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    First episode is out. HSub 720p

    Airs on Saturdays.
  2. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
  3. Gonna start on this after I finish Tari Tari since that seems kind of has a Hana Saku Iroha vibe to it.
  4. Its practically a carbon copy, except I think I like the lead slightly more than Ohana
  5. lol you could tell just which female characters are supposed to be which. Though at least the Nako one is a bit more open than Nako was.

    As for this, I really liked the first episode. Much more than the first episode of his other adapted work, Accel World.
  6. Yea I was really impressed with how much emotion it evoked. The one scene where the one guy said he was cute seemed kind of awkward though.
  7. It was a bit weird that that would be the thing that comes to mind in that kind of situation.

    Oh, and I did lulz when the girl turned into a guy, and that there were more just like that.
  8. Still haven't seen it, but from ya'll's post I might have to pick this up. So far I've been hearing a lot of talk about how "much waited" and "best series." I mean, it's only been a week and only one ep has been aired.
  9. It in no way deserves the title "best" yet. Still worth checking out though.
  10. I liked the part at the end where he grew some and went back at the guy for trying to blame the beta testers.
  11. I really like this. The characters remind me of me and my friends
  12. Speaking of the characters, I wonder what happened to Klein.

    Also, since I'm tempted to call this one of the best series of this season after just 2 episodes, I'm so making this anime of the month.
  13. So far it seems pretty solid, definitely a keeper in my book.
  14. this anime is freaking badass!
  15. Saw the first 2 eps and its delivering on the hype so far, especially ep 2. It was badass how he sliced up the boss.
  16. I wish I had a Coat of Midnight
  17. That was a very good episode this week.
    I wasn't expecting them to kill her off so soon. And Kirito's dangerous leveling up just to try and bring her back only to have his plan not work was fitting. So that Kirito could learn a lesson.
    I'm liking the way they handle the characters in this show. Too bad HS didn't do a 1080p release for this episode though, and for this week's episode of Kuroko's Basketball. =/
  18. Sad ep was sad, but you could tell what was gonna happen to her. That trap reminded me of Dragon Quest 8 lol, knew what was coming. Great pace to this ep.
  19. Wasn't obvious to me since I was expecting her to last at least a couple episodes. That said, hope we get some more Asuna in the next episode.
  20. Yeah, the action is good. But Im not really into the story yet. Good enough to continue watching.

    @ep3. I can't take this seriously even though people are dying left and right. My mind still think it's all a game lol. Hyouka, you're next!

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