this all. I want Asuna and Kirito to meet up in the real world and shag up already. I'm still not convinced why Asuna is still stuck in the game since everyone was logged out after Kirito beat the game, atleast that's what the game designer said.
    And I don't really like the elf theme. The world for SAO was much cooler if you ask me but that can still change I guess since they haven't shown us much yet.
  5. ^ I'm gonna assume you haven't watched episode 17 yet. Real action should start up in either episode 18 or 19. Since that should be when one of the major fights occurs. ALO wasn't my cup of tea when I first read about it as well, but it grows on you. Doesn't hurt that they make Kirito out to be one fast ass elf with the sonic booms he constantly makes in ALO.
  6. Leafa is.... <3
  7. ^Should've known Leafa was his little sister from how she quickly became attached to him.
  8. There is a sociologist who did scientific research on MMO players over the course of several years. One of the things he did was compare online avatars with a player's physical characteristics. Naturally there is a correlation.

    Suguha's characteristics and that of Leafa's do seem to fit the correlation that he found. Leafa is tall and blond, compensating for Suguha's shortness and typical Asian black hair. Short people almost always select tall avatars and Asians want the pure Western look. The research uncovers a deep-seeded inferiority complex.
  9. Nah, they don't know who each other are in the game.
  10. ^ What come on, you saw how she was all flustered after she logged off, she had to know.:eek:
  11. Thats pretty interesting, I could see people not wanting to carry how people perceive them in reality with them online.
  12. It probably seems that way because they don't really do any of the dialogue for what the characters are thinking, or explain things as well on this show compared to the ln.

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  13. Without divulging any of the plot, what are some of the differences between the LN and the anime? Do they explain the game, mechanics, etc better? The Anime just seems really rushed and because of that it's hard to get into the game aspect of it.
  14. I'll do a bit of the ALO differences since I already talked about some of the SAO ones earlier.

    It is said that not many people can fly without using the joystick, and that flying without it gives you an advantage since you can use two hands for combat instead of one. Leafa is top 5 of Sylphs in terms of flight speed. When she was flying with Kirito, she topped out at about 70% of her top speed so she was surprised when Kirito was keeping up with her.

    Leefa and Recon were the last two left from their group when they were attacked. The reason they were attacked was for the items in their group inventory since once everyone in the party is killed, all of the items get dropped. The way they were attacked was by having the two guys that Kirito killed physically attack while the mage stayed far away using flame magic to attack. Leefa is found by a tracking spell that is supposed to be extremely hard to avoid detection from, and at the time she couldn't escape it because she had already reached her flight limit. As Leefa said, the flames(remain light) were the people who Kirito had killed, what she didn't say was that there was a time limit to use a spell to revive the players that were killed before they are transported back to their specie's home city.

    Eating in ALO or any VRMMO gives you the false impression of being full when you get out, so people tend to not eat much when in one. And falling asleep in it automatically logs you out.

    And as I said before, whenever Kirito makes an attack using his speed in this game, there's a sonic boom. This confuses a lot of players because not many people can move that fast. Which leads to this explanation that is given when he attacks the two guys.

    That's pretty much it for what they've aired so far.

    There's some more stuff that comes after what I posted in the spoiler, but that would give away the plot a bit. Or can just be viewed as unnecessary until the anime ends. Needless to say, more awesome times are ahead for ALO. As well as for the series should it get a second season, so you can see the character from that pic I posted earlier to show up. I suppose towards the end of the series I will post the chronological order to read for those who want to see what happens after the show ends.
  15. Skimmed through the raw, and looks like the major action doesn't start till next week after all. :(

    Or I should say the Kirito ALO badass moment #1 doesn't start till next week. :p
  16. Still was a good ep though, I was wondering what that glasses elf friend was gonna say before she kicked him. "shes my..."
    And she was so close to finding out Kirito's identity when she almost opened the door on him. I hope she does eventually find out, would make things more interesting.:troll
  17. Good episode, but I still want my badass Kirito moment. :p And I always thought that he was going to say that they were friends or maybe more.
    lol, you just want there to be some drama. :troll
  18. Nakama?


    Yeah and Leafa/Suguha was a complete bitch to him. She didn't even bother to friendzone him.
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  19. But nobody likes the friendzone.
  20. He does.

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