1. I hear gay issues arise every now and then and so I thought I make this thread.

    What race has the highest precentage of gays? I always thought it was whites but no one has a statistic on it.

    I googled it and found some links:

    What race has the highest percentage of homosexuals? - Yahoo! Answers

    What race has the MoSt gay men - Homosexual Men - Topic | ChaCha Answers

    What race has the most gay, im not racist but i just wanna what race u gays/lesbian/bi are? no offence btw.... - Yahoo! Answers

    Google Answers: homosexual statistics

    Any thoughts?
  2. its gotta be Americans for sure
  3. Well if you're asking for race, I'll have to go with the whites. Other cultures are rather intolerant (people in the Middle East for example) so their homosexuality will be hidden. Also, do you seriously think someone is keeping a record on the amount of homosexuals each ethnic group has?
  4. Ya, they do a lot of statisics on ethnic groups for other things all the time.
  5. im sorry to admit this but probably asia, mad faggots wtf
  6. They have to keep statistics of things like this so we can continue to be racist.

    I'm going to have to go with whites. Both in numbers and percentages.
  7. The largest number of homosexuals will most likely be in the largest racial category.

    It's highly unlikely that skin colour correlates with the % of homosexuals. The perceived differences are likely to be misleading, since different cultural groups treat homosexuality differently, which affects the amount of people openly homosexual, as opposed to the actual total. For example, Ahmadinejad says that Iran doesn't have this phenomenon (gays) and since homosexuality is punishable by death there, Iran has a low openly gay population. This of course says nothing about the actual percentage.

    This basically means that what ever racial group appears to have the fewest homosexuals, simply has the most closeted homosexuals.
  8. He said "Race" not nationality.
  9. Can't really say, gays are a random thing in every race. Black people for example have low intolerance towards gays and not many are openly but there are still plenty considering the closet types.

    If you want a plain answer to statistics, then white. But it's not the real answer, if you consider the closet homo's in cultures that hates them (blacks, asians, etc....) Hell I say whites because I see more white gays then others and that's in the US due to having tolerance towards them as opposed to other countries.
  10. You will get more openly gay people in either the states or in Europe I bet. But, who knows if one race has more than one or the other. I am guessing it is more about lifestyle in an area or region that will determine how many gay people live there.
  11. LoL what exactly is the point of this thread? what are we discussing really. I mean the answer is pretty obvious and has already been posted in previous posts in this thread.
  12. I suspect there is quite a large population of gay Chinese then. In the closet and out.
  13. I would think so too
  14. You are right in that the differing cultural biases you mention will render any current studies to be near useless in determining the actual relative percentage of gays in each given race.

    However, I would be VERY surprised if it's true that the % of homosexuals was equal across all races. I think it's quite likely at this point that genetics plays a large, possibly even complete, role in determining orientation. And as with all genetic predispositions, the aggregate measure will vary with race. Races are essentially groups of isolated intrabreeding over vast spans of time. Genetic differences abound.

    If you asked "Given a random genetic trait, how likely do you think it is to be completely orthogonal to race?", the answer would be "not bloody likely."
  15. "American" is not a race. Its a nationality.

    I fucking hate it when people dont know the damn difference between "ethnicity" and "nationality".
  16. While hardly any traits tend to be completely orthogonal, that doesn't necessarily mean that the variation is noteworthy. The nature of this discussion suggests that the expectation for the actual variation is that it's comparable in size to the variation seen in the openly gay population. From this perspective, the actual variation is most likely minimal, and so it would be misleading to point it out under the context. For example, if the percentages of homosexuals among different races is comparable to the male to female ratios among races, I think most people here would deem a difference of say, 10.5% homosexuals in white population and 10.2% of homosexuals in black population (or something of that nature) as the same.

    Oh and skin colour doesn't consistently describe genetic diversity anyway. There can be wider genetic difference within the race group than outside of it, and skin colour can easily not indicate the actual genetic differences that exist in the total population.
  17. example being?
  18. For example, a certain person considered white can be more genetically distant from another white person than a certain black person.
  19. thats not an example, thats just a restatment of wtf you just said
  20. Italians

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