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    A young man named Hazuki works at a floral shop and falls for the owner, Rokka. However, the only thing that's stopping him is that he can see the spirit of Rokka's dead husband Atsushi that still resides in her apartment.

    ep. 1 & 2 out here: http://takafansubs.com/?p=news&id=220

    11 eps. Manga started back in 2009 to Jan, 12.
  2. Manga is 4 volumes long and complete. So we won't be getting an anime original ending which is a great thing! I'm archiving this, but I don't know if I should watch it right now or just marathon it. I'm a sucker for these kind of stories.
  3. Its really good hao, it doesn't beat around the bush either.
  4. Fuck yes, so many shows to catch up on and now this. This is gonna be a fun month. Has anyone read the manga? Does the anime follow it closely.

    Lol @episode 2. The power of garlic! If you follow me now we're through LMAO

    Okay caught up. Pretty good show. We got a clinger here. This is the anime version of that hollywood movie with Woopy Goldberg and that guy from dirty dancing.
  5. I loled hard
  6. ^ oh lord.. you mean Ghost with swayze and demi? God awful flick. Don't relate it to that.. that's just wrong man. Made me not even wanna watch this anymore lol.

    and lol from Taka: 03:55 - "Maybe you should start looking for those seven balls instead of whining." -> Yes, this is in fact a reference to Dragonball Z. Hazuki's point here is that Atsushi's only hope of having another chance with Rokka is to find the seven balls of DBZ-fame, summon that bad-ass dragon, and wish for it. On a somewhat-related side bar, I heard there's a new DBZ movie due out next year. What's this white stuff in my pants?

    ep 3 is out: 720p

  7. Lol yeah, that's the movie. I don't know, a lot of the time when I watch shows I relate it with other shows, because of similar genre's. This show is much more fun and better of course :)

    Taka is so much better than Horrible subs.. CR had something in the line of: Maybe you should start looking for those balls, instead of what Taka's line. Being a DB fan, I caught the reference. Though barely, I had to rewind to think about it.
  8. Ep4, ending was good. Love the pacing in this show. Let's see what Shimao will achieve.
  9. @Ep5, how did she from giving him food to wanting to wash his back in the bath? I don't understand woman lol
  10. Ep6, good development.. for Hasuki's body at least :) I freaking hate CR translations. I'm much better of waiting for other subs, but I just can't wait.

    Edit: was checking the manga just now and it's great how much the art is alike and how close the anime follows the manga.
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  11. really enjoy this.
  12. Next week is the final episode. Things are looking up for Hazuki :)

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